Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 10 – Black Cottage

Chapter 9 – Capturing the Black Rock Town

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Baron Kirov walked onto the city wall, gave Yang Feng a deep bow in salute, and said respectfully: “I am Baron Kirov, the lord of the Black Rock Town. Honorable Sir Warlock, why have you attacked the Black Rock Town? If the Black Rock Town somehow offended, I hope to be able to compensate you with gold coins to pacify your anger.”

Baron Kirov, as an aristocrat, was very clear about the power and honor of Warlocks. In the Turandot Subcontinent, every state must possess a Warlock as its official backer. If a state ever lost its Warlocks support, then it would either perish and give birth to a new state, or be annexed by some other state.

“Baron Kirov, do you recognize me?” Yang Feng uncovered his face and revealed Zhao Jiangs face, and said to Baron Kirov with a faint smile.

Baron Kirovs complexion changed greatly, an ominous premonition welled up in his mind, and he exclaimed: “Baron Zhao Jiang!!”

Baron Kirovs thoughts revolved lightning fast and he said: “Baron Zhao Jiang, its a serious crime to attack a barons territory for no reason! Youll be stripped off your title and territory if the court finds out about this. Leave now, its still not too late! This matter, I can treat it as if it didnt took place!”

Attacking the territory of other aristocrat within the Fernandro Principality was a serious offense. If discovered, even a bigwig like Viscount Harley would be deprived of his title and territory. Baron Kirov wanted to seize Zhao Jiangs title and territory, but alas, he had no choice but to adopt a variety of dirty tricks and didnt dare to attack Zhao Jiangs territory directly.

Yang Feng sneered, his gaze turned cold, and he said: “Baron Kirov, you dare send people to assassinate me! Today, Ill send you on your way; go to hell and repent! Attack! Kill anyone who resists!”

Yang Feng reached a bottleneck in the Autumn Leaf Town. The Black Rock Town was his target as it possessed a large supply of ore. After capturing the Black Rock Town, Yang Feng would be able to quickly develop and produce more and more powerful robots. Only with more and more powerful robots would he have a better chance at survival in this world.

No matter what Baron Kirov said, Yang Feng wouldnt abandon his plan to capture the Black Rock Town.

30 gunner robots pointed their heavy machine-guns towards the top of the city wall and pulled the trigger.

Flames were spat out and, in a split second, the city wall was completely enveloped by blood. Under the sweep of the heavy machine-gun bullets, practically all warriors that had appeared were blown apart.

Baron Kirov also met with the shredding of the numerous heavy machine-gun bullets and turned into numerous scraps of meat that dropped to the ground.

5 artillery robots aimed their 120 millimeter heavy artillery at Black Rock Castles gate and, with flashes of flames, exploded the gate into shrapnel.

The figures of the 30 Knight rank bladed robots flashed and they rushed into the Black Rock Castle.

Scream and wails came from the Black Rock Castle.

Before long, the resistance of the Black Rock Castle was easily quelled and, along with a thick smell of blood, the Black Rock Castle fell under Yang Fengs control.

Without powerhouses like Knights and Warlocks keeping watch, ordinary humans couldnt resist Yang Fengs mechanical legion, at all.

Once the Black Rock Castle fell, the entire Black Rock Town fell into Yang Fengs hands.

Yang Feng immediately dispatched a large number of bladed robots and mining robots to occupy the mines and resume the mining of ore.

Simultaneously, a large number of solar umbrellas bloomed in the hilly area and badlands surrounding the Black Rock Town.

Engineering robots, alike worker ants, busied themselves in a large tract of badlands and began the construction of a large munitions factory.

The sound of machinery boomed in the Black Rock Towns mining fields as a variety of large iron-smelting and steel-making machinery were built by engineering robots.

The mining robots, carrying mining tools far surpassing those of this age, entered the mines and mined ore around the clock. After upgrading a variety of mining facilities, the Black Rock Towns ore production skyrocketed by more than 100 times.

The munitions factories of the Autumn Leaf Town started working at full capacity after obtaining the large amount of ore produced in the Black Rock Town. Each day, large numbers of mining robots, engineering robots, and battle robots were produced and then transport to the Black Rock Town.

As a result of Yang Feng killing Baron Kirov, a large tide of people fleeing the Black Rock Town. A large number of miners, townspeople, lesser aristocrats, and freedmen, without being obstructed, fled from the Black Rock Town and mainly moved toward the Giant Stone City.

From an ordinary lord, having a large number of residents escape would give them a great headache. After all, every resident paid taxes and contributed to the wealth of the lord. However, for Yang Feng, the residents could flee if they wanted to. For him, the robots of his mechanical legion were thepeople most loyal to him and created him the most riches.

After sweeping the entire Black Rock Castle, Yang Feng scrapped a total of 30,000 gold coins in cash as well as a large number of antiques, works of art, and various real estate deeds of the Giant Stone City.

The Black Rock Town was rich in a variety of ore. Although Baron Kirov had to prepare large amounts of funds as bribes every year, but he still had a fortune of over 200,000 gold coins. However, bulk of his fortune was used to purchase various real estates in the Giant Stone City, works of art, and antiques. Therefore, his cash was very limited – just 30,000 gold coins.

From Baron Kirovs head, Yang Feng read a lot of information and got method that could be cultivated until the Knight rank. However, that Knight method was far worse than the Zhao Familys Thunder Ox Art, so Yang Feng had no interest in practicing it.

Micro reconnaissance satellites flew into the sky to scout out the Giant Stone City.

The information obtained from Baron Kirovs head showed that the Giant Stone Citys population was as large as 600,000 people and the number of Knights in the Giant Stone City exceeded 100. Just Viscount Harley had more than 30 Knights and 3 Great Knights among his subordinates. Apart from this, there were still over 30 Apprentice Warlocks living in the Giant Stone City.

Earth Knights were comparable to level-3 Apprentice Warlocks in terms of rank and Sky Knights, whose fighting strength was even greater, were comparable to official level-1 Warlocks. However, the number of powerhouses that could practice cultivation until the Earth Knight rank or the Sky Knight rank was exceedingly low. Only some followers of extremely powerful Warlocks could promote to the Earth Knight rank or Sky Knight rank.

In the Fernandro Principality, the number of Knight rank powerhouses exceeded 10,000, but there was only 1 Sky Knight rank powerhouse. You could well imagine how rare Sky Knights were.

Yang Feng was confident in his mechanical legions ability to destroy the Giant Stone Citys forces. However, the Giant Stone City had the backing of a Warlock group called the Black Cottage. The Black Cottage had a very powerful level-1 Warlock.

In the Turandot Subcontinent, Warlocks were top powerhouses. If a level-1 Warlock participated in a war against mortals and the other side had no means to restrict him, he could easily kill the enemy commander in the middle of a large army and destroy the enemys will to resist.

Currently, the main robots constituting Yang Fengs mechanical legion were at level-4. Once the main robots constituting his mechanical legion were substituted with level-6 robots, he had complete certainty that he could defeat a level-1 Warlock.

After occupying the Black Rock Town, Yang Fengs forces increased geometrically each day. Time was on his side.

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