Chapter -0001.

the sea but was going towards the Tree of Origin. The womb of creation. ” Her eyes were full of hope.

”And what was that black & white octopus? ” He pointed at the beast who was still stalking them with his black & white eyes.

”He is a yin-yang beast that lives in the murky turbid water of souls. We conscious souls are its meal. ” She looked at the beast like she was looking at a familiar person.

”I was once a yin-yang beast. ” She mumbled.

”Huh? ” Jing raised his eyebrow.

”We souls of continents are sad creatures, we devour our brother and sister to stay alive in this cruel sea all for our journey towards the origin. ” She snivelled silently. ”But, where do you come from? Where is Sister Earth? ” She asked with hope, lifting her mood up.

”I am not sure, I woke up and saw no one around me and then I heard your cry for help. ” Jing gave a brief explanation.

”You have her aura and a very old one which means what I fear, she is gone, gone to depths but gave everything to you. You are lucky, no one took advantage of you. ” She looked at him from top to bottom with affection. Suddenly she saw a small dark piece of flesh in his hand.

”How? How are you able to do it? ” She asked in a mumbling shaky voice filled with astonishment.

Jing looked at the dark tentacle flesh which was stuck to his hand because of its sucker glands. ”This? I just tore it. Why? ”

”Are you not feeling cold? ” She asked worryingly.

”Yes, its very cold but thats it, why? ” He asked again.

”That is pure yin, whoever touches it will turn into a frozen statue. ” She said while keeping the distance in fear of suddenly touching the dark flesh.

”What should I do with it? ” He asked.

”Its a very rare yin material, keep it. ” She instructed like an elder.

”Um…how? ” He looked around for some containers.

”Here. ” She offered him a silver ring, its surface intricately engraved with a vine pattern.

”Is this a spatial ring? ” He grabbed the ring with respect and asked like a nerd geeking out.

”Yes. ” She smiled seeing his excited face.

He focused on the ring and suddenly felt a link and information filled his thoughts showing various items inside the ring. He also understood how to operate the spatial ring and pulled a box out from the ring.

Elder Peach held the box and he put the flesh in it carefully and then pulled it inside the spatial ring.

”Now focus so that the ring can morph into the correct size for one of your fingers. ” She instructed.

However, Jing had other ideas. ”What if I don want to wear it as a ring? ” He asked mischievously.

”Don you want to wear it as a ring? ” She asked, confused. Then, she watched as the ring expanded and Jing placed it on his left wrist, where it fit perfectly.

He admired his new silver bracelet with intricate vine patterns and pulled out a long, grey, sleeveless robe from it. He donned the robe and cinched the cloth belt at his waist.

”You look handsome, child. Some of the gifts of my children are not useful to me, I am glad it was useful after all. ” She complimented Jing.

”Your children? ” Jing asked like where are they and why they left you alone here.

”We are in the soul realm, The Chaotic Soul Sea and my children are in the physical realm, The Divine Material plane. We are intimately connected and the items, this boat and that spatial bracelet we have are all given to me as offerings in prayer. I am a soul bound to this realm so its hard for my children to come to my help unless someone ascends and breaks the cycle of reincarnations. ” She gave a proper explanation.

Jing nodded, understanding the situation. He looked towards the beast who was still patrolling around the boat, not leaving.

”What to do with him? ” He asked.

”He or she is hungry, always hungry unless it builds his own living continent on the Divine Material plane. For that, it needs a seed of consciousness as a doorway to the Divine Material plane and we both are a succulent meal in its eyes. ” She felt pity.

Jing had an idea and slowly flew towards the beast. The old lady, Elder Peach, panicked and raised her hand to stop him, but then stopped herself, knowing that the beast posed no threat to him.

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