Chapter -02.

ged him to dare, dare to run away which he will do but he wants to know more about this world first so he let him laugh.

They frowned and gestured towards his white silk lower garment. ”Fuck off! ” He cursed to which they reacted immediately as they wanted him to rebel so that they could teach him a lesson.

They attacked his golden head. However, for Jing time slowed down as he easily grabbed the hand of one of the guards and lightly gave a backhand smack on his face.

The guard immediately lost consciousness but also broke his jaw. Jing felt guilty for the unnecessary wound so he lowered his strength more and smacked the second guard, he also lost consciousness but no physical damage.

He didn hurt the head of the last guard and smacked his hand to which he cried out loud. ”Take your friends away and treat them immediately. Don come running to me if they die. ” Jing gave him a stern warning.

The guard who was full of bravado earlier bowed deeply while spilling tears because of the pain in his hand, and dragged both of his friends along with him.

Jing sighed and walked towards the workers kitchen for his new job.


Uncle Wu reached the private office of Madam and bowed deeply. ”Madam, its done. ”

”Come in. ” The sweet mature voice of Madam called. Uncle Wu respectfully entered the office.

”What do you think? ” Madam Ning asked.

”I think he is a beginner Body cultivator but he is no Smith of any kind, we can be sure of it. ” Uncle Wu confidently declared.

”Then how did he do it? ”

”I think its a prank by some Formation Master and he must have paid this troublemaker handsomely to be part of this prank. I am confident that after a few days later he will pay and leave us. ”

”What if he demands Formation Smith? ”

”Then we will provide him with one and ask for the visiting fee to prove his truth. ”

”But why prank us? If they can prank like this, what is stopping them from stealing from our vaults? ” Madam Ning shared her concern.

”I checked the vaults and everything is fine, nothing was stolen but yes, its a concern, an unnecessary but yet irritating one. ” Uncle Wu shared his irritation.

”Do you think we offended someone? ” Madam Ning asked cautiously.

”We do offend every time by choosing our patrons, its not new for us. But I am sure its more of a prank than teaching us a lesson. He will act like a pain in the ass to stir us and we need to act magnanimous to diffuse him. ” Uncle Wu confidently deduced.

”What if we offer him and stop him from wasting our time? ” She frowned remembering his gaze.

”I already tried but he is determined to play his part but he is still a fool who knows very little about us. I believe he is from mortal kingdoms and enjoying it so far. ” Uncle Wu smiled.

”We are not getting paid for his amusement, but I agree we will have to indulge him until we know who helped him. ” She understood Uncle Wus approach.

*Knock Knock*

”What is it? ”

”Madam, Young Master Song he is here. ” Maid gave her a message.

”Welcome him. ”

A few moments later the door opened and a hunk of a guy walked in a black dress with crimson borders along with a crimson phoenix emblem on his chest. Dark long hair on his back with a feminine face will drive any woman in lust to mess him up with no mercy.

”My dear sweetest little brother! Did you finally come to ease my heart pain? ” She called in her sweet aged vine voice with a raspy aftertaste.

”Greetings Senior Sister, please have mercy on me. ” He said in a deep playful voice which didn match his face at all.

”Why do you play with my heart? ” She acted like a victim and stomped her foot like a child.

”Uncle Wu, greetings! ” He respectfully greeted Uncle Wu.

”Its good to see you, Little Brother Song. How can I be of service? ” Uncle Wu didn take any advantage of the seniority or respect given to him.

”Sect Matriarch is coming to visit. ” He delivered the information in his deep serious voice. ”Along with 17 senior sisters and two brothers including me, 20 in total. ”

The information made them happy and tense at the same time but Uncle Wu smelled something else in it that Jin Song was expecting from Uncle Wu.

”We are going to participate in the Star Ascension Sect selection event. ” He delivered the bomb.

”WHAT? WHY? ” Both of them said at the same time.

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