Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1007 – Shock

Chapter 1006 – Suppressing the Hellion Ancestor

Translator: Xaiomoge

With two flashes of light, the two Holy Spirit Warlocks, the Undying Hellion Ancestor and Jal, forcibly broke into the branch floating continent occupied by the Battle Demon Sect.

“Gold lake! As long as I devour this branch floating continents gold lake, I will be able to regain my full strength. By then, before those old farts wake up, this world will be mine!”

The Undying Hellion Ancestor took a deep look at the gold lake in the middle of the branch floating continent, and his eyes shimmered with greed.

The Undying Hellion Ancestor was sealed by the Star Lord. Although he used false death secret methods to survive until the modern era, but he was greatly weakened and no longer possesses quasi-Empyrean step might.

As long as he devours this branch floating continents gold lake, the Undying Hellion Ancestor will be able to rapidly recover his quasi-Empyrean step battle prowess.

“Enemies discovered! The enemies are Holy Spirit Warlocks! Starting the Divine Judgement System!”

Within the branch floating continent, a mechanical tower suddenly glowed and crazily devoured this continents elemental particles.

In a flash, the branch floating continents elemental particles were mostly extracted, turning the continent into a super large magic ban territory.

In this super large magic ban territory, the fighting strength of ordinary elemental Warlocks will decrease by more than 90% in an instant. Other types of Warlock will suffer a significant decrease in battle prowess as well.

The spells cast by powerhouses above the Bright World Warlock rank possess earth-shattering, star-destroying power. But these spells can only display such terrifying power because they use the elemental particles of the heaven and earth. However, with a low concentration of elemental particles, the power of these spells will be reduced by more than 90%.

Under the command of 1,000 Dazzling Rulers, 5 million Dazzling Light Units suddenly flew out, turned into a mechanical sea that can devour everything, and flew towards the two hellion Holy Spirit Warlocks.

“Magic ban territory! Plus a mechanical golem legion! I cannot say that Im disappointed in the defenses of the Battle Demon Sects headquarters!”

The Undying Hellion Ancestor, feeling happy instead of surprised, showed a fascinating smile, then operated the essence of speed, turned into a string of black afterimages, appeared in front of the Dazzling Light Unit legion, and spread the fingers of a hand, and a terrifying dark world capable of devouring and destroying everything suddenly appeared and, as if a behemoth that can devour everything, engulfed 200,000 Dazzling Light Units.

Each Holy Spirit Warlock themselves is comparable to a world in terms of power. As such, even when they are in a magic ban territory, they can still use their power to launch all kinds of incredible and extraordinary attacks.

The dark world contracted and twisted, and then shone and exploded.

The 200,000 Dazzling Light Units flew out of the dark world, their outer armor covered in traces of corrosion.

“What incredible mechanical golems! It seems that it wont be that easy to deal with them in one fell swoop. Especially since the concentration of elemental particles here is low!”

The Undying Hellion Ancestor exclaimed in praise, then turned into an afterimage shuttling through the midst of the Dazzling Light Units.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Dazzling Light Units exploded one after another and turned into piles of scrap iron that fell from the sky.

The speed of the Undying Hellion Ancestor, who operated the essence of speed, reached the limit. Under the resonance of the Dazzling Rulers, fighting strength and functions of the Dazzling Light Units have reached the Infinity Warlock realm, yet they still cant even touch the clothes of the Undying Hellion Ancestor.

Jia turned into a stream of dark light, plunged into the midst of the Dazzling Light Units, and destroyed them one by one.

The Undying Hellion Ancestor, who operated the essence of speed, is clearly several times faster than Jal. Consequently, the attacks of the Dazzling Light Units land on him from time to time. But they cant even break his magic shield.

“Only this much? Sure enough, apart from the Brilliant Great Holy, no one in the Battle Demon Sect can threaten me!”

The Undying Hellion Ancestor easily passed through the Dazzling Light Units and raised the corners of his mouth into a smile of contempt.

Of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Roots nine branch floating continents, the other eight are guarded by Holy Spirit Warlocks. Despite how strong the Undying Hellion Ancestor is, he is not willing to rashly attack a branch floating continents guarded by a Holy Spirit Warlock, since he will be in danger of being suppressed if he is careless.

Following glimmers of light, the Undying Hellion Ancestor made a beeline for the gold lake.

