Chapter 7: The Lab Rat

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Qiao Ans heart tightened. If Li Zecheng forced her to leave the hospital, the hospital wouldnt dare to stop him. And his intention of bringing her home was only to carry on the family line.

Her body was bound to suffer his ravages. He only wanted the child. He wouldnt care about her safety.

Qiao An looked at Li Xiaoran in fear. At this moment, she really hoped that Li Xiaoran could help her block Li Zechengs improper thoughts.

However, she found it funny. Li Xiaoran was Li Zechengs uncle. Why should he help her?

Li Xiaoran slowly treated Qiao Ans leg injury and carefully put down her pants. Then, he looked straight at Qiao An. He saw a trace of fear in Qiao Ans deer-like eyes, which surprised Li Xiaoran.

“Zecheng, Qiao An is in no condition to be discharged for the time being.”

“How long will that take?” Li Zecheng asked impatiently.

“Three months,” Li Xiaoran said leisurely.

Li Zecheng looked at Qiao Ans rather plump face. Although it wasnt as plump as before, she looked even more attractive.

Li Zecheng looked at Li Xiaoran suspiciously and said, “Uncle, shes clearly recovering well.”

Li Xiaoran said, “Shes my new class research subject. The research time is a full 90 days. You know that I risked half my life to save her. Theres no reason for me to transfer my scientific results to you so easily, right?”

Li Zecheng said with a dark expression, “Ill give you money. You can buy many scientific papers. Ill definitely take Qiao An with me.”

Li Xiaoran looked at him with a faint smile. “You want to take my patient away from my hospital. Zecheng, do you think Im easy to bully?”

Li Zecheng laughed contemptuously.

He really looked down on Li Xiaoran.

Li Xiaoran was an exception in the Li family. He did not like to do business and insisted on being a doctor. The old man almost vomited blood from anger when he chose this specialization.

Ever since Li Xiaoran chose to become a doctor, the old man no longer had high hopes for him. Li Xiaorans status in the Li family was deteriorating.

Every month, he relied on the Li familys meager financial support to maintain his dignity as a good-for-nothing young master.

Therefore, if Li Zecheng wanted to take Qiao An away from Li Xiaorans hospital, he would not face much resistance at all.

Qiao An sighed. It seemed she wasnt going to get away with this.

Unexpectedly, Li Xiaoran stood up to Li Zecheng. “Li Zecheng, if you have the guts, try taking Qiao An away.”

Li Zecheng looked at Li Xiaorans suddenly sinister expression. The usually lackadaisical person suddenly became sinister, and his expression was especially terrifying.

Li Zecheng was actually a little stunned.

“She is my wife. I have the right to take her.”

Li Xiaoran said, “But you signed a contract and promised to give her to me for research.”

I reneged. Cant I pay you the penalty?

“Theres no such thing as a penalty.” Li Xiaoran was furious. “If you go back on your word, Ill definitely publish in all the scientific newspapers that youve stopped the development of science.”

After exposing Li Zechengs actions in such a serious publication, Li Zechengs image would completely collapse.

Li Zecheng gritted his teeth in anger. “Unreasonable.” He left angrily.

Qiao An looked at Li Xiaoran in a daze. He actually chose to fight Li Zecheng because of her. This was really an unwise move for the powerless Li Xiaoran.

“Are scientific results that important? Your future path will be very difficult if you go against the future young master of the Li family for a thesis.” Qiao An was very worried for Li Xiaoran.

Li Xiaoran turned to look at her and smiled. “If I use you as my topic, your naked photo and your organs will be published in the scientific journal. Are you willing?”

Qiao An was dumbfounded.

Then, she protested in exasperation, “I dont want to be the subject of your research. Li Xiaoran, if you dare to publish my photo and make me famous, Ill… Ill cut ties with you.”

Li Xiaoran smiled faintly and said in a charming voice, “Why dont I pixelate your face?”

“Still.” Qiao An was traditional and particularly shy. She couldnt accept her body and organs being observed by scholars.

Li Xiaoran pretended to be troubled. “Then what should I do? Youre the research subject I spent a lot of effort to get. Theres no reason for me to let you off for no reason, right?”

Qiao An understood and gave up her pride. She begged Li Xiaoran humbly, “Uncle, I owe you in this life. In the next life, Ill do anything to repay your kindness.”

Li Xiaoran said, “Im an atheist. I dont believe in reincarnation.”

Qiao An said, “Then… in this life, in this life, I repay you. Tell me, how do you want me to repay you? If I can do it, I wont flinch.”

Li Xiaorans eyes lit up. “Really?”

Qiao An nodded eagerly.

Li Xiaoran said mysteriously, “Then its settled. When you recover, remember to repay me.”

When Li Xiaoran left the ward, he seemed to be in a very good mood.

Annoyed, Qiao An lay on the bed, frustrated.

Who would have thought that Li Zecheng would suggest to Old Master Xiang that Li Xiaoran had deliberately stopped Qiao An from being discharged from the hospital, purely to destroy their relationship?

The old master had always valued harmony between husband and wife and within the family. Therefore, he was very concerned over this matter. He asked the servant to call Li Xiaoran and ask him to go home.

When Li Xiaoran rushed back to the Li familys villa from the hospital, it was already ten in the evening.

Usually, at this time, everyone would have gone back to sleep. However, since the old man was still up, the juniors did not dare to sleep. All of them forced themselves to stay awake to accompany the old man in waiting for Li Xiaoran.

Li Xiaoran pushed open the door and saw more than ten pairs of eyes focused on him. Li Zecheng and his mothers eyes revealed smug expressions.

He slouched over, tossed his car keys on the coffee table, and sat on a stool.

The old man began to lecture him. “I told you not to be a doctor back then and you didnt listen to me. Now look at yourself. Youre exhausted every day and earn twenty-five cents.”

Li Xiaoran smiled and said, “Dad, not everyone lives for money. People should fight for their dreams.”

The old man knew that Li Xiaoran was a very opinionated person. No one could change his mind.

He gave up arguing with Li Xiaoran about dreams and reality. Instead, he went back to the topic and criticized Li Xiaoran with a black face. “I heard from Zecheng that Anans health has already recovered very well. In that case, why dont you let Zecheng bring her home? Zecheng is very tired from work. Every day, he has to travel between the company and the hospital. You should think about him.”

Li Xiaoran looked at Li Zecheng with a sneer in his eyes.

“Qiao Ans been in the hospital for so long, you can count on one hand, the number of times hes visited her. Dad, you have nothing to be worried about.”

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