Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1005 – Wiping out the Hellion Monarchs

Chapter 1004 – Breaking the Seal of a Hellion Ancestor

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As a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse, the Heaven Holy has the ability to reverse the war.

The 52 Warlock Monarch rank freaks added together are not as scary as the Heaven Holy himself. Only by making use of the Great Merit Stele, the Warlock towers, and other special large-scale secret treasures to combine their power, may they be able to compete with the Heaven Holy.

“Battle Demon Sects Yang Feng, the seventh chairman of the Human Supreme Council, I will remember you.”

The Heaven Holy stared at Yang Fengs fleet with killing intent in his eyes, but didnt take action.

The Cangzhi Planes White Oak Mountain Range is a desolate place that lacks life magic energy. The strange mountain range is filled with demonic qi that erodes everything around it. Even if it is an Infinity Warlock, if they enter the mountain range, they will be eroded into a demonic creature if careless.

Since there is no useful treasures in the White Oak Mountain Range, naturally there are no Warlocks nearby.

In front of the White Oak Mountain Range, the void twisted, and three figures came out of the void.

The leader of the three figures is a handsome undying hellion powerhouse with snow-white skin and an exotic charm. Then there is a myriad beasts hellion powerhouse with three heads, namely a dragon, a lion, and a tiger heads. The last one is an archdevil hellion powerhouse enveloped by fearsome demonic qi.

The three hellion powerhouses, each of which emits immortal breath, are hellion Holy Spirit Warlocks. The undying hellion powerhouse is called Jal, the many beasts hellion powerhouse is called Three Heads, and the archdevil hellion powerhouse is called Pott.

The reason why hellions keep rising from the ashes despite the persecution of the humans is, in addition to the protection of some humans in power due to selfish desires, because these three hellion Holy Spirit Warlocks are alive.

As long as the three hellion Holy Spirit Warlocks are alive, the hellions will never go extinct. Since with their power, they can easily pollute countless life forms and transform them into hellions.

Jal stared at the White Oak Mountain Range with a frenzied look on his handsome face and muttered: “Finally, its time! The long awaited wish of our race can finally be accomplished!”

“I will cut off the communications in this area to deceive the humans. However, with the reaction speed of the humans, I can deceive them for only an hour at most. If only the Transcendent Monarch were still around! With his cooperation, we would have enough time to get rid of that old fart!”

With a gloomy look on his face, Pott spread the fingers of a hand, and eyes emerged, flew to the White Oak Mountain Range, and unleashed strange fluctuations of power that spread in all directions.

The special fluctuations emitted by the White Oak Mountain Range were replaced by the strange fluctuations of power.

The figure of Three Heads fluttered, and he turned into a 10,000-meter-tall behemoth with a dragon, a lion, and a tiger heads, with the body covered in gold scales, 36 pairs of claws, dragon wings, and a tiger tail.

As soon as the behemoth appeared, it opened its mouth and fired a meteorite 10 kilometers in diameter barreling towards the White Oak Mountain Range.

“Hellions! This is not a place where you can run wild! Do you want to be suppressed!?”

A severe voice came from the depths of the White Oak Mountain Range, then countless runes shone and formed a huge semicircular boundary in the void.


When the huge meteorite hit the semicircular boundary, a fearsome force set off ripples on the boundary.

A fierce storm spread in all directions.

With a sinister smile on his face, Potts figure shook, and he turned into a 10,000-meter-tall hellion holy with four heads and eight arms, holding weapons in his hands.

The hellion holy took a step, appeared in front of the semicircular boundary, and slammed the weapons in his hands towards the boundary.

Each one of Potts strikes contains the might to smash a grade 8 plane and emits a frightening shock that sets off a violent hurricane.

“Gamancha! Your human main forces are being tied down by the Gumana Universes invaders in the central starfield. The rest are busy wiping out the bait we set up. There wont be any reinforcements. You can still escape from here with the power of your people! Otherwise, once we break through the boundary, youll all die here.”

With a sinister smile on his face, Jal pointed with a hand, countless runes emerged and formed a mirror in the void, and a beam 100 meters in diameter blasted into the semicircular boundary and eroded it.

Under the siege of the three Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses, the semicircular boundary shook continuously, but it still did not collapse.

In the deepest part of the White Oak Mountain Range, inside a 12-story-tall Warlock tower, there is a male Holy Spirit Warlock who exudes a mysterious breath and is dressed in a silver Warlock robe. This man is Gamancha.

