More and more tears dropped down from Lindas eyes as she heard both of them gasping for breath and screaming in much exhilaration and pleasure. All this while Austin kept repeating how much he loved Silvia and hated his wife which felt like a sharp knife straight across Lindas heart. She had literally given everything to Austin from getting married to sacrificing her career. He had broken her trust not just once but thrice now.

Linda no longer had the guts to hear her husband and she quickly walked away making sure that she is not audible to anyone. She walked past the guard who was yet asleep and she picked up her bag closing the elevator door. Once the elevator door closed the girl busted into uncontrollable sobs and she covered her mouth with her hands trying to compose herself down. ”Why Austin! Why! Why would you do that to me? I loved you so much!!! ”

As soon as the door opened, Linda rushed towards the closest bathroom and closed it from inside. For good twenty minutes she cried her heart out and then instantly washed her face taking deep breaths.

”Come down. You are a strong independent woman and you cannot let just any man control your life. If he wants to destroy your company you have to show him what real women power is. ” Linda looked at her reflection in the mirror trying to compose herself.

After a few more minutes, the girl stepped out of the bathroom with sheer determination and strength. She knew that the first thing that she had to do was visit the company and prepare her team to win all the remaining legal cases.

Soon the girl was sitting on the backseat of the chauffeur driven car which headed straight towards her home. The girl knew that she would have to first get the car parked outside her house and would have to visit her company in her own car so that Austin does not get to know about her visit. The girl had lied about missing her mother as she was hardly emotionally attached to her. Sana, her mother was a greedy and impulsive woman and it was because of her that Linda had to marry Austin at such a short notice. The old lady had informed the media about their one night stand which had caused them to marry each other. Somewhere deep down in her heart Linda knew that she had married Austin because of the intense amount of pressure that she had received from her stupid mother.

Austin was not just extremely wealthy but also he hailed from an extremely well to do family. When Lindas mother got to do about their one night stand she made sure that the news spread like fire.

30 minutes later the car halted outside a small white coloured gate and Linda quickly got out of the car. ”I shall go walking from here. You can drop the suitcases near the gate. ” The girl spoke in much confidence even though she was extremely nervous from inside.

The chauffer frowned a little and quickly got off from the car looking at his boss. ”But Madam I can drop you inside. How will you take all the luggage yourself? Or if you want I can call one of the guards to take your luggage inside ”. The middle aged man looked at her in much confusion.

”No, there is no need. Besides I do not have any guard at my home. I am a bit of a miser and I hardly keep any staff. Hehe. ” The girl chuckled and then shrugged her shoulders, taking out her suitcase quickly from the vehicle. The driver helped the girl and she stood there like a statue waiting for the car to drive away.

As soon as the car disappeared, Linda quickly dragged her suitcases inside the gate placing them at the corner of the garden. Linda knew that her mother might probably not be at home and she must be out somewhere socialising with all the other cream class of the town. She quickly headed towards the garage and opened the shutter walking towards her old car which she had been using from past many years. The girl had worked very hard throughout her life and she did not consider it proper to upgrade her vehicle until and unless it was extremely essential.

Unlike her mother, Linda was extremely careful about her money. Whereas her mother always wore the most expensive clothes which she could not wear when she was of Lindas age. Linda always wanted that her mother should be proud of her success but she was one of those typical mothers who always wanted to see her daughter getting married to a rich man.

Soon after another 20 minutes of drive the car entered the gigantic premises of Lindas company. Unlike Austins company this was the place where justice was served at any cost. There was no place for bribery or underhand illegal things. Lawyers worked honestly in service of needy citizens and worked hard to prove their innocence.

If ever Linda got to know that the person was not innocent she will never take up their cases no matter how much money she is offered.

Linda was once Austins legal secretary but she had left the job and started her own company as soon as she got to know that Austin always supported people who had actually committed the crime because he was offered good money for it.

Soon her company had reached Austins level and had managed to defeat Austin in a case. That was the time Austin developed a hatred for Linda and always tried to put her down through any means.

Everyone was surprised looking at Lindas car as they all knew that Linda would be coming after 3 months only. It was just 2 months and they all thought that maybe Linda was missing work. They all knew that Linda married in much excitement and happiness and they were also probably talking about a possible merger between their and Austins company.

Little did they know that Linda was here to foil all the plans made by her husband and she was here to defeat him at any cost now.

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