Madam Has An Amazing Life After Her Divorce

Chapter 3 - BFFs Out to Investigate the Scum

Chapter 2: The White Angel Was a Refined Scum

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Li Xiaoran leaned down and placed his hands on both sides of the cramped bed. He looked at Qiao An teasingly and smiled. “Qiao An, look at my eyes. When have you seen me so haggard and disheveled?”

Qiao Ans eyelids rolled up with difficulty. He saw that Li Xiaorans beautiful eyes were filled with a circle of green, but it still did stop him from flirting.

Her lips curled into a mocking smile. It seemed that this player had been exhausted recently.

Li Xiaoran realized that Qiao An might have misunderstood and his handsome face instantly turned green.

“It wasnt easy for me to snatch you back from the throes of Death. Qiao An, Ive invested in your life for seven days and seven nights. No matter what, Im one of your shareholders. If you want to die in the future, please ask for my opinion,” Li Xiaoran said arrogantly.

Qiao An was dumbfounded.

Li Xiaorans words made her feel ashamed.

Her life was given to her by her parents, but she had jumped off a building for a scumbag like Li Zecheng. Now that she thought about it, she had really let her parents down.

Qiao An suddenly felt a desire to live. She looked at Li Xiaoran and begged, “I dont want to be disabled.”

She knew that although Li Xiaoran had a bad reputation, the scalpel in his hand was world famous. She was afraid that he would use his power to his advantage to benefit Li Zecheng.

Li Xiaorans smile froze on his lips. It seemed that she didnt believe that he would do his best to save her. In that case, he had to prove it to her.

With his free hand, he gently undressed Qiao An.

It was extremely easy to undo a patients clothes, not to mention that he was a doctor. With ease, he pulled off Jo Anns belt. She felt a chill on her chest, embarrassed and annoyed.

“Li… Xiaoran, Im… your niece-in-law. How dare you… take advantage of me?”

Li Xiaoran did not stop what he was doing. He teased Qiao An cynically, “Since you already know that Im a womanizer, why should I hide it from you?”

Qiao An was so angry she couldnt breathe.

Li Xiaoran looked at Qiao An, whose ears were so red that she was crying. He felt that she was extremely cute. However, considering that she was a patient and he was afraid that she would be upset, all his efforts in the past few days would be in vain. He restrained his unruly attitude and explained to her seriously.

“Qiao An, Im just checking your wound. What are you thinking?”

Qiao An was shy and always felt that men and women should not touch each other, not to mention that this person was her unrestrained uncle-in-law. She immediately resisted. “I dont want you to… check. Go… call the female doctor.”

Li Xiaoran said solemnly, “Qiao An, in the entire capital and even the entire world, Im the only one who can save you. If you dont want to live with a urine bag for the rest of your life, you have to overcome your shame now. Because in the next few months, Ill be with you day and night and check every inch of your skin every day…”

Qiao An fell silent when she heard that she might be living on a piss bag.

Li Xiaorans lips curled into a smug smile.

He very gently gave Qiao An a full-body examination and applied the medicine very carefully. When he was done, he put on her clothes and pants again.

At this moment, Qiao Ans face was as red as a tomato. She turned his head and did not dare to look at Li Xiaoran.

Li Xiaoran stuffed his hands into the pockets of his white coat. With his languid temperament and excellent looks, he exuded an aura that was superior to all the men in the Li family.

“Li Zecheng waited for you outside for seven days and seven nights. If youre willing to see him, Ill call him in.”

Qiao Ans hands gripped the sheets so tightly that the color drained from her ruddy fingernails.

Li Xiaoran saw her reaction and his eyes darkened. “Ill help you get rid of him.”

Qiao Ans thoughts calmed in a flash.

“Call him in,” she said.

Li Xiaoran frowned and turned to walk out the door.

“Zecheng, come in.”

As soon as Li Xiaoran finished speaking, Li Zecheng barged in.


He came to the bed and looked at Qiao An, who was as thin as a skeleton. Only his eyes were like stars in the night, bright and flickering. Li Zecheng was clearly put off by Qiao Ans ugly appearance.

In the end, he mustered his courage and grabbed Qiao Ans hand. He complained helplessly, “Anan, why did you jump off the building? I didnt say I wouldnt save you. I only saved Wei Xin first. You know that Wei Xin is weaker than you. Youve always been strong and brave. Thats why I chose to save her first. Sigh, you women are so petty.”

Qiao Ans cold hand pulled weakly from Li Zechengs palm.

Li Zecheng was stunned. “Anan, are you still blaming me? Did you misunderstand my relationship with Wei Xin? Theres really nothing between us! You also know that the Wei family and the Li family are business partners. Her father has always been very supportive of me. Im grateful for Uncle Weis support, so I treat Wei Xin as my biological sister and take care of her. Thats all.”

Jo Ann closed her eyes as tears filled them.

Li Zecheng clearly did not love her, but he had to pretend to be a loyal husband. It was obvious that he was trying to protect his image. His behavior disgusted her.

“Divorce,” Qiao An said softly.

She knew that Li Zecheng had stayed in the marriage because many of his assets had grown rapidly after he married her. They belonged to the common property of the marriage. If they divorced and she wanted to take half of his assets, Li Zechengs strength would be halved. This was a fatal blow to him.

“Divorce?” Li Zecheng seemed to have been stung by a wasp and became fearful.

He couldnt divorce Qiao An. Even if he didnt love her, he couldnt leave her.

Speaking of which, it was strange. After he and Qiao An got married, his life seemed to have become a breeze. The old man also treated him differently and even wanted to hand over the Li familys assets to him.

If Qiao An divorced him now, the old man would definitely retract his will.

“Anan, we cant get a divorce. Youre in a difficult time now. If I leave you at this time, will I still be human? I know that I didnt save you in time and that made you upset. Dont worry, Ill definitely treat you well in the future and let you see my sincerity. If I still cant move you after a year, then I agree to the divorce.”

Li Zecheng thought that Qiao An was still innocent and easy to coax. As long as he coaxed her and acted pitiful, Qiao An would be obedient to him.

Qiao An smiled.

Li Zechengs calculations were very quick. A year later, he would already have established himself in the Li family. Naturally, he would be able to kick out his wife by then.

“My mind is made up.”

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