If the Undying Hellion Ancestor absorbs the power of the gold lake and recovers his quasi-Empyrean step battle prowess, he will be able to run amuck in the entire world of Warlocks. Even if it is a Holy Spirit Warlock in the possession of an Empyrean grade secret treasure, hell have a 30% to 40% chance to slay them.

“Analysis complete! Action mode calculation complete!”

Countless mechanical towers around the gold lake shone, the surrounding space distorted, and a firm spatial cage suddenly emerged and locked the Undying Hellion Ancestor inside.


The Undying Hellion Ancestor knocked against the spatial cage, and the cage shook violently.

“To actually be able to lock me up! You do have some skill, but thats it!”

The Undying Hellion Ancestor smiled ferociously, then operated the essence of power, and punched the spatial cage, and a terrifying force erupted and smashed the spatial cage.

“Charging complete! Launching spirit annihilation artillery!”

Suddenly, ten bright beams flew out from different corners of the branch floating continent and shot towards the Undying Hellion Ancestor, blocking all his evasion routes.

The Undying Hellion Ancestor just smashed the spatial cage, when the surrounding space became chaotic. As a result, even though the Undying Hellion Ancestor is proficient in the essence of space, he cannot escape.

“Damn it!”

For the first time, the countenance of the Undying Hellion Ancestor changed. Countless runes emerged all over his body, and he transformed into a 10,000-meter-tall giant covered in black dragon scales.

Nine rhombus-shaped magic crystals suddenly appeared, suspended in the void, and formed a rhombus-shaped boundary that protected the Undying Hellion Ancestor.

Nine Rhombus Boundary, this is the secret method defensive with the strongest defensive boundary the Undying Hellion Ancestor grasps. In his heyday, he once even used this defensive secret method to resist a full strength attack of a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse.

The 10 bright beams slammed into the Nine Rhombus Boundary and shattered it, and then blasted the Undying Hellion Ancestor into pieces.

After the Undying Hellion Ancestor was blasted into pieces, light shone, and the pieces suddenly glued back together. He recovered in an instant.

Since the Undying Hellion Ancestor is known as undying, he naturally has all kinds of incredible undying abilities. He may be at the bottom of the five hellion ancestors in terms of fighting power, but he is at the top when it comes to lifesaving means.

However, as the price of instant rebirth, the breath of the Undying Hellion Ancestor weakened by a lot, and he dropped to a junior Holy Spirit Warlock from an intermediate Holy Spirit Warlock.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Following deafening rumbles, 10 bolts of lightning erupted from the mechanical towers on the ground and slammed into the Undying Hellion Ancestor who was just reborn.

When the terrifying bolts of lightning landed on the Undying Hellion Ancestor, they turned him into charcoal.

A dark beam coming from afar knocked into the Undying Hellion Ancestor and blasted him into dust.

The dust suddenly broke out with intense vitality, and then converged and formed the Undying Hellion Ancestor again.

The Undying Hellion Ancestor just formed, when a white beam slammed into him and blasted him into countless pieces again.

A mechanical tower fired a white beam that enveloped the Undying Hellion Ancestors fragments, and then burned and refined them.

Countless mechanical towers shine and formed a space cage that sealed the fragments of the Undying Hellion Ancestor.

While being burned, the fragments of the Undying Hellion Ancestor turned into ashes, and then quickly regenerate and forcibly resisting the fire.


Jals countenance changed dramatically, and he blurred and turned into a stream of light flying towards the outside of the branch floating continent. He abandoned the Undying Hellion Ancestor.

Inside the fleet, Yang Feng frowned and said slowly: “This guy is really decisive! If not, I would be able to suppress two Holy Spirit Warlocks. Unfortunately, in hasnt been long since the Divine Judgement System was established and it hasnt been completed yet. Otherwise, it wouldnt have been an issue to suppress two Holy Spirit Warlocks.”

After the level-6 stronghold was built, Yang Feng expended countless resources and deployed the Divine Judgement System in his most important base, the one located on the branch floating continent.

However, as the ultimate defense system of the xizu, an astronomical number of resources is required to completely deploy the Divine Judgement System. If Yang Feng hadnt plundered a massive amount of resources in the Gumana Universe, it would not have been possible to deploy a Divine Judgement System so soon.

Light shone, and 100 Seal Rulers suddenly appeared.

A beam shot our from afar, slammed into the fragments of the Undying Hellion Ancestor, and smashed them.

The 100 Seal Rulers unleashed sealing light that suppressed the smashed Undying Hellion Ancestor and sealed him into 100 black crystals.

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