Today was another day for Jessy, where she had to study all day in her favorite coffee place.

Most of the customers here were regulars, as this place was to study while having snacks.

Walking inside she nodded as she met eyes with some of her acquainted ones, then immediately sat down and started working alongside her friends, Ashley, Emily, and Aiden.

She naturally had a lot of friends but those were who she was most close to.

Rather than charming and innocent, Jessy had more of a cold beauty that froze peoples gazes, making them unable to take their eyes off her.

Her beauty alone made her popular, not including her perfect social skills and kindhearted nature.

For a few moments, she raised her eyes, watching a regular customer approaching the counter to order. She noticed the heads of many girls turn over.

A young man in his mid-twenties like her, a quiet fellow but popular even when he spoke to no one. Of all the regulars he was particular in her eyes.

The way he dressed was one of the first things that caught her eye when she met him for the first time. Always elegant while remaining casual. His dark hair, his well-drawn natural eyebrows, his dark brown eyes, his defined face, his rings. Whenever he came she always stared at him up and down, and he never failed to meet up her expectations for a new outfit.

But what Jessy didn fail to notice, was that he was always dressing as unrevealing as possible, even his forearms and neck were always covered up.

An attraction of course formed from Jessys side. Her friends noticed how she always tried to find any chance to talk to him, whether it was for a cable, a smoke, or anything, and so they made fun of her from time to time about it.

And right now he walked to the seat next to theirs.

She noticed he didn seem to have a glowing presence to him today, he looked tired.

”An expresso? ” She asked with a smile as that was his usual order.

The young man took off one of his earphones, and nodded, ”yeah. ”

She noticed his cracked voice. As if something bad or heavy weighed on his shoulders. She decided not to force it this time and let him be.

The study session continued normally, other than a fact she noticed again. The young man smocked a lot today compared to usual.

She took a moment before mustering up herself and walking outside with her pack of cigarettes.

She started smoking on the table on his right, a little bit behind him.

It was futile. Even she, didn understand what was truly going on with her, but soon enough came the opportunity.

”Want one? ” She spoke taking off her earphones, as she noticed he ran out of cigarettes.

He turned to look at her slowly, then waved his head calmly after a few moments expressing he didn need any.

She smiled and put her earphones back and before she could go back to her phone she suddenly thought of something. ”What brand are those? ”

He didn say a word and gave her the empty packet.

Jessy became nervous as she took it from him. But her curiosity suddenly took over.

It was a black packet, with only one letter written in a golden color, K.

She raised her head to look at his, they were of dark brown color, and his eyelids fell halfway, giving him a cold and sharp look.

Jessy was utterly frozen and didn know what to say.

He raised his hand, waiting for her.

She quickly snapped back of her realm, handing over the pack.

He sighed and stood up to get inside. ”You will keep smoking? ” He asked.

”No, this was enough, ” she shook her head and stood up with him.

They both went back inside to carry on their work.

The day continued until night fell.

21:00 hit the clock.

”Always on time, ” she said as he was leaving.

He responded, ”Be safe on your way back. ”

”Don worry, ” she smiled and waved to him, while Emily in the back was scoffing at her friend.

He nodded slightly and left to take the near subway.

And then another day was done. Finishing up at midnight a black car came to the front of the entrance in order to pick her up.

She reached home in a few, and walked quietly to her room, meeting some of the houseworkers patrolling the big house, then finally falling on her bed she sighed and shrugged her shoulders tiredly.

The next morning she carried her routine. Having breakfast with her father whom she seemed close to. A morning jog to the gym, showering there to clear her mind before going to her classes.

Her headphones seemed to be a big part of her life, running away from the sounds of the world around her.

This day wasn much different from the others, other than the fact that he seemed late than usual.

She didn think much of it. Or thats what she thought, not noticing the sarcastic expressions her friends shared whenever she spaced out to think of the reasons why he still didn come.

Aiden, one of her close friends, didn seem to talk much about this subject with Jessy ever since she met that man.

While the others teased her he always remained silent in the back.

He wondered what got into him today, watching the longing and worried expressions on her face every once in a while upset him.

He spoke after a moment. « If you are so worried why don you just text him at least? »

The three turned to look at him.

Jessy seemed embarrassed, « Was it that obvious? »

Before the teasing of the other two started Aiden spoke again. « Having a crush on that *subway* dude? Yeah, » he said coldly.

The three of them looked at him, confused about his attitude.

« Not everyone gets to be rich, Aiden. » Jessy responded coldly.

« Right, coming from the rich princess. »

Ashley and Emily suddenly jumped in between them, trying to meddle in the conversation. But everyone already seemed to figure out Aidens attitude. After all, he pursued her for years.

The tension between them calmed down, but they all remained quiet, each on their work and phones.

Jessy seemed a bit annoyed. Because even if she decided to text him, she didn have his number nor his socials.

Suddenly Ashley hit her shoulder, signaling to her to look ahead at the door of the coffee shop. And there he was, but not alone.

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