Madam Has An Amazing Life After Her Divorce

Chapter 4 - Husband or Uncle-in-law?

Chapter 3: BFFs Out to Investigate the Scum

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Li Zecheng was stunned. “Anan, you need a large amount of medical fees every day now. How will you pay for the medical fees if you divorce me?”

Qiao An looked at Li Zecheng. He actually had the idea of letting her leave with nothing?

“Li Zecheng, if theres something wrong with your head… go to the psychiatric department. Ill… divorce you. The assets… will be split equally.”

Li Zecheng immediately flew into a rage out of humiliation. “Qiao An, I always thought you were not a materialistic girl. I thought you married me because you loved me. It turns out that youre as vain as other women. You use marriage as a springboard. Let me tell you, theres no way I would agree to a divorce.”

Qiao An also knew that she would not be able to gain anything from arguing with Li Zecheng while lying on the hospital bed. She simply shut her mouth.

Li Zecheng thought that she had changed her mind and secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

“Rest well. Ill visit you again tomorrow.” Li Zecheng left decisively.

When he was gone, tears trickled from the corners of Jo Anns eyes.

Li Zecheng had said that he would come to visit her tomorrow… In the past, she would have stood outside her house and waited for Li Zecheng to return. Now, when she heard that he would come to visit her, she felt extremely terrified.

Thinking of how much Li Zecheng cared for Wei Xin, Qiao An felt like a fishbone was stuck in her throat.

Her intuition told her that the relationship between Li Zecheng and Wei Xin was not as simple as it seemed. She had to find evidence of Li Zecheng betraying her and obtain the lead in the divorce.

Qiao An looked at the phone on the bedside table and struggled to reach for it. Then, with difficulty, she found her good sister Locos number and called her.

When the call went through, Locos choked voice sounded. “Anan, is that you? They all said that you jumped off a building and had no chance of survival. Do you know that you scared me to death?”

“Locke…” Qiao An managed.

The telepathic Loco realized that there must be an unusual motive behind Qiao Ans difficult call. She became unusually quiet.

“Anan, tell me.”

“Help me investigate… Wei Xin and Li Zecheng.”

Loco became furious. “Anan, are you suspecting that Li Zecheng cheated on you with Wei Xin?”

“Mm. Gather evidence for me, I want a divorce.”

Locke was silent for a moment, as if thinking about how to catch the adulterers. In the end, she thought of something and said excitedly to Qiao An, “Anan, while youre hospitalized, Li Zecheng is very likely to bring Wei Xin home to play guerrilla warfare. I have to install a monitor at your house.”

Qiao An found a legitimate reason for Locos visit. “Then go to my house and pack some clothes for me.”

Locke said, “Not a bad idea. When the time comes, Ill install the camera in a hidden corner without anyone knowing.”


Loco immediately bought the most advanced cameras online. The next day, after the cameras arrived, she rushed to Li Zecheng and Qiao Ans love nest—Star Palace.

Loco knocked first. When no one answered, she entered the fingerprint lock code Qiao An had told her about.

When the door opened, Loco was embarrassed because Li Zecheng and Wei Xin were sitting on the sofa. The two of them looked a little flustered.

Li Zecheng looked at Loco coldly and said unhappily, “Youre good at breaking into houses. Arent you going to explain to me?”

Loco played it by ear. “I knocked on the door earlier. You guys didnt hear me, so I pressed the code to get in. Oh, dont get me wrong. Im here on Qiao Ans request to fetch some clothes and supplies to the hospital for her.”

Li Zechengs expression was very ugly. “Why didnt she let me help her with these things? Would she rather trouble an outsider?”

Locke was indignant. “You have the nerve to say that.”

“Then Ill go in?” Loco didnt care if Li Zecheng looked good or not. She walked straight towards the master bedroom.

Wei Xin and Li Zecheng looked at each other speechlessly.

After Loco entered the room, she quietly locked the door from the inside. Then, she quickly took out the camera and installed it in a hidden flower pot. Then, she quickly packed a few clothes and prepared to leave.

When she opened the door, she saw Li Zecheng looking at her warily. “Why did you close the door?”

Loco was quick to react. She glanced at Wei Xin and said, “Im afraid Ill see something I shouldnt and cause unnecessary trouble.” Then she fled.

Li Zecheng frowned and walked into the bedroom. His sharp gaze carefully searched every place. Finally, he pulled out the camera from the flower pot. Li Zechengs face was very gray.

It was obvious that Loco must have been instructed to do so by Qiao An, who clearly didnt trust him anymore.

Thinking that Qiao An, who had once trusted him unconditionally, had actually learned these tricks to monitor him, Li Zecheng felt inexplicably disappointed.

Loco remotely directed Qiao An to install the surveillance software.

She told Qiao An, “Im on the stairs of your house. There are cameras in the master bedroom, but Li may suspect Ive tampered with them. Hell probably clear the master bedroom. Hell never expect cameras in the stairwell. Once youve installed the surveillance software, you should be able to eavesdrop on some of his secrets.”

After Qiao An installed the software, she stared at the phone screen in a daze from time to time.

Li Zecheng might have indeed become vigilant. Not only did he not invite Wei Xin to his house again, but he also placed some flowers that Qiao An liked at home from time to time.

Occasionally, he would mutter to himself, “Anan, when you come back and see these gardenias, youll definitely be happy.”

Qiao Ans eyes, however, were fixed on his tie clip.

Li Zecheng had made a mistake.

Shed always helped him with his tie clips. Shed bought all his tie clips for him.

But his tie clip today was new. Clearly someone else had bought it for him.

Qiao An sent a screenshot of the tie to Loco. She was sure that Loco, who knew a lot about fashion, would soon be able to find out who had purchased the tie clip.

Qiao Ans recent frequent use of her phone was discovered by her attending physician, Li Xiaoran. Li Xiaoran very seriously ordered her to hand over her phone.

“Qiao An, hand over the phone.”

Qiao An was very reluctant to hand over the phone. She glared at Li Xiaoran with pleading eyes.

Li Xiaoran said helplessly, “You look at your phone during the day and use your eyes too much. When you look at your phone at night, it affects your sleep. Dont forget that youre a critical patient.”

Qiao An was afraid that Li Xiaoran would discover her secret, so she turned off her phone and handed it to Li Xiaoran.

“What secrets are in the phone?” Li Xiaoran looked at the black screen and laughed teasingly.

Qiao An said nothing.

Silence was golden.

Li Xiaoran put her phone in his pocket and asked her, “You havent showered in a long time. To be honest, you stink a little.”

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