Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1009 – Copy

Chapter 1008 – Wall of Reflection

Translator: Xaiomoge

The faster the universe devouring unfolds, the better it will be for the Gumana Universe. After all, the Gumana Universe has three Eternal Sovereigns.

If it wasnt for the universe barrier, then an Eternal Sovereign could come to the world of Warlocks and suppress everyone of this universe by themselves.

Of course, by entering the world of Warlock, the powerhouses of the Gumana Universe have to face the danger of annihilation at the hands of Warlocks, providing the latter with the universes favor, which can hasten their evolution. However, this is a risk that must be taken in order to speed up the universe devouring.

After the seven chairmen concluded the discussion, they issued a series of orders. Consequently, countless resources were mobilized to build bridgeheads in the central starfield and fight the powerhouses of the Gumana Universe.

The seven superior races and many ambitious powerhouses of the world of Warlocks also built fortresses in the central starfield.

Like fish back in water, every time Yang Fengs mechanical legion takes action on the battlefield, it can annihilate a large number of powerhouses of the Gumana Universe.

The six Warlock Imperial Courts sent countless talents to the central starfield to participate in the interstellar war.

The most formidable talents distinguished themselves in the interstellar battlefield. Yi Yuanyang, Jiang Lang, Regina, Wu Meiying, Bu Liantian, Yan Mowen, and many other publicly acknowledged geniuses shone brilliantly in the interstellar battlefield.

Taboo Imperial Courts imperial palace.

Yang Feng smiled and waved his hand, and a seal crystal coffin containing dozens of crystals the Undying Hellion Ancestor was sealed into flew into the Taboo Monarchs hand: “Taboo Monarch, this is the Undying Hellion Ancestor!”

After suppressing the Undying Hellion Ancestor, Yang Feng studied him in the Light Of Eternity Plane for 20 years. Now that he obtained a lot of data, he took out the Undying Hellion Ancestor and gave him to the Taboo Monarch.

The Taboo Monarch opened the seal crystal coffin, silently recited an incantation, and pointed with a hand, and a gray radiance entered the Undying Hellion Ancestor.

A quasi-Empyrean step breath slowly diffused from the seal crystals.

The eyes of the Taboo Monarch revealed the color of satisfaction, and she stared at Yang Feng and uttered with a sweet smile: “Yang Feng, you are already a quasi-Holy step powerhouse. If Im not wrong, youre now preparing to form an immortal body, right?”

Yang Feng responded frankly: “Thats indeed the case. I have now reached the stage where I can corm an immortal body.”

The Taboo Monarchs eyes shimmered brightly, and she said softly: “Immortal body!”

Immortality is the hallmark of the Holy Spirit Warlock realm. Any given Holy Spirit Warlock possesses an immortal body. By relying on the extraordinary power derived from the immortal body, they can easily suppress quasi-Holies.

The Warlocks who can form an immortal body in the quasi-Holy step are genius among geniuses, are absolute prodigies who have the making of a Warlock Emperor.

The Taboo Monarch said with a smile: “Yang Feng, if youre still confused about your path, you can go to a Eternal Sovereign relic site of the Taboo Imperial Court. Its a relic of the Eternal Sovereign the Dream Spirit Heart of the primordial age, the Wall of Reflection. The Wall of Reflection should be of great benefit to you. Would you like to go now?”

Yang Feng replied: “Yes!”

The Taboo Monarch took out a crystal card and pointed at Yang Feng, and bright light illuminated him.

In the next moment, Yang Feng disappeared.

He felt spatial forces tear at him, his vision blurred, and he appeared in a world brimming with life magic energy and elemental particles.

Yang Feng swept the surroundings with his tremendous soul force. When his soul force extended 1,000 kilometers away, its power was exhausted.

Yang Feng praised: “As expected of an Eternal Sovereign relic site!”

With his quasi-Holy step strength, Yang Feng can completely cover a celestial body ten times as big as the Earth with his soul force. But, on this celestial body, he can only cover 1,000 meters. Evidently, there is something unusual about this celestial body.

