Chapter 28: Seting Off Again

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In the night, the tears in Qiao Ans eyes were more crystalline than pearls.

Li Xiaoran turned around. “Whats wrong?”

“Can you lend me money?” Qiao An knew that this request was very difficult for Li Xiaoran, but she knew that only Li Xiaoran could help her now.

Because as long as he asked, Old Master Li and Old Madam Li would not reject him.

Li Xiaoran was stunned for a moment. He looked at her steadily. “Qiao An, you need money?”

Bursts of joy were bubbling up inside him.

When Qiao An had said that he was poor, It was not because she really despised him, but because she wanted to borrow money from him.

Qiao An said, “I need three million. Can you borrow money from Grandpa for me?”

Li Xiaoran did not ask for the reason and nodded generously. “Okay.”

The next day, Li Xiaoran sent her a card with three million dollars in savings.

Qiao An took the card and was extremely touched. “Dr. Li, thank you. Ill definitely think of a way to pay you back as soon as possible.”

Li Xiaoran said, “Qiao An, I have no home now.”

Qiao An stared at him in shock, then at the card in her hand.

You sold your house?

Li Xiaoran nodded. “So, can you return me a home?”

Qiao An was dumbfounded.

Return a home

How would she do it?

She had to think about this profound question.

Qiao An settled her urgent needs and sighed with relief.

When Father Qiao learned that Li Xiaoran had sold his house to treat Mother Qiao, he admired Li Xiaoran even more.

He repeatedly reminded Qiao An, “Dr. Li is our familys benefactor. You have to repay him well in the future.”

Qiao An responded, “I know.”

Didnt Li Xiaoran just want a family?

Then shell introduce him to a nice girl.

When Li Xiaoran came to Qiao Ans ward again, Qiao An did something that shocked Li Xiaoran.

She dug out the photos of the single and unmarried girls she had collected and showed them to Li Xiaoran one by one. She even asked him for his opinion. “How is this girl?”

Li Xiaoran glanced at Qiao An and roughly sensed her intentions. Li Xiaoran deliberately played along with her and acted like a playboy. “Well, not bad. She looks very cheery. The key is her butt and big breasts.”

“This isnt bad either. SHe should taste sweet.”

“Well, exotic…” Li Xiaoran licked her lips in ecstasy. His action was extremely seductive.

Qiao An glared at Li Xiaoran angrily. “You like them all?”

Li Xiaoran nodded. “Yes. What should we do?”

Qiao An said, “Im trying to set you up with a girlfriend. Youre not going to marry them all.”

Li Xiaoran lowered his head unhappily.

Did he look like someone who couldnt find a girlfriend?

Qiao An continued, “Doctor Li, choose your favorite. Ill be your matchmaker.”

Li Xiaoran restrained himself and said seriously, “I dont like any of them.”

Qiao An looked at the girls with suspicion. “Dr. Li, what kind of girls do you like?”

“Like you,” Li Xiaoran said seriously.

Taking that as amusement, Qiao An mocked herself. “Women like me dont suit you.”

Li Xiaoran asked, “Why?”

Qiao An called out to him. “Uncle.”

Li Xiaorans face darkened.

This title completely killed his longing for love.

At this moment, Qiao An finally understood. Under Li Xiaorans unruly and unrestrained appearance, there was a rotten mans heart.

“Dont tell me you swing that way?” Qiao An concluded for Li Xiaoran.

Li Xiaoran was speechless.

“How did you know?” Li Xiaoran leaned forward.

Qiao An reasoned with a straight face. “Well, I originally misunderstood that you were kind to every woman because youre a player. Now I understand. Youre not a player. Youre a womans friend. Youre not interested in women. Only men.”

Li Xiaoran was speechless.

In the end, Li Xiaoran decided to escape.

“I have something to do. Ill leave you now.”

Qiao An made up her mind as she watched him walk away. “Sooner or later, Ill straighten you out.”

… .

Perhaps her father had given her the strength. In particular, Father Qiaos words of “Divorce if you cant live with it” had completely torn away the last of her worries.

She logged onto the social platform and deleted all the photos of her and Li Zecheng showing off their affection in the past. Moreover, she changed the signature “Mrs. Li, Qiao An” to “Qiao An”.

She was the daughter-in-law of a wealthy family after all. Her every move attracted the attention of the public. Soon, public opinion was everywhere. Many people were speculating. “The relationship between Young Master Li and Madam Li has changed!”

This matter was not far from the previous trending topic. The smart netizens connected the two things and came to more conclusions.

“Young Master Li must have cheated on her.”

“Mrs. Li, are you saying goodbye to your old love? I really hope this low-key and simple young lady can meet her true love in the future.”

… .

In less than two days, the internet craze pushed him to the forefront again. Li Zecheng was so angry that his lungs exploded.

He picked up his phone and checked Qiao Ans social media profile, only to find that all her posts since their wedding day had been wiped clean.

There was only one pinned article. “Set off again and be a brand-new me.”

Li Zechengs handsome face was dark. He called Qiao An angrily, but he didnt expect the call to fail. Clearly, Qiao An had blocked him.

He sent her a message, only to have the app inform her that he was not in her friend list.

Li Zecheng was so angry that he punched the table.

“Youve got some guts, Qiao An.”

Wasnt it just that he hadnt lent her any money? Did she have to be so angry and take revenge on him?

This matter made the Li family smell something unusual.

The old man was furious when he found out. He gave Li Zecheng a final warning. “Li Zecheng, our new company will be listed during this period of time. Youre causing trouble for me now. Do you not want the company to be listed? Im warning you, I dont care what method you use, you must find a way to obtain Anans forgiveness. Otherwise, you can forget about coming back to this house.”

Li Zecheng was on tenterhooks.

He had no choice but to negotiate with Qiao An.

At first, Li Zecheng gritted his teeth in anger.

“Qiao An, what the hell are you doing?”

Qiao An said coldly, “Li Zecheng, from the moment you gave up on me in the ruins, theres no need for us to continue this marriage. Ill say it again. Divorce. I wont put up with such an emotionless marriage.”

Li Zecheng roared, “I already said that it was an accident. Its not that I dont want to save you. I just want to ensure Wei Xins safety first. After all, her father is my strategic partner.”

Qiao An looked sad. She didnt want to argue with Li Zecheng at all.

Li Zecheng saw Qiao Ans stubbornness on her determined face. Thinking of the old mans orders, he took a deep breath.

“Do you blame me for not lending you the money? Qiao An. Im really strapped for cash right now, but if you need money urgently, Ill see what I can do to raise it.”

Qiao An watched his performance coldly with a teasing smile. “No need. Ive already borrowed the money.”

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