Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1008 – Wall of Reflection

Chapter 1007 – Shock

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The crystals the Seal Rulers sealed the Undying Hellion Ancestor into shook for a while before they finally exhausted all strength and fell still.

When Jal flew out of the branch floating continent occupied by the Battle Demon Sect, he turned into a stream of light and disappeared. He has no intention of fighting Yang Fengs fleet that is on its route back.

When Yang Feng saw Jias decisive escape, a ray of vigilance flashed in his eyes: “Holy Spirit Warlocks are all wily old foxes! Its really not easy to deal with them!”

As an undying hellion Holy Spirit Warlock, Jia possesses fearsome combat power. He can easily destroy a world and can reverse the course of a section of the universe war.

But when Jal saw that the defenses deployed in Yang Fengs base are severe to the point that they can even suppress the Undying Immortal Ancestor, he threw away the thought to be Yang Fengs enemy and chose to escape.

If this hellion Holy Spirit Warlock had not been this vigilant, he may have already been killed by human Warlocks.

“Jal escaped! Does that mean that the Undying Hellion Ancestor was suppressed? Does the Battle Demon Sect not only has the Brilliant Great Holy? How could it be so fearsome?”

When the Heaven Holy, who is hiding in a secret space, saw Jal escape by himself, he couldnt help but feel a chill inside.

After the Undying Hellion Ancestor devoured the Holy Spirit Warlock Three Heads, his strength recovered to the intermediate Holy Spirit Warlock realm. Moreover, with his quasi-Empyrean grade combat sense and the various essences he grasps, even an advanced Holy Spirit Warlock may not be his opponent.

The Heaven Holy felt his blood run cold when he thought about how Yang Feng suppressed such a fearsome powerhouse.

“Thats a monster who fought the fiend emperor to a draw for you, a powerhouse favored by this universe.”

The Heaven Holy shuddered inside, then turned into specks of light and disappeared.

“Thats the hellion Jal!”

“What about the Undying Hellion Ancestor? Did they not enter the Battle Demon Sects branch floating continent together?”

“Jal ran away alone. Does that mean that the Undying Hellion Ancestor was suppressed?”

“How could the Undying Hellion Ancestor be suppressed? He possesses Holy Spirit Warlock rank strength and is cunning. Seeing that things have gone bad, he would surely have chosen to escape. How could he be suppressed?”

“The Undying Hellion Ancestor was actually suppressed. What trump cards does the Battle Demon Sects headquarters hide?”


The human powerhouses, the powerhouses of the seven superior races, and the old monsters hiding in the Cangzhi Plane and paying attention to the battlefield, when they saw this scene, they felt cold inside. They began to pay attention to the up-and-coming human Warlock group the Battle Demon Sect.

Since the beginning of the great tribulation, powerful forces have emerged in the world of Warlocks one after another. The Great Cloud Dynasty, on the other hand, has silently disappeared, while its royal family, the Bai Family, has fallen from the first-rate to a second-rate Warlock group.

The Great Cloud Dynastys Ten Great Sects are no longer ranked at the top of the human race. It is because of this that the Battle Demon Sect was regarded as a Warlock group that only relied on the Brilliant Great Glorys protection.

However, after Yang Feng suppressed the Undying Hellion Ancestor, the Battle Demon Sect has truly become a major force of the world of Warlocks as well as the focus of attention of all forces.

An ordinary Holy Spirit Warlock can become the protector of a race, thus elevating the status of said race to a superior race.

Even Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses have to show some respect to Holy Spirit Warlocks.

The Undying Hellion Ancestor is a quasi-Empyrean step powerhouse. Even though he was weakened to the extreme, but he is still far stronger than ordinary Holy Spirit Warlocks. Furthermore, he possesses frightening undying properties. All this makes him a most tricky enemy to deal with.

Yet the Undying Hellion Ancestor was suppressed by Yang Feng. The great danger lurking in the Battle Demon Sects headquarters made everyone shudder.

“Undying Hellion Ancestor, what trash! Despite being known as one of the five hellion ancestors, hes unexpectedly useless. He was suppressed just when he emerged.”

A cold voice sounded in the communication channel of the 10 Tier IV Hives.

Another voice said: “The Undying Hellion Ancestor is not a simple character. He was just a bit careless, too anxious to recover his strength. He looked down on Yang Feng and thus failed. Universe children arent easy to deal with.”

Another voice sounded, filled with regret: “The Undying Hellion Ancestor wanted to seize this opportunity to restore his quasi-Empyrean grade power and proclaim himself as the hegemon of this universe. Unfortunately, he failed.”

Another voice said: “Its time for us to retreat. The six Warlock Imperial Courts have an unfathomable underlying strength. If we continue to stay here, well be in danger.”