A tremendous, mysterious force radiated from afar. Yang Fengs figure fluttered, and he flew towards its source.

After flying for 10,000 kilometers, a beautiful and refined palace complex appeared in front of Yang Feng.

Each of the palaces is made of extremely rare materials. If Yang Feng demolished the palace complex, he would be able to produce 100,000 ruler robots.

In the center of the palace complex, there is a 100,000-meter-tall spiritual wall. On the huge spiritual wall, there are countless mysterious and abstruse runes engraved.

With the spiritual wall as the core, formidable ripples are spreading in all directions.

As soon as Yang Feng flew to within 1,000 kilometers of the spiritual wall, he detected that the elemental particles here are in disarray and a huge attractive force emanates from the earth.

Yang Feng could extract the power of the small world inside him to compete with the force emanating from the earth and continue to fly. This is where the terror of of Warlocks who have formed a small world inside them lies in. No matter what kind of environment they are in, they can erupt with frightening battle prowess.

But Yang Feng just landed on the ground and strode toward the Wall of Reflection.

“67 Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses, is this the underlying strength of the Taboo Imperial Court? How scary. As expected of a Warlock Imperial Court that was once unparalleled.”

As soon as Yang Feng came to the Wall of Reflection, he saw 67 powerhouses sitting in different places, each of which exudes a pinnacle Warlock Monarch rank life force field. He couldnt help but feel shocked, a dignified color in his eyes.

On the core worlds Monarch Lists, the number of Warlock Monarchs is only 67. Yet around the Wall of Reflection, the number of pinnacle Warlock Monarch rank and quasi-Holy step powerhouses is as high as 67. From this, you can see how fearsome the Taboo Imperial Courts underlying strength is.

The underlying strength of the six Warlock Imperial Courts is incredible and unfathomable. Previously, with the exception of the Taboo Monarch and the Star Monarch, the other four representatives of the six Warlock Imperial Courts looked down on Yang Feng, who was just a supreme Infinity Warlock.

In fact, though his xizu technology has already been upgraded to the top, there is still a big difference between Yang Feng and the six Warlock Imperial Courts in terms of underlying strength. Only when he can manufacture the ultimate weapon of the xizu, the level-7 stronghold, will he be able to compete with the six Warlock Imperial Courts.

A handsome Infinity Warlock with a medium build and an extraordinary temperament came over and said with a smile: “Hello, I am Jiang Feng. Are you the Battle Demon Sects Sect Master Yang Feng?”

Yang Feng replied: “Yes, I am Yang Feng!”

“Yang Feng!”

“The Battle Demon Sects Sect Master Yang Feng!”

“Its the Battle Demon Sects Sect Master Yang Feng, the most promising individual to advance to a Warlock Emperor in this era!”

“Is he the one who suppressed the Undying Hellion Ancestor?”


When the Warlock Monarchs sitting around the Wall of Reflection heard his name, they opened their eyes and threw curious gazes at Yang Feng.

At this time, Yang Feng is no longer a nobody, but a bigshot standing at the summit of the world of Warlocks.

The Taboo Imperial Courts Warlock Monarchs are all geniuses among geniuses, prodigies among prodigies, yet they have to admit that Yang Feng has already surpassed them.

“Sect Master Yang Feng, this Wall of Reflection is a relic left behind by the Eternal Sovereign the Dream Spirit Heart. It has integrated with this celestial body and has all kinds of mysterious and powers. One of its most formidable powers is the ability to reflect yourself, to reflect your path of advancement.”

“Once you enter the range 10,000 meters of the Wall of Reflection, your consciousness will be brought into a dreamland, where it will be refined and undergo various tests.”

“The closer you are to the Wall of Reflection, the more difficult the tests will be. If you feel that its dangerous, stop. After all, what happens in the dreamland will be reflected on your body.”

“Between 10,000 and 1,000 meters of the Wall of Reflection, the grade of intensity increases every 1,000 meters. Between 1,000 