Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1003 – Suppression of the Hellions

Chapter 1002 – Instakilling Hellion Monarchs

Translator: Xaiomoge

The Death Monarch said: “The Death Imperial Court will also ensure it!”

The six Warlock Imperial Courts possess profound underlying strength. If they play one or two trump cards, they should be able to destroy a Tier IV Hive. Of course, the price for that would be painful for even the six Warlock Imperial Courts to pay.

After all, this is not the time for a decisive battle. If the six Warlock Imperial Courts use up their trump cards, the other forces eyeing them ravenously may pounce on them and tear them to pieces at any time.

The Taboo Monarch pondered for a while, and then uttered: “Yang Feng, well leave those hellions to you. We wont let the Tier IV Hives attack your main force!”

Yang Feng waved his hand, and a mechanical avatar appeared in the conference hall. Next, he himself collapsed into specks of light and disappeared.

All of a sudden, an Adjudication Battlestar flew out from the Heaven and Earth Spirit Roots branch floating continent occupied by the Battle Demon Sect.

Adjudication Battlestars are mechanical stars 3,000 kilometers in diameter, covered in countless muzzles.

The Adjudication Battlestar is accompanied by a fleet formed from 32 Starfield Battlestars, Interstellar Carriers, and Interstellar Cruisers.

As soon as the huge fleet appeared, it flew towards the hellion army.

“Came out!”

Four Tier IV Hives surrounding the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root suddenly blurred, entered a spatial gate, and carried out a space leap.

The Magic Note Monarch sneered: “You damned aliens, you look down on us too much!”

A completely transparent Holy grade secret treasure the Spatial Nets flew out from the branch floating continent occupied by the Magic Note Imperial Court.

The Spatial Nets assimilated into the void and formed sharp nets.

When the four Tier IV Hives knocked into the Spatial Nets, their outer armor was cut to pieces by the nets.

The four Tier IV Hives suddenly launched countless tentacles to repair themselves. At the same time, they thrust towards the rear in an attempt to open a passage, but to no avail!

“The space was sealed!”

“As I said, we cant underestimate the natives of this universe!”

“Didnt you agree to execute space leap?”


Thoughts were transmitted between the Tier IV Hives.

Space leap is the most commonly used mode of movement of Tier IV Hives. By using space leap, Tier IV Hives can turn a distance of 1 billion kilometers into nothing in an instant.

Of course, there are risks in using space leap. Once it is disturbed, an ordinary Holy Spirit Warlocks will be torn to pieces by a space storm.

“Lets get out of here!”

A Tier IV Hive extended countless tentacles into the void and opened a spatial gate. The Tier IV Hive flew into the spatial gate and escaped from here.

The other three Tier IV Hives also opened a spatial gate each and flew to another place.

The inside of spatial crevices is filled with dangers. In a moment of carelessness, even a Tier IV Hive could be destroyed inside such a spatial crevice.

“How cautious!”

A sigh echoed in the area, and then disappeared.

The Wave Glimmer City is a large human city with a population of 10 million people and is rich in Wave Glimmer Rock that is of great benefit to the cultivation of light-type Warlocks. This city has an Infinity Warlock standing guard.

At this time, the Wave Glimmer City is being besieged by countless freaks.

The Warlock towers atop the Wave Glimmer Citys outwall radiated brilliant light and formed a defensive boundary that covers the whole city.

The nine Warlock towers fired light-type meteorological spells that filled the citys surroundings with purification light.

Amid shrill screams, low-level hellions and other demonic creatures turned into ashes and disappeared.

In front of human meteorological spells, the demonic creature wave tactic stands no chance. Only Transcendent rank demonic creatures can resist the large area of effect purification light.


A pantheon hellion monarch with the God of Thunder bloodline operated a 10,000-meter-long lightning dragon to fly towards the boundary of the Wave Glimmer City like a meteor.


Along with a loud noise, the boundary of the Wave Glimmer City collapsed, and the nine Warlock towers shattered.


“Damn it!”



When the human Warlocks in the Wave Glimmer City saw that the defensive boundary was broken by such a frightening method, their countenance changed greatly, and their morale dropped to the limit.

Lights shone, and the human Warlocks, who previously worked hard together to resist the assault of the freaks fled in different directions.