“Curses! These damned hellions are really scheming!”

Gamancha stared at the three hellions outside with anxiety in his eyes.

One on one, Gamancha is not afraid of any hellion. But three on one, he stands no chance. Even with the support of Warlock towers, he can only persevere a bit longer.

If Gamancha runs out of strength while holding on, he may even be killed by the three hellions. It is quite hard for Holy Spirit Warlocks to be killed by powerhouses of the same rank. But at the same time, there have been many instances of Holy Spirit Warlocks dying at the hands of powerhouses of the same rank due to various reasons.

Gamancha said coldly, a gloomy expression on his face: “The six Warlock Imperial Courts! Have you still not contacted the six Warlock Imperial Courts?”

A Warlock reported, his face pale: “Sir, our means of communications have been completely severed. We cant contact the people of the six Warlock Imperial Courts!”

Gamancha suddenly asked: “How is the current condition of that thing?”

Another Warlock answered respectfully: “I has been 1,500 years since that thing lost all soul fluctuations.”

Gamancha uttered decisively: “In that case, lets withdraw!”

After a dozen plus breaths of time, a mountain peak in the deepest part of the White Oak Mountain Range suddenly rose, surged with countless runes, and shot towards the distance.

The three hellion Holy Spirit Warlocks looked coldly at the mountain peak. They have no intention to pursue it.

Following three flashes of light, they flew into the huge hole in the mountain range that remained when the mountain peak flew away.

Inside the huge hole, there is a black gate engraved with numerous mysterious runes.

Wisps of demonic qi diffuse from the mysterious runes.

“This is the Star Lords seal! Its really mysterious and incredible. Unfortunately, under the erosion of time, even the magic of Eternal Sovereigns will be obliterated. The Star Lords seal doesnt have much power left.”

Jal smiled coldly and spread the fingers of a hand, and a distorted black breath enveloped the mysterious runes.

The mysterious runes burst out with resplendent starlight that assaulted the distorted breath.

However, thanks to the unceasing supply of the distorted black breath, the resplendent starlight got dimmer and dimmer, and then finally collapsed and disappeared.

When the starlight disappeared, the runes collapsed, and then the black gate disintegrated.

Inside the black gate, there is a 100-meter-tall powerhouse engraved with mysterious runes, covered in dragon scales, full of animal characteristics, exuding a domineering and overbearing air.


When Three Heads saw the corpse without any soul fluctuations, his eyes flashed with excitement, and he shouted. Then, he fished out a small bottle and sent it towards the corpse.

An almost endless torrent of blood extracted from tens of billions of life forms, containing countless souls, swept towards the corpse.

The corpse was soaked in a sea of blood. As if a black hole, it devoured the blood and souls.

After devouring all the blood and souls, the corpse emitted faint soul fluctuations, slowly opened its eyes, and emanated wisps of quasi-Empyrean rank fluctuations of power.

The Myriad Beasts Hellion Ancestor showed a gratified smile and said: “Three Heads, you undid my seal! Well done! Come here, give me a hand!”

“Yes! Ancestor!”

Three Heads excitedly came to the Myriad Beasts Hellion Ancestor and supported him.

The Myriad Beasts Hellion Ancestor glanced at the archdevil hellion powerhouse and said faintly: “Pott, come help me as well.”

“Ancestor, I know you just resurrected and are famished. I dont want to become your food. Sorry, please allow me to leave.”

An enigmatic ray streaked across his eyes, and Pott blurred and disappeared.

“What a sly little thing!”

All of a sudden, the Myriad Beasts Hellion Ancestor showed a malevolent smile, and a sharp bone spike ejected from his chest, thrust into Three Heads, stabbed into his core, and crushed his resistance.

At the same time, other sharp bone spurs stabbed into Three Heads and ravenously absorbed his power.

Indignation and irreconciliation streaked across Three Headss eyes, and he yelled: “Ancestor, why? Why do you want to kill me!?”

As someone loyal and devoted to Myriad Beasts Hellion Ancestor, Three Heads didnt think that the Myriad Beasts Hellion Ancestor would kill him.

“Its simple! Im not that fool Myriad Beasts, Im the Undying Hellion Ancestor!”

The Myriad Beasts Hellion Ancestor suddenly distorted and turned into a handsome undying hellion powerhouse and showed a smile of ridicule.

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