Voices rang one by one, and then the 10 Tier IV Hives glittered, turned into 10 streams of light, and flew away.

In the headquarters of the Human Supreme Council, the Taboo Monarchs group of six monarchs frowned when they saw the 10 Tier IV Hives disappear.

The Taboo Monarch and them already made negotiations and decided to use part of their underlying strength to inflict serious damage upon the 10 Tier IV Hives or even suppress them.

But then the 10 Tier IV Hives suddenly disappeared at this time, making the Taboo Monarch and them feel uncomfortable as if they kick empty air instead of a ball.

In the headquarters of the Human Supreme Council, electric light suddenly emerged in the eyes of the robot avatar Yang Feng left behind, and he walked up to the six monarchs.

As soon as the Taboo Monarch saw Yang Feng appear, her beautiful eyes shimmered with enigmatic light, and she asked: “Yang Feng, have you suppressed the Undying Hellion Ancestor?”

All eyes are focused on Yang Feng.

Yang Feng answered frankly: “Yes, I suppressed the Undying Hellion Ancestor.”


“Sure enough!”

“The Battle Demon Sects underlying strength cant be underestimated!”

“Yang Feng, youre not a universe son for no reason! Your speed of progress is really scary!”


Shock shimmered in the eyes of the six monarchs. With their underlying strength, the six Warlock Imperial Courts could easily defeat the Undying Hellion Ancestor who has just been resurrected. But when it comes to suppressing the Undying Hellion Ancestor, that would be quite hard. Yet the Battle Demon Sect easily suppressed him. This naturally shocked them.

The Taboo Monarch uttered with expectation: “Can you give the Undying Hellion Ancestor to the Taboo Imperial Court? Of course, we dont want him for free. You can tell us anything you want.”

Yang Feng flicked a finger, and a list of resources flew into the Taboo Monarchs hand: “Which of these resources do you have?”

The Taboo Monarch took a close look, touched the list with her finger, and replied: “We have these. We are willing to pay these resources in exchange for the Undying Hellion Ancestor.”

Yang Feng looked carefully, and then revealed a smile of satisfaction and said: “Deal!”

The resources the Taboo Monarch agreed to pay are enough for Yang Feng construct a level-6 optical computer network with Great Holy step computing power. At the same time, they also include a material that can be used to refine some Empyrean grade secret treasures, which is also one of the top materials necessary to refine the level-7 stronghold.

Yang Feng pointed to the Tier V Hive and asked: “How do you want to deal with that thing?”

The Tier V Hive, which is stuck in the universe rift, is mostly located in the Gumana Universe, with only a small part of it located in the world of Warlocks. Even if there is only a small part in the world of Warlocks, it is still really bad.

This means that the universe rift cannot be sealed and a steady stream of powerhouses from the Gumana Universe can enter the world of Warlocks.

The Taboo Monarch frowned and sighed unhurriedly, saying: “Although we can destroy that Tier V Hive and seal the universe rift, but we would have to pay a great price.”

The other monarchs nodded.

Each one of the six Warlock Imperial Courts is a terrifying force that once dominated the world of Warlocks. At their peak, they even suppressed Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses. Unsurprisingly, they possess terrifying underlying strength. The Tier V Hive only has a part lodged in the world of Warlocks. As long as the six Warlock imperial Courts are willing to pay the price, they can destroy it.

But there are countless powerful races in the world of Warlocks. Some races even hide in the dark since the Eternal Sovereign age, waiting for this age to arrive.

In such an age, if the humans foolishly exhaust their strength, they may fall from the position of overlords of the universe and be reduced to slaves when the great tribulation is over.

The archgods once dominated the universe. But when the chance presented itself, the humans knocked them down from their position and hunted them nearly into extinction, forcing them to hide in the depths of the universe.

Aside for the humans and the seven superior races, the other races only dipped their toes into the universe war. They intend is to preserve their strength.

In addition, humans just lost two Holy Spirit Warlock, which is a heavy blow to the whole race. Naturally, they arent willing to continue to push themselves.

The loss of the two Holy Spirit Warlocks is a heavy blow to any race. It should be mentioned that many superior races only have one Holy Spirit Warlock.

The Taboo Monarch uttered: “We can build a defensive line next to the universe rift to prevent the proliferation of the Gumana Universes forces. At the same time, as we fight with the powerhouses of the Gumana Universe, we can produce more powerhouses with the universes favor.

The other monarchs contemplated for a while, and then agreed with the Taboo Monarchs proposal.

During the universe devouring tribulation, the universes must devour a great deal of life forms of the opposing universe.

The reason why the Gumana Universes powerhouses send people into the world of Warlocks to unleash massacres is because they want to expedite the universe devouring.

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