Madam Has An Amazing Life After Her Divorce

Chapter 26 - Father Qiao and Xiaoran

Chapter 25: Love the Rich and Despise the Poor.

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Li Zechengs emotionless voice sounded. “How much?”

“Three million.”

Li Zecheng was silent for a long time. Qiao An read the dilemma in his silence.

“Qiao An…” Li Zechengs tone was cold. “Three million is a lot of money. I dont have that much cash flow on hand right now.”

Tears glistened in Qiao Ans eyes as she said almost pleadingly, “Li Zecheng, my mother is sick. She has a late-stage kidney disease and needs a kidney transplant urgently. On the account that she treated you well, help her get through this. Three million isnt much to you. Besides, Ill definitely pay you back in the future.”

“Qiao An, I really dont have that kind of money.”

Qiao An angrily exposed Li Zechengs hypocrisy. “Li Zecheng, the pocket money you gave Wei Xin is five million dollars. But its so difficult for me to ask you for some money.”

On the other end of the line, Li Zechengs face alternated between green and white.

He did not expect Qiao An to know that he had given Wei Xin a black card.

He was a little embarrassed and didnt know what to say for a while. Then, he heard Qiao Ans desperate voice complain, “Li Zecheng, Ive finally seen your cold-bloodedness today. Since you dont care about our relationship as husband and wife, Im not obliged to help you play the role of Mrs. Li.”

Qiao An finished. She slammed down the phone.

Li Zecheng stared at the microphone in a daze. He did not expect Qiao An to refuse to bow her head and admit her mistake even when she had reached a dead end.

He wanted to see how she would cope without his three million.

Qiao An lay in the hospital bed, racking her brain for every opportunity to make money.

She thought of selling her jewelry and bags at home.

Should she borrow from a money lender?

However, saving people was like putting out a fire. There was no way to resolve her mothers emergency in time.

Qiao An ended up crying tears of sadness.

She hated herself for being too incompetent. She hated herself for trusting Li Zecheng too much. She hated herself for not fulfilling her daughters duty.

It was also at that moment that Qiao An understood a profound truth. One could only rely on oneself.

In the afternoon, when Li Xiaoran came to visit Qiao An, he saw that Qiao Ans dinner was almost untouched.

“Whats wrong? No appetite?” Li Xiaoran asked with concern.

Qiao An looked at Li Xiaoran calmly, as if he was a pile of shining gold.

She guessed that a kind-hearted doctor like Li Xiaoran would lend her money, but he was so poor. How could he lend her so much money?

Li Xiaoran looked into Qiao Ans conflicted and hesitant eyes and asked with concern, “Why? Do you have something to ask of me?”

Qiao An asked shyly, “Doctor Li, are you poor as a doctor?”

Li Xiaorans handsome face twitched. “Do you mean mental wealth or material wealth?” He stared at her.

All Qiao An could think of was money. So she blurted out, “Material wealth, of course.”

Li Xiaorans hot eyes instantly turned cold, and his tone was a little lonely. “Im indeed very poor. My monthly salary is very little, and my annual bonus is also very small.”

He glanced at Qiao An with a gleam of starlight in his seductive eyes. “But my psyche is rich. I have everything but money. Knowledge, friends, freedom.”

Qiao An only wanted to borrow some money from Li Xiaoran, but she felt that she had gone on an elaborate blind date and listened to Li Xiaoran promote himself.

“Doctor Li, do you have any savings?” she asked.

Li Xiaoran was speechless.

He shook his head.

Jo Ann said, “No wonder you couldnt find a wife.”

Li Xiaoran was speechless.

Fortunately, he was a straight-A student and hadnt been dragged into the gutter by Qiao An. He relied on his eloquence to get back ten percent.

“The reason I cant find a wife isnt because Im poor. The reason Im poor is because I dont have a wife.”

Because he hadnt been able to marry the girl he loved, hed donated years of his savings to poor patients. She didnt need his betrothal gifts, he thought. What was the point of keeping them?

Qiao An thought he was glib and bestowed two words on him. “Glib tongue.”

Qiao An instantly dismissed the idea of borrowing money from Li Xiaoran. After all, three million dollars was not a small sum. To a doctor who had left his family and relied on himself, it was a huge sum.

Annoyed, QIao An said, “Money is wealth.”

Without money, she could hardly move. Her conscience was condemned.

Li Xiaorans mood instantly turned ugly because of her words.

Silently, he handed Jo Ann the injury report and walked away with a silent face.

After returning to his consultation room, Li Xiaoran sat in a chair dejectedly. He leaned against the back of the chair and stared blankly at the ceiling.

The snow-white ceiling, thrown by the light into the shadows, became mottled and less pure.

Lu Mo walked in and gently placed a hand on his shoulder.

Lu Mo said, “You dont seem to be in a good mood.”

Li Xiaoran looked at Lu Mo and asked her in confusion, “Do you girls all like money?”

“Of course. Its so nice to be rich and be able to buy what you like. You can do whatever you want.”

“So when you choose a boyfriend, you also have to see if the other party is rich?”

Lu Mo smiled sweetly. “That depends on the person. If its someone I dont like, Ill definitely consider whether hes rich or not. If its someone I like, and hes as knowledgeable and handsome as you, Ill certainly marry him.”

Li Xiaoran fell into deep thought.

“I guess Im not charming enough.”

“Is that why she doesnt want to live a hard life with me?”

“Who is she?” Lu Mo lowered his head and examined Li Xiaorans eyes seriously.

Li Xiaoran came back to his senses and said in a daze, “My old flame, I suppose.”

Lu Mo said, “Hey, Senior, how many years has it been? Why cant you forget her?”

Li Xiaoran said, “Perhaps its because of the unforgettable love back then. If you want to forget, you have to experience the pain of having your bones and flesh shaved.”

Lu Mo looked envious. “I really envy that girl. She can be protected by you.”

Li Xiaoran stood up shakily and said, “Momo, dont waste your time on me. I cant give you happiness.”

Lu Mo said, “Whether you love me or not is up to you, but whether I hold out for you is up to me.”

Li Xiaoran ended the topic helplessly and said, “Its time to get off work. Lets go.”

Lu Mo begged Li Xiaoran, “Senior, Ill treat you to a meal.”

Li Xiaoran said, “With your meager salary, you should keep it as your dowry.”

“Then you will treat me?”

Li Xiaoran refused even more decisively. “My money has to be saved to get a wife.”

“If you want to get a wife, you have to find a girlfriend first, right? I happen to be free, so I can date you,” Lu Mo said.

Li Xiaoran said, “Youre not my type.”

“Tsk.” Lu Mo rolled her eyes at him.

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