Without a complete defense formed by Warlock towers, the human Warlocks know that they cannot resist the siege of the hellion army.

Countless low-level hellions and demonic creatures poured towards the city from all directions like a tide.

Low-level hellions can be formed by eroding humans. If the high-level hellions are not erased, it doesnt matter how many low-level hellions you kill.

“Its over!”

When the Infinity Warlock stationed in the Wave Glimmer City saw the boundary shatter, his eyes flickered with the shade of despair.

The pantheon hellion monarch said with a sinister smile: “Kill! Ha-ha, kill all those damned humans! Lets start a fun hunt!”

With savage and cruel smiles on their faces, countless hellions darted towards the Wave Glimmer City. In the Wave Glimmer City, despair surged on the faces of many low-level Warlocks who watched the battlefield using different spells.

At this moment, white light rained down from the sky and slammed into the low-level hellions and other demonic creatures.

The rain of light devoured countless low-level hellion and other demonic creatures and purified them along with their bones.

The frightening rain of light not only accurately attacked the low-level hellions and other demonic creatures, but also locked on the Transcendent rank hellions.

The 300 Transcendent rank hellions gathered here burst apart one by one and disappeared.

“Curses, who is it?”

The pantheon hellion monarchs eyes glimmered with anger. Then countless runes appeared in his eyes, and he looked into the distance.

No matter how many are killed, the low-level hellions can be easily supplemented. But the Transcendent rank hellions are not so easily replaced. This is an issue of transformation rate. Unless they are transformed by the five hellion ancestors, those transformed into Transcendent rank hellions may collapse during the transformation process.

That is to say, only by transforming about 100 Transcendent rank human Warlocks may a Transcendent rank hellion emerge.

The 300 Transcendent rank hellions are the result of the pantheon hellion monarchs blood, sweat, and tears over tens of thousands of years.

10,000 kilometers away, the pantheon hellion monarch saw the Adjudication Battle Star shine and fire a rain of light, killing low-level hellions like pesticide.

The Adjudication Battlestar is tens of millions of kilometers tall. Although its offensive power decreases with the distance, but it is more than enough to kill low-level hellions.

“Its the mechanical legion of the Battle Demon Sects Yang Feng! The trifling Battle Demon Sect, who can only intimidate people by using the name of the Brilliant Great Holy, dares attack our kin, what a reckless thing!”

A fierce light streaked across the pantheon hellion monarchs eyes, and he shot towards the Adjudication Battlestar like crazy. At the same time, he opened his mouth, and waves spread in all directions.

When the Warlock Monarch rank freaks, who are slaughtering humans unrestrainedly, received a message from the pantheon hellion monarch, they flew towards the Adjudication Battlestar.

“Do I really look that weak?”

Watching the 52 Warlock Monarch rank freaks converging on him, Yang Feng raised the corners of his mouth.

If the powerhouses of the six Warlocks Imperial Courts had come, these freaks would have retreated, not daring to provoke the other party.

However, Yang Fengs Battle Demon Sect is a sect that doesnt amount to much and only knows how to rely on the Brilliant Great Holy. Since the Brilliant Great Holy is not here, these freaks have no fear of the Battle Demon Sect. After all, among the 52 Warlock Monarch rank freaks, there are five quasi-Holies.

“Since you have come to die, then Ill oblige you!”

Yang Feng smiled and willed, and the warships opened their cabins. Then, swarms of Dazzling Light Units flew towards the Warlock Monarch rank freaks like a tide.

Under the command of 1,000 Dazzling Light Rulers, 5 million Dazzling Light Units suddenly blocked in front of 13 Warlock Monarch rank freaks.

The Dazzling Light Units resonated, extended their main artillery, and flashed, and a torrent of light devoured the 13 Warlock Monarch rank freaks.

When the light disappeared, the were no traces of the 13 Warlock Monarch rank freaks left.

“How is that possible?”

“How can those mechanical golems be so strong?”

“When did the Battle Demon Sects mechanical golems become so scary?”


Upon seeing this scene, the remaining 39 Warlock Monarch rank freaks were stunned, unable to believe their eyes.

Its not that simple to kill Warlock Monarch rank and quasi-Holy step powerhouses. Yet now 13 Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses were instantly killed, which made the blood of the remaining Warlock Monarch rank freaks run cold.

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