Chapter 22: Lu Mos Pursuit

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Qiao Ans eyes cooled as she watched him flee in a panic.

The next day.

When Li Xiaoran arrived at the hospital and pushed open the door, he saw a fair-skinned, beautiful, and long-legged girl standing by the window. Her almond-shaped eyes were like a painting, and her expression was slightly affectionate. She happened to be smiling at him.

“Senior.” She launched herself at him with open arms.

Li Xiaoran turned around and ran as if he was about to be killed.

“Lu Mo, why are you here?” His voice was trembling.

“Senior Brother, dont run. Aiya, you can run faster than the first day of the new year, but you cant run faster than the fifteenth. Let me tell you, from today onwards, Im your trainee doctor.”

Li Xiaorans body slumped against the corridor wall. He looked at Lu Mo in horror, his handsome face full of resistance. “Are you my intern doctor?”

Lu Mo said, “Thats right, so well be working together in the future. Senior, please guide me.” Lu Mo bowed 90 degrees to Li Xiaoran.

Li Xiaoran squatted in the corner in despair.

Lu Mo walked up to him and said with a smile, “Senior, look, Ive been chasing after you for a few years. Since your ex-lover is someone who despises the poor and loves the rich, forget about her. Why dont you consider me? Were both medical workers. Our views on life and values are so similar. We must be enviable life partners if we become husband and wife.”

Li Xiaoran had never wavered in the face of Lu Mos pursuit of the fire. His reason was always the same. “Momo, what do you like about me? Can I change?”

Lu Mo smiled slyly and said, “I like it when you dont like me. Senior, do you want to change it? If you start liking me, maybe I wont like you anymore?”

Li Xiaoran rolled his eyes at her, his face full of despair. He stood up shakily and said, “Momo, dont waste time on me. I cant give you happiness.”

Lu Mo said, “In any case, youre not married or in a relationship, so Ill always wait for you. If Wang Baozhen can wait for Xue Pinggui in poverty for twelve years, then I swear Ill be the second Wang Baozhen.”

Li Xiaoran ended the topic helplessly and said, “I should go to work. Lets go and do ward rounds.”

Lu Mo said excitedly, “Senior, my father said that your medical skills are good. As long as I study hard with you and pass my internship, you can help me become a full-time employee. At that time, I can be your colleague for the rest of my life. Just thinking about it makes me happy.”

Li Xiaoran said weakly, “You have such good connections.”

Lu Mos professional results were not good. When she first entered university, she even fainted when she saw blood.

However, Lu Mos father was the director of Jinghang Hospital. He really wanted his daughter to inherit his business, so he forced her to overcome her fear of blood.

One could imagine how distressed Lu Mo, who was forced to study by her father, was. She had been a legendary bad student for five years.

Later on, because she saw with her own eyes how Li Xiaoran saved a patient who was on the verge of death, Lu Mo fell in love with Li Xiaoran. It triggered Lu Mos desire to pursue Li Xiaoran. From then on, she began to study hard. It was all to catch up to Li Xiaoran.

With Lu Mo as his sidekick, Li Xiaorans only advantage was that her hands were empty when she did ward rounds. All the medical records were carried by Lu Mo.

When he arrived at Qiao Ans ward, Li Xiaoran hesitated when he pushed open the door.

At this moment, Qiao Ans responsible nurse took the initiative to explain something to Li Xiaoran. “Doctor Li, your nephew visited Qiao An last night and the couple quarreled very badly. The nurse who was on duty last night said that Qiao An was in a very bad mood last night.”

Li Xiaorans handsome face turned pale as he pushed open the door anxiously.

Qiao An had quarreled with Li Zecheng last night, but her mood was very beautiful. Now, she was sleeping soundly.

Woken up by Li Xiaoran, Qiao An opened her eyes sleepily. When she saw Li Xiaoran, a sweet smile appeared on her beautiful face.

She knew that Li Xiaoran was here to give her a routine physical examination, so she sat up. “Doctor Li, good morning.”

Li Xiaoran walked slowly to her and locked his sharp gaze on her face. He did not see her tears or her depression. Instead, she was secretly delighted. Li Xiaoran smiled in relief.

“Zecheng came to the hospital to see you last night?”

QIao An nodded.

“Did you quarrel?”

QIao An nodded.

“Why did you quarrel?” Li Xiaoran asked in surprise.

In his impression, Qiao An was gentle and liked Li Zecheng very much. The couples relationship was so good that it made people jealous.

It should be the first time theyve had a row.

Qiao An looked at Li Xiaoran in shock. “Doctor Li, dont you usually read trending searches?”

Li Xiaoran said, “Im too busy to watch those boring things.”

However, with Qiao Ans reminder, Li Xiaoran became interested in the trending searches. He took out his phone from his white coat and scrolled through the recent trending searches.

Finally he frowned and looked questioningly at Qiao An.

Qiao An realized that something was wrong. She snatched Li Xiaorans phone and read ten lines at a glance. Then, she smacked her lips in disappointment. “The power of capitalists is indeed powerful. They removed the trending topic so quickly.”

Li Xiaoran was even more curious about the trending topic.

“What exactly was trending?”

Qiao Ans lips curved in a faint smile. “Its the news that a certain female star became the lover of a certain well-known entrepreneur and forced someone to commit suicide.”

Li Xiaoran did not associate this piece of news with the victim in front of him at all. He said casually, “Dont the media have anything to write about now? All they do is publicize these negative things and take up resources. Reporting more about our scientific and technological achievements and heroes, thats what it means to be righteous.”

Qiao An was like a student who had made a mistake and was criticized by a stern teacher. Her face instantly turned as red as a tomato.

She was the person who used negative energy to occupy resources.

Li Xiaoran looked down and saw Qiao Ans ashamed face. He asked in surprise, “Why is your face red?”

Qiao An said, “I was the one who posted that trending topic.”

Li Xiaorans handsome face stiffened.

No matter how stupid he was, he realized that the trending topic was related to Qiao An.

“Li Zecheng cheated with Wei Xin?”

Qiao An lowered her eyes, silently agreeing with Li Xiaorans guess.

Li Xiaoran looked at the lovely and freshfaced Qiao An. He really couldnt think of a reason why Li Zecheng would give up his beautiful wife at home to hook up with those vulgar female celebrities.

“Qiao An, as much as my nephew may seem like a wolf in sheeps clothing, my father has always been a stickler for the ways of his children and grandchildren. He probably wouldnt have had the guts if he had any. I think you may have misunderstood him.”

Qiao Ans eyes suddenly turned cold. She glared at Li Xiaoran and said angrily, “Hes your nephew. Of course you have to defend him.”

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