Chapter -01.

”Man! I love these Power Fantasy Isekai novels, its fun to be Superman in a Fantasy world. I would love to be Isekaied as Superman. ”


”Ahhh! Who hit me in the back? That hurts dude! Where am I? ” He took a deep breath and felt his chest far bigger than he used to feel.

He opened his eyes and saw himself in a large bed with dark silk sheets and bed curtains hanging around the bed.

He felt out of place because he was sleeping on his office sofa reading the Isekai Cultivation novel but now he is in a strange but comfortable bed in a strange room.

He sat up and instantly gave himself a heart attack by looking at the two muscular hands in front of him which he didn recognize.

He was also wearing dark black full-body underwear like a superhero. He left the bed and looked around the room and saw it was all made of wood which gave the feeling of old Chinese martial arts movies.

He saw a silver basin near him on the table filled with water. He looked into it and saw the reflection of an unknown villainous face of a man.

Golden hair, not blonde but gold, not polished shiny but still annoyingly coarse metal dazzling. Chiselled square jaw, clean face, not a single hair, smooth white skin.

Creepy golden iris with black highlights along with obvious golden eyebrows. He smiled and almost scared himself to death. He never saw such an evil smile.

He stood up straight and bonked his head on the ceiling because of his height. He looked below and awed at the Gigachad body he got in a superhero suit but no cape and shoes.

”Holy Shit! Did my wish come true? Did I become a superman in another world? Two of my top wishes came true?! Holy **ing shit! ” He opened the window and was welcomed by the morning breeze and a grand view of a high-cultivation fantasy city.

Normal workers drag carts and goods on marble paths along with fancy carriages pulled by beasts out of video games. He looked up and saw people riding on swords and flying beats with even fancier air carriages.

Various high towers along with high peaks go above clouds with a shimmering blue dome of energy shield. ”Holy S…! I am really in a Xianxia world! ” He stopped himself from saying the same exclamatory words.

However, he has no idea who he is or what he is doing in this room? Is this the scenario of no memory and the play-along story to avoid suspicion?

He looked back at the room and saw it was not a normal room, it had silk in beds and a silver basin, and he picked a mellow green crystal-like item. ”Is this jade? Holy…Ahem…this is my first time seeing a jade. ”

The jade item was square in shape along with a hole in the middle and hummed the moment he picked it up. He liked the humming and shook more for its melodious hum.

*Knock, Knock*

The door knocked and it spooked him. He was wearing full-body underwear but he still felt naked so he quickly pulled the silk sheet and fashioned it on his waist like a lower garment.

”Com…come in. ”

The door opened and a beautiful young girl walked in. She kept her eyes down and spoke meekly. ”How can I help, Dear customer? ”

He gawked at the girl because she was not wearing a modest dress, showing her long legs making his blood boil in the wrong places. He sat down on the bed to avoid embarrassing himself.

He looked at the jade and understood it was a room service bell. ”Umm…do you…AHEM…know what…what…yes! What time did I come to your hotel last night…I mean establishment…respected establishment? ”

”Umm…dear customer, I will have to consult the receptionist. ” She meekly answered. He saw she was kinda trembling. He felt she was afraid of him. Does she know who he is?

”Do you know who I am? ” His question sent a chill down her spine as she closed her legs tightly to avoid falling on her weak knees.

Shit! Am I an evil villain here? Shit! Shit! Shit! Why keep the memories away, Isekai gods? He cursed inside.

”Dear customer, I will have to get the answer from the receptionist. ” She calmly said.

He found it odd, if you know just say it, or she does not know but she is new. He felt frustrated speculating. ”Okay, go. ”

She slowly walked away and softly closed the door. But then he heard her running in panic. ”Why this much panic? Is she really this new on the job? ”

After a few breaths later he heard various hurried footsteps all around him like they were surrounding him. His heart dropped. He wondered if he was some famous criminal and now t

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