Chapter 27: The Dinner

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Li Xiaoran looked flustered and looked at Qiao An for help. He even secretly tugged Qiao Ans sleeve, hinting at her to put in a good word for him.

Qiao An ignored him.

Seeing that Qiao An could not be counted on, Li Xiaoran cleared his throat and decided to use his glib tongue to salvage Father Qiaos impression of him.

“Uncle, its rare for you to come to the capital. Coincidentally, Im free tonight. Let me be the host tonight and treat you to a meal? Take it as an apology for my rashness.”

Father Qiao said stiffly, “That wont be necessary. I wont be here for long. I just want to spend time with my daughter.”

Li Xiaoran became braver. “Qiao An, youve been in the hospital for so long. You must want to have something different. Why dont I take you out to eat something delicious tonight?”

Father Qiao felt that Li Xiaoran was very unreliable. He reprimanded Li Xiaoran and said, “My daughter is still hospitalized. Can she be discharged? What if her wound is infected?”

Li Xiaoran explained patiently, “Uncle, dont worry. Qiao Ans injuries have already healed. In principle, shes a patient who can be discharged. However, in order to facilitate her rehabilitation, we let her continue staying in the hospital.”

Seeing that Li Xiaoran was young, Father Qiao was skeptical of his words. He shook his head and waved his hand. “Dont bring my daughter into the gutter. Whether she can be discharged or not will have to be determined by her doctor.”

Li Xiaoran said, “Uncle, Im Qiao Ans attending physician.”

Father Qiao was dumbfounded.

He looked at Li Xiaoran in disbelief and asked Qiao An with uncertainty, “Was he the one who saved your life?”

QIao An nodded.

Li Xiaoran had thought that she would praise him heavily, but she did not continue. This disappointed him.

However, Father Qiaos attitude changed completely. He shook Li Xiaorans hand excitedly and said to him in an extremely friendly manner, “I heard from Loco that if my Anan hadnt met a good doctor like you, she wouldnt have had a chance to survive. I didnt expect the doctor who saved her to be so young. Im sorry, my attitude was bad just now. Please dont take it to heart.”

Li Xiaoran said, “Uncle, youre welcome. This is my duty.”

Qiao An stared at the two men across from her; their hands were tightly clasped, never breaking contact.

In the end, Mr. Qiao slapped his thigh and said, “Alright, Ive decided. Its my treat tonight. I hope Doctor Li will attend.”

“Definitely,” Li Xiaoran said.

Qiao An was completely dumbfounded.

Was it that simple for men to bond?

Why were Li Zecheng and her father so distant?

Dinner was a place Li Xiaoran chose. It was a five star hotel.

When Father Qiao beheld such a luxurious place, his expression was very solemn.

Auntie Qiao was sick, and the Qiao family was in a critical period of using money. Although he wanted to treat Li Xiaoran to a meal, he did not expect him to bring him to such a luxurious place.

When they were ordering, Li Xiaoran was almost solicitous. He carefully asked Father Qiao for his taste and then ordered many delicious dishes for him.

Qiao An was also a veritable foodie. After lying in the hospital for so long and eating so many bland and tasteless meals, her mouth watered when she heard the names of those delicacies.

However, Li Xiaoran handed over the menu to the waiter and did not give Qiao An a chance to order at all. Qiao An thought that she was lucky that he had ordered a lot.

Unexpectedly, after the dishes were served, Li Xiaoran poured wine for Father Qiao and peeled prawns for him. When it was Qiao Ans turn, he only brought her a bowl of mixed grain porridge.

Stunned, Qiao An stared at the table full of delicacies. The mixed grain porridge looked terribly out of place.

She picked up her chopsticks and was about to secretly pick up a prawn when Li Xiaoran interrupted her.

Qiao An, you cant have shrimp.


“You have allergies,” Li Xiaoran said.

Mr. Qiao immediately nodded. “Yes, yes, yes. Anan, youre allergic to prawns.”

Qiao An picked up another dish, but Li Xiaoran stopped him. “You cant eat this. Youll get constipated.”

“Not even this. This is bad for your wounds.”

“Li Xiaoran, didnt you want to bring me out to eat delicious food? Dont tell me youre going to appease me with this bowl of porridge?” Qiao An put down his chopsticks in frustration.

Li Xiaoran said, “Qiao An, you dont know this, right? The signature dish of this restaurant is mixed grain porridge.”

Qiao An sized up the guests around her suspiciously. Seeing that no one was eating the mixed grain porridge at the next table, she immediately understood that Li Xiaoran was fooling her again.

Qiao An was so angry that he reached out to pinch Li Xiaorans thigh. Li Xiaoran gritted her teeth in pain, but he did not dare to make a sound.

Qiao An threatened in a low voice, “Li Xiaoran, I want to eat good food. Otherwise, Ill file a complaint against you that you accepted a bribe from the patients family.”

Li Xiaoran was dumbfounded.

“What did you bribe me with?”

Qiao An said, “This is a good meal. It mustve cost a fortune. You ate, so you accepted a bribe from my dad.”

Li Xiaorans face was very gray as he snapped his fingers at the waiter. The waiter quickly brought Qiao An a cage of cute animal-shaped steamed buns.

Qiao An stared at the steamed buns and porridge in front of her, looking disappointed.

Li Xiaoran coaxed, “After youre discharged, Ill treat you to delicious food.”

Father Qiao stared at Li Xiaoran. Even though he hated the Li family, Li Xiaorans love for Qiao An touched him.

He was a doctor and completely different from those merchants in the Li family.

What warmed Father Qiaos heart was that Li Xiaoran was fighting for the bill and did not want him to spend money.

Mr. Qiao said, “Dr. Li, youre my Anans benefactor. I have to treat you to this meal no matter what.”

Li Xiaoran easily resolved the conflict. “Uncle, let me pay. Otherwise, your daughter will complain about me.”

Father Qiao glared at Qiao An and said fiercely, “Is that something a human should do? Qiao An, be more polite to Dr. Li in the future.”

Qiao An was dumbfounded.

Li Xiaoran looked at Qiao An smugly.

“Despicable,” QIao An said angrily.

Li Xiaoran still wanted Father Qiao to stay for a few more days, but Father Qiao was also worried about his sick wife at home. He bought a ticket and prepared to rush back overnight.

Before they left, Father Qiao and Qiao An had a private conversation. Father Qiao said to Qiao An, “Anan, I know everything about you. I didnt expect you to have such a difficult time during this period. I originally wanted to go to the Li family to fight for justice for you, but Loco persuaded me not to.”

“Ive thought about it. Youve always been my pride. Youve been independent and strong since you were a child. Ill leave this to you. But Dad wants you to understand that you have Dad as your backing, so you dont have to compromise in your marriage. If you really cant live with it, divorce him. Dad can support you for the rest of your life.”

“As for your mums medical bills, dont beg that ingrate. Your mother would rather die than use his money if she knew hed done this to you.”

Tears streamed down Qiao Ans face. “I know, Dad,” she cried.

Father Qiao finally got into the cab and walked away.

After sending Father Qiao off, Li Xiaoran sent Qiao An back to the hospital.

By the time they arrived at the hospital, it was already one in the morning.

The inpatient department was very quiet and the lights in the corridor were dim. Li Xiaoran sent Qiao An back to the ward and said softly to her, “Good night.”

But as he turned, Qiao An suddenly took his hand.

“Dr. Li…”

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