Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1002 - Instakilling Hellion Monarchs

Chapter 1001 – Fall of the Underground World

Translator: Xaiomoge

When the Great Merit Stele flew out, countless runes shone, and then a sun, a moon, stars, flowers, birds, fish, insects, and other projections suddenly appeared. Looking like an entire world, the Great Merit Stele pressed towards the Heaven Holy.

The Great Merit Stele is a secret treasure the founder of the Great Cloud Dynasty Chu Yun forged using 30 stars and a Holy grade secret treasure as the core. Containing the star force of 30 stars, it possesses tremendous might.


The Heaven Holy slammed one fist after another into the Great Merit Stele, the essence of power erupted, and the stele vibrated.

Each time the Heaven Holy unleashed a punch, the magic shields of several Warlock towers on the underground worlds second floor collapsed, their power drawn to the limit.

“Kill them all!”

Eyes shot with blood, the 52 Warlock Monarch rank freaks roared wildly and attacked the surrounding Warlock towers.

With most of their power extracted by the Great Merit Stele in the sky, the remaining power of the Warlock towers is not enough to contend against those fearsome freaks.

The freaks blasted apart the Warlock towers one after another, weakening the Great Merit Stele in the sky.

Countless freaks poured out from the passage connecting the two floors and frantically attacked the Warlock towers.

As the Great Merit Stele was forcibly blocked by the Heaven Holy in the sky, the defensive boundary protecting the second floor were weakened by more than 80%.

The Yellow Rock Monarch sighed, a flash of helplessness in his eyes: “Curses, there is not enough manpower. If there was a Holy Spirit Warlock guarding here, all these damned freaks would die here!”

If there was a Holy Spirit Warlock here to block the Heaven Holy, then with the Great Merit Stele responsible for weakening the Heaven Holy and the other freaks, the second floor would be absolutely safe.

By then, if the Heaven Holy continued to stay here, he would be suppressed.

But now the human main forces are concentrated in the central starfield. The remaining Holy Spirit Warlocks of the six Warlock Imperial Courts are all guarding the Heaven and Earth Spirit Roots branch floating continents. Since the branch floating continents are the foundation of the six Warlock Imperial Courts, they must not be lost. Its hard to transfer other Holy Spirit Warlocks as support in a short time.

In the vast universe, in addition to the six Warlock Imperial Courts, there are other formidable Warlock groups with Holy Spirit Warlocks. But these Warlock groups havent joined the Human Supreme Council. Consequently, the Human Supreme Council cannot dispatch their Holy Spirit Warlocks to provide support.

Empty Spirit Towers Empty Holy, Sky Cloud Towers Cloud Holy, Void Gardens Void Flower Holy, although they have joined the Human Supreme Council, but if the council wants to mobilize them, it can only use the tone of consultation and ask the other partys opinion. It cannot forcibly dispatch them on a mission.

Only Warlock Emperors are qualified to give orders to Holy Spirit Warlocks.


Along with a sky-shaking blare, the Great Merit Stele in the sky shattered.

At the moment when the Great Merit Stele was broken, nine 11-story-tall Warlock towers exploded.

The boundary shrouding the second floor shattered at once, and the freaks recovered their full strength.


The Yellow Rock Monarch coldly issued the order of retreat, and then turned into green smoke and disappeared.

Along with flashes of light, the human Warlocks on the second floor cast different life-saving spells and disappeared one after another.

Many of the Warlock towers built using countless resources were operated by human Warlocks, which caused all kinds of strange phenomena to appear in those Warlock towers.

The Warlock towers turned into strange existences that slayed the freaks that approached them.

Nevertheless, the fearsome freak torrent razed the human strongholds in its way.

Freak Suppression City is a human city leading to the underground world. At this time, there are countless people fleeing from the Freak Suppression City via various means of transportation.

Suddenly, the earth shook, and a dark beam ejected from the earth and, as if a demonic creature that can devour everything, wiped out the entire Freak Suppression City.

The Freak Suppression City, which had a population of several million people, has become history just like that, revealing a hole 300 kilometers in diameter. Swarms of hellions, devil insects, and other freaks poured out from the hole and spread in all directions like a plague.

“Humans! Those are humans!”

“Kill them!”

“Eat them all!”

“Those damned humans!”


Voices full of hatred sounded as the hellions, devil insects, and other freaks hunted the surviving humans in the surroundings.

The eyes of a titan hellion Warlock Monarch flickered with the shade of madness and bloodthirst as human blood flowed down his face: “Sir Heaven Holy, what should we do now? Do we take this opportunity to capture the lair of the humans, the core world?”

The Heaven Holy said with a crazed smile: “No, just kill to your hearts content! Afterwards, well transform more humans into our brethren.”

Hellions are formidable demonic creatures with strong infectivity. If humans consume their flesh, they will be infected, eroded, and turned into respective kinds of hellions.

Of course, to transform a high-level Warlock, you must feed them the flesh of hellions of the same realm or higher. But this is not an issue to hellions.

The titan hellion Warlock Monarch roared excitedly: “Little ones, its time to revel! Revel to your hearts content in the world of humans!”

The torrent of hellions erupted with deafening cheers. Then, countless hellions turned into specks of starlight and disappeared.

The Heaven Holy swept the hellion army with a a glance, his eyes flickered with cold indifference, and he turned into a stream of light and disappeared.

The headquarters of the Human Supreme Council.

The Star Monarch said with an unsightly expression on her face: “The hellions have actually hidden a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse in the underground world. These damn maggots, to mount a revolt at this time, they really are prudent.”

Compared to humans, hellions are quite lacking in terms of underlying strength. If they caused trouble at some other time, the humans would be able to easily suppress them.

With the power of the human race, its not a problem to dispose of all the freaks in the underground world. But no matter how many you kill, there is no end to freaks in the underground world. Additionally, the humans didnt expect there to be a hellion Holy Spirit Warlock hidden in the underground world, which made the situation get out of hand.

The Magic Note Monarch uttered: “Since the hellions have already rushed out of the underground world, we must try our best to wipe them out. If we leave them be, then in less than seven days, there will be only hellions left on the Cangzhi Plane.”

“Chairman Taboo Monarch, we just found out that 10 Tier IV Hives have sneaked into these locations.”

All of a sudden, light shone, and a map appeared in front of everyones eyes.

When the Death Monarch saw the map, his face sank, his eyes flashed with fury, and he gritted his teeth and said: “Damn Transcendent Monarch, damn hellions, they must have colluded!”

On the map, six of the ten Tier IV Hives can be seen outside the branch floating continents of the six Warlock Imperial Courts respectively, monitoring the movements of the six Warlock Imperial Courts.

The remaining four Tier IV Hives formed a fearsome force cruising the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root, ready to ambush reinforcements at any time.

Each one of the four Tier IV Hives is comparable to a Great Holy step powerhouse in terms of battle prowess. With the four of them acting in tandem, the four Tier IV Hives can seriously wound or even suppress a Holy Spirit Warlock.

By now, the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root has grown into a terrible existence with a height of 1 million kilometers and a distance of more than 100 million kilometers between the nine branches.

However, for Tier IV Hives, a distance of 100 millions kilometers is nothing if they use space leap. Even if they cant use space leap, they only need to fly for less than 30 minutes at full speed.

The arrangement of the 10 Tier IV Hives made the humans feel extremely uncomfortable. Especially when the human main forces are in the central starfield.

Only by fully understanding the strength of the human race could the Gumana Universes powerhouses make such a targeted arrangement.

The Taboo Monarch said suddenly: “Empty Holy, Cloud Holy, Void Flower Holy, Wind Holy, Queer Holy, Thunder Holy, they all refuse our request to go out and fight. They are only willing to defend their branch floating continents.”

After the establishment of the Human Supreme Council, Yang Feng and the six Warlock Imperial Courts each occupied one of the nine branch floating continents. The other two were divided between six major forces.

The Wind Holy, the Queer Holy, and the Thunder Holy have joined the Human Supreme Council afterwards. Naturally, the forces under their command must obey the orders of the Human Supreme Council. But the Holy Spirit Warlocks themselves have no such obligation.

Yang Feng suddenly said: “I will go suppress those hellions!”

The Taboo Monarch frowned and warned kindly: “Yang Feng, are you sure? There is a Holy Spirit Warlock among the hellions!”

Yang Feng responded: “I can go suppress them, but that is under the condition that the 10 Tier IV Hives wont attack my mechanical legion.”

The Magic Note Monarch uttered with a smile: “I can ensure that! Yang Feng, if you go to suppress those hellions, then even if we use the underlying strength of the Magic Note Imperial Court, I will ensure that those Tier IV Hives wont threaten you.”

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