Madam Has An Amazing Life After Her Divorce

Chapter 9 - Suck it up and Compromise

Chapter 8: The Complaint

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Li Zecheng said confidently, “Uncle, its because Im busy that I dont have time to come to the hospital. I can only worry about Anans health every day. Thats why Im anxious to take Anan out of the hospital. This way, I can take care of her personally every day and feel better.”

Usually, Li Xiaoran would not bother to argue with this group of people. He would do whatever they said, so it gave Li Zecheng the illusion that although this uncle was very intelligent, he was very easy to control and fool.

However, what Li Xiaoran did today made him regret it so much that his intestines turned green.

Li Xiaoran said, “Zechengs feelings for Qiao An are really touching.”

Li Zechengs mother immediately said proudly, “The couple has always had a good relationship. Its not like you dont know.”

Indeed, in the past, Qiao An had always praised Li Zechengs merits in front of them. From the smile on her face and the love in her words, they could feel that the couples relationship was very deep and enviable.

However, Li Xiaoran changed the topic. “If youre so close, why do you always come to the hospital in a hurry and leave in a hurry? You dont even flip through your wifes medical records or wipe her body. I have to do these things for you. Those who dont know better will think that Qiao An is my wife. Is this what you mean by deep love?”

Hearing this, the old mans face darkened. “Zecheng, what exactly is going on? Didnt I tell you that Anan was traumatized after being kidnapped? Are you going to spend more time with her?”

Li Zecheng did not expect that Li Xiaoran, who had always been silent in family meetings, would actually turn the tables on him today.

Li Zechengs face was very gray.

Li Xiaoran smiled faintly. “I dont think Zecheng can take good care of Qiao An, so I wont agree to her discharge.”

Li Zechengs mother immediately reprimanded Li Xiaoran unhappily, “Xiaoran, Qiao An is Zechengs wife. Its up to Zecheng to decide if she should be discharged. Dont forget your status. Youre Qiao Ans uncle. Its not up to you to decide her discharge. Dont tell me you have ulterior motives towards my daughter-in-law?”

Li Xiaorans smile was cold.

Fortunately, First Madam was very reasonable and helped Li Xiaoran out of the situation. “Third Sister-in-law, its not like you dont know that Xiaorans standards for finding a woman are so high that even a national beauty cant catch his eye. Qiao An might have been able to move his heart in the past, but now shes as thin as a skeleton. Even your Zecheng might not be willing to take another look at her. How can Xiaoran have any improper thoughts about her?”

Third Madam looked very unhappy after being lectured by First Madam.

Li Xiaoran said, “Third Sister-in-law is a petty person. Shes wrong. I really treasure Qiao An.”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone in the room looked at him in surprise. Everyones face seemed to have a few words engraved on it: “You cant lust after your nephews wife.”

However, Li Xiaoran was as calm as ever. He said lazily, “Shes my patient. I spent a lot of effort trying to save her. I wont allow any more accidents to happen to her. That will affect my status in the medical forum.”

The Li family was greedy and unscrupulous. Naturally, they understood Li Xiaorans desire to pursue fame.

Li Zecheng could only look at the old man hopefully. “Grandpa, Uncle is clearly trying to separate us.”

The old man sorted out his thoughts and said to Li Zecheng earnestly, “Zecheng, since you dont have the energy to take care of Qiao An, leave her in the hospital for the time being. Her safety should be top priority.”

Of all the daughters-in-law, the one the old man admired the most was Qiao An.

Qiao An didnt care for fame and fortune. She was simple and affectionate.

Li Zecheng did not dare to disobey the old mans orders. He said dejectedly, “Yes.”

Li Zechengs plan was futile. He was furious.

That night, his mother, Huang Yushu, followed Li Zecheng back to the Star Palace.

Huang Yushu chattered on. “Zecheng, as you can see, Old Master values Qiao An very much. I have to remind you in advance that you must not divorce Qiao An. The Old Master has thought highly of you for the past two years because he sees that you have found a good wife.”

Li Zechengs expression was grave.

After tonight, Li Zecheng did realize that Qiao An was his greatest help in the Li family. The old mans concern for Qiao An was unexpected.

What made Li Zecheng uneasy was that Qiao An seemed to have become very cold to him since the last kidnapping.

“Mom, Qiao An doesnt want to consummate our marriage,” Li Zecheng said in distress.

Huang Yushu said, “I thought it was something serious. She married you for love. Your glory will make her life easier. Zecheng, Qiao An loves you so much. If you spend more time with her and buy more small gifts to make her happy, she will forgive you.”

Li Zecheng recalled Qiao Ans bottomless tolerance for him in the past and immediately perked up.

Right you are, Ma. Tomorrow Ill buy her some decent presents to coax her.

Huang Yushu pulled Li Zecheng and said, “Dont waste the money to buy a gift. I have some unused jewelry. Give it to her. Qiao An isnt a socialite. Its already a blessing for her to use these outdated jewelry.”

At the hospital.

Qiao An stared at the phone, her blood rushing in reverse when she heard how her mother-in-law and husband had plotted against her.

So she was not worth a penny in the eyes of this mother and son.

She used to be accomodating with her mother-in-laws cheap gifts because she didnt want to embarrass her. She didnt expect her to despise her so much in private.

The next day.

Li Zecheng arrived at the hospital early in the morning and brought Qiao An a set of emerald jewelry.

“Qiao An, do you like it? I bought this specially for you. Your skin is fair and you look the best in green jewelry,” Li Zecheng said affectionately.

Qiao An kept her sarcasm level. “Really? But why do I get the feeling this piece is old-fashioned?”

Li Zecheng was a little embarrassed.

However, Qiao An took the jewelry and said, “Although this jewelry is outdated, its still worth a few dollars. I can pawn it tomorrow and exchange it for a diamond accessory.”

When Li Zecheng heard that she wanted to pawn this set of jewelry and did not take his gift seriously, his face immediately dropped.

“You dont like this piece? Then… What kind of jewelry do you like? Ill buy it for you another day?” Li Zecheng asked the obvious.

Qiao An went for the kill. “I like big pink or blue diamonds. As big as pigeon eggs.”

Then, she raised her hand and looked at the tiny diamond engagement ring. She said in disappointment, “Our wedding rings are too small. So much so that every time I go out for a gathering, my friends would criticize you for being stingy.”

Li Zecheng studied Qiao An steadily. In the past, Qiao An could not bear to buy expensive gifts. But now, she could not wait to take advantage of him. Her love for him did not seem to be as strong as before.

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