It had been 2 months, since Linda and Austin had returned from their honeymoon. Linda was extremely exuberant as their honeymoon in Paris was extremely hot, romantic and at the same time Austin was behaving his best. He pampered her a lot with gifts, jewelry, and fed her with several delicacies of France.

Those were the best 10 days of her life and she was head over heels in love with her husband already. She considered herself to be extremely lucky and had totally forgotten about olive. She had taken a break from work for three months to spend time with Austin upon his request but as soon as they returned from Paris to Singapore, Linda realized that Austin had not taken any leave from work. Soon after returning to Singapore Austin had spent the entire night in his office.

He didn even bother to say anything to Linda and she was a little taken aback. The girl was sitting in the balcony sipping coffee waiting for her husband. Austin came back at 9:00 in the morning to take a bath. Yet again he did not even bother to meet Linda and he quickly took a bath, had his own breakfast served by the servants and then he instantly left for the office as of Linda did not even exist.

That day Linda waited for Austin like a crazy woman and when Austin came back in the evening he had a bright smile on his face. He smiled a little not even looking at Linda who was sitting in the gigantic lobby area, yet again sipping her 7th coffee of the day. ”W…What are you doing here? ” Austin frowned a little looking at the girl and his smile instantly vanished away.

”I was here to ask you as to why you were ignoring me? I wanted to ask you if I had done something wrong but guess what I already know the reason. ” Linda stood up slowly looking at Austin in much hurtful manner.

Austin was so obsessed with the case that he had won the case this morning that he had totally forgotten about Linda. He smiled a little looking extremely innocent and tilted his head a little, walking towards his wife. ”What reason? Im sorry you know I am a workaholic and I tend to forget other things. ”

”Things? ” Linda smiled back and then instantly shut her mouth not saying anything. She had already known Austins intentions as her secretary had told her everything. They had just lost the divorce case from Austins company as Austin had managed to get all the needed documents and evidences in favor of Olives wife. He had to give 90% of his property to his wife due to Austin and was also sentenced to community service for 24 months. ”Its alright…. you must be tired shall I get you something? ” Linda smiled not showing that she had known everything.

”Its alright sweetheart. ” Austin planted a light peck on her forehead feeling extremely relieved. He had purposely told Linda to take a break for three month and not to even attend calls as he knew that if Linda took a break from work, he will definitely win the important divorce case.

Austin instantly walked past the girl and heaved a sigh of relief. Linda was sitting on the chair fiddling with the paperweight on the table thinking very carefully. A tear dropped down from her eye and she was now trying to calm herself down. ”Should I go in for a divorce? Or should I just accept that I am married to my biggest foe? ” She whispered under her breath wiping away her tear quickly as she could hear Austin coming back towards her.

”Is everything alright dear? I saw you wiping away your tear. ”

”Yes everything is fine. Im just missing mother a lot. Do you mind if I go to her house for a few days to spend some quality time with her? ” Linda smiled a little, blinking her puppy eyes.

Austin loved the idea as his insomnia was now completely cured. He had even managed to sleep in the office for 4 hours without Linda, as his body was now getting used to the cycle of sleeping every night. He did not need Linda for anything in his life and he would be more than happy to send her away. The only thing that he liked about Linda was that she was good in bed but he knew that cannot be the sole reason to be with his only enemy under one roof.

”Of course! You should go and meet her. Maybe you can spend all your holidays at her place. You still have if few days left before you join work so maybe you can spend some quality time with her. But Im going to miss you. ” Austin yet again planted a soft kiss on her right cheek and Linda frowned a little as if she was completely abhorring his touch on her cheek.

”I will miss you too. If you want then I can stay back here. ” Linda shrugged her shoulders and Austin instantly nodded his head in disapproval.

”No! Please go! ….I….I mean that you should go. Im sure mother in law must also be missing his only family member. ” Austin smiled a little trying to be extremely nice and caring.

” Thank you so much. I shall then tell the staff to pack my bags. I will be back in maximum 20 days. ” Linda smiled a little and then instantly walked away towards the bedroom.

Austin yet again heaved of relief looking at the girl. He could not help but admire her curvy behind as she wore the blue coloured knee length dress with the zipper going all the way up to her neck. ”But what about sex? I will have to live without sex for 20 days ”. Austin was now genuinely wanting to stop the girl but then he rolled his eyes and then slapped his own head. ”Come down boy. Concentrate on work. You have several important cases lined up in next 20 days. If you win all of them against Lindas company you can win back your lost honour. ” Austin whispered and then quickly walk towards the elevator heading straight towards his office.

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