Chapter 29: In-laws Fight

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Li Zecheng was a little surprised. “Three million is not a small amount. Who would lend you that much?” In his eyes, Qiao An had a narrow social circle, few friends, and even fewer rich friends.

Qiao An looked at him coldly. “Li Zecheng, there are many eager donors in this society. Not everyone is as heartless as you.”

Li Zecheng was a little ashamed.

Qiao An dismissed him. “Li Zecheng, you dont have to come to me in the future. Ill find a lawyer to draw up our divorce agreement. If you have any questions, you can just communicate with the lawyer directly in the future. I never want to see you again.”

With that, Qiao An closed her eyes wearily, as if one more look at him would turn her stomach.

Li Zecheng looked at the heartless Qiao An in disbelief. He had never dreamed that Qiao An, who had once been filled with love for him, would now hate him so much.

“Qiao An, this is a critical period for the Li Corporations new company to go public. My public image cant go wrong at this time. If you want a divorce, we can talk about it after the company goes public.”

Jo Ann smirked. “You can wait, but I cant.”


“Get out.” Qiao Ans lips parted to spit out the word.

Li Zecheng left in exasperation.

Li Zechengs mother, the Third Madam, had never liked Qiao An to begin with. Now that she saw Qiao An causing trouble, clearing the photos of her and Li Zecheng, she was even more angry at this wife of hers.

She found Li Zecheng angrily and criticized him. “Your wife has been spoiled by you. Doesnt she know that every move of a rich wife is related to the rise and fall of the family? You have to teach her a lesson and let her come back to apologize to the elders.”

Li Zecheng told her dejectedly, “Mom, wake up.”

“Son, what do you mean? Cant you agree to such a small request from your mother? Youre still spoiling her. Look at the wicked things shes done recently. Which one hasnt thrown you into a whirlpool of public opinion? Shes a jinx.”

Li Zecheng told Third Madam in defeat, “Qiao An is determined to divorce me.”

Third Madam was stunned. “She wants to divorce you? Hehe, do you believe her tricks? Zecheng, it was not easy for a Cinderella like her to climb up the social ladder. Calm down. This trick of hers is a leftover trick of a rich daughter-in-law. When you agree to the divorce, she will definitely turn around and beg you.”

Li Zecheng thought about it and felt that what his mother said made sense.

How was he not good enough for her?

“Mom, youre right, but Grandpas in a rage. Its not right for Qiao An to keep arguing with me, is it? We have to find a way to calm her down.”

Third Madam said, “Dont worry. I have an idea.”

Third Madam arrived at Jinghang Hospital and barged into Qiao Ans ward aggressively.

Li Xiaoran was guiding Qiao An in her rehabilitation work. His voice was gentle and his eyes were gentle. He said, “Qiao An, you have to build up the confidence to stand up first. Well do it step by step. I believe you can do it.”

Ever since Qiao An found out that Aunt Qiao was sick, she couldnt wait to go home and visit her mother. Therefore, she was especially cooperative with the doctor during rehabilitation.

She did not care about the propriety between a man and woman. She bravely placed her hand on Li Xiaorans hand because she could not exert any strength in her legs. Most of her body leaned into Li Xiaorans arms. Then, she tried her best to stand.

However, when Third Madam saw this scene, she was especially angry. She roared angrily, “What are the two of you doing? Oh my god, what did I see? Xiaoran, Qiao An, youre actually hugging each other. Its simply immoral.”

Li Xiaoran had a clear conscience.

However, he was worried about Qiao An and glanced at her carefully. Unexpectedly, Qiao An looked calm and didnt seem to care about Third Madam.

Li Xiaoran was secretly puzzled. In the past, Qiao An was most afraid of her mother-in-law, and the Third Madam was a fierce woman. Qiao An was obedient to her.

Third Madam was clearly stung by Qiao Ans coldness. She raised her voice and said, “Qiao An, let go.”

Qiao An said calmly to Li Xiaoran, “Doctor Li, please carry me to bed.”

Li Xiaoran picked Qiao An up and walked towards the bed.

Third Madam gritted her teeth in anger. “Qiao An, dont you have legs? How can you let your uncle carry you?”

Li Xiaoran placed Qiao An on the bed and turned to the Third Madam. He smiled and said, “Third Sister-in-law, Im Qiao Ans doctor. Its my job to help her recover. What is shameful about our relationship?”

Third Madam said, “Arent there any female caretakers in the hospital?”

Li Xiaoran said, “Theyre too weak to do this job.”

“Then you dont have to hug each other so tightly, do you?”

“If Third Sister-in-law doesnt want the male doctors in the hospital to take care of Qiao An, then please call Li Zecheng over to personally take care of Qiao An.”

How could Third Madam bear to let her son put down his work to take care of Qiao An? She immediately fell silent.

Li Xiaoran left.

The Third Madam did not gain any advantage from Li Xiaoran, so she shifted her anger to Qiao An.

Angrily, she moved to Qiao Ans side and accused her. “No wonder Zecheng has a problem with you, Qiao An. An immoral woman like you…”

Qiao An glared at her fiercely.

Third Madam was dumbfounded.

Shed always thought of Qiao An as a docile kitten with no claws, to be bullied at her disposal.

To her surprise, even the way Qiao An looked at her now intimidated her.

“Do you have proof of me being immoral?” Qiao Ans voice was soft, but wrapped in cool air.

She did not even call hermother-in-law. It was obvious that her attitude towards Third Madam was different from before.

Third Madam came back to her senses. Was she still afraid of this wild girl who had no one to rely on?

“Qiao An, let me ask you, why did you empty your social media profile? You know what you did to Zecheng,” Third Madam said accusingly.

Qiao An said evenly, “Its up to me if I want to clear out my photos.”

She looked up at Third Madam with a sharp gaze. “Im only married to Li Zecheng, not sold to him. Even during the period of my marriage, I have personal freedom.”

Third Madam hadnt expected the docile Qiao An to have such a sharp tongue.

“If you want to delete the photos, so be it. But youve caused Li Zecheng a lot of trouble. I want you to immediately announce on your social media page that you and Li Zecheng are happily married so as not to affect Zechengs career,” Third Madam said domineeringly.

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