Chapter 5: Family Act

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Loco patiently advised, “Youre still lying in the hospital, but youre asking for a divorce with Li Zecheng. This is called alerting the enemy. This will prompt him to transfer the companys profits and pass on his debt to you. Do you think you can still get a divorce?”

Only then did Qiao An realize that she had been too impulsive. She had given Li Zecheng the chance to lay the ground.

“What should I do? I dont want to spend another day with him,” Qiao An said.

“If we want to have the upper hand in the divorce, we have to catch evidence of the other partys disloyalty to the family as soon as possible, such as emotional infidelity and transferring assets… But since you have alerted the enemy with this move, Im afraid it wont be easy to catch Li Zechengs weakness,” Loco said tirelessly.

Qiao An looked defeated.

Loco scolded her, “If you apply the intelligence you used to woo him in the past to catch him in the act, why would you worry about not being able to control him?”

Qiao An said, “Let me think about it.”

A week later.

Li Xiaoran appeared in the hospital.

Qiao An actually felt a lump in her throat when she saw him. “Liar.”

Li Xiaoran stared at her. “What did I lie to you about? In all honesty, Ive never lied to you.”

Jo Ann said, “You said you were going to take the day off.”

Li Xiaoran was stunned.

He recalled the day hed negotiated with Qiao An. Hed told her he was taking the next day off, and because she hadnt asked him to stay, hed gritted his teeth and taken the full week off that the dean had approved.

“Why? Did you miss me?” His eyes were smiling.

Qiao An did miss him.

Because when the other nurses took care of her, they were not as gentle as Li Xiaoran, she suffered a lot.

“I want you to help me dispose of my shit and pee. Im sure a good doctor like Dr. Li, who thinks of his patients as God, wouldnt refuse a patient anything,” Qiao An said.

After a week of recuperation, Qiao Ans condition had recovered a lot. Not only had her mobility greatly increased, but she also had the energy to talk back to Li Xiaoran.

Li Xiaoran smiled. “Looks like youre recovering well. You have the energy to tease me.”

Li Xiaoran leaned over and his handsome face fell. Qiao An did not dare to move and could only stare at his beautiful and flawless face.

The mans skin was better maintained than the heroines. The pores were almost invisible, and his skin was so pale that it glowed.

While Qiao An was studying Li Xiaorans maintenance method, Li Xiaoran joked with her, “Qiao An, in our hospital, only family members usually help patients carry shit and pee. And am I your family member?”

Qiao An blurted, “Youre my uncle-in-law. That counts as family, right?”

Li Xiaorans handsome face stiffened and he straightened his back.

“It seems that youre really loyal to my Zecheng. Do you like being my niece-in-law that much?”

Qiao An remembered Locos instructions. Even if she wanted to divorce Li Zecheng, she couldnt alert the enemy.

Naturally, she would not tell Li Xiaoran that she had decided to divorce Li Zecheng.

Just as Li Xiaoran was feeling depressed, Qiao An avoided the main point and asked him, “What brand of skin care products does Doctor Li use?”

Li Xiaoran looked at her coldly. “Professional formula.”

In order to see his patient in his best condition, he had taken care of his face for the past few days.

Qiao Ans eyes lit up. If she could get Li Xiaorans formula and sell it at a high price, wouldnt she be rich?

“What formula?”

Li Xiaoran said, “Freshwater.”

Qiao An was dumbfounded.

She clearly did not believe that Li Xiaoran only used tap water to wash his face. “Its fine if you dont want to tell me.”

Li Xiaoran was no longer in the mood to chat with her. When he checked her wound with a dark expression, he found that there was pus on a certain part of her body. His handsome face immediately turned cold.

He stabbed the antiseptic needle through the abscess, and Qiao An cried tears of pain.

Li Xiaorans hand trembled.

“Li Xiaoran, you did it on purpose,” Qiao An shouted.

She had clearly not felt any pain when her injuries were worse a few days ago.

Li Xiaoran did not tell her that her painkillers and anesthesia had been canceled.

He said quietly, “Remember to be nice to me from now on. Doctors arent for anyone to offend.”

Qiao An glared at him angrily. “Youll see. Ill never set foot on your property again.”

Li Xiaoran was not angry. Instead, he smiled and said, “Then protect yourself and dont get injured.”

Instead, Qiao An said, “Youre not the only surgeon in the capital.”

Li Xiaoran glared at her fiercely.

However, he saw tears in her eyes. It was obvious that she was in a lot of pain when he used the needle just now.

After Li Xiaoran left the ward, he scolded all the nurses, “What are the nurses doing? How can they allow the patients wound to be infected?”

The nurses were all very aggrieved. They had already done their best to take care of Qiao An. It was normal for Qiao An to be infected a second time because of the large-scale trauma.

As Qiao Ans energy and stamina recovered, more and more people came to visit her at the hospital. Even her mother-in-law, who had always been at odds with her, came to the hospital for the first time.

For the first time, her mother-in-law held her hand and spoke to her gently. “Qiao An, your grandfather said that as long as its a daughter-in-law of the Li family, whoever is hiss eldest grandson will be rewarded with 5% of the shares. The child will be controlled by his mother before he reaches adulthood.”

“As you know, Zechengs shares in the Li family are only 5%. If you and Zecheng have a son, you can transfer the childs shares to Zecheng. At that time, Zechengs shares will surpass the other siblings and become the major shareholder of the Li family. Only then will he have a say in the board of directors.”

Qiao Ans heart ached. Her mother-in-law would only speak to her if she needed a favor.

But to have a child with Li Zecheng? That would never happen.

As long as Qiao An thought of Li Zechengs ugly act of leaving her to the kidnappers to relieve their boredom, she rejected him from the bottom of her heart.


The shares reward were indeed tempting. 5% of the childs shares were indeed held by her mother.

If she had this 5% of shares, she could take revenge on Li Zecheng, the heartless wolf.

She wanted to give him hope before letting him fall from the clouds. She wanted to let him taste the extreme pain of having his hopes dashed.

It was as if he had appeared in the ruins and she had happily thought that he was here to save her. In the end, he only wanted to save Wei Xin.

Heh heh… That day her hopes had been dashed. That was why shed had the stupid idea of abandoning the world. Because she was afraid, afraid the kidnappers would hurt her. So shed rather die than lose her virginity.

However, it was very difficult to implement this plan because her relationship with Li Zecheng had already broken down. She could not move in with him.

What should she do?

Just as Qiao An was puzzled, Li Xiaoran barged in.

Qiao An looked at his handsome, flawless face and felt an inexplicable glow in her heart.

This guy was definitely the best candidate for her.

The bloodline of the Li family would not be suspected.

And he was a flirt. He probably wouldnt refuse her request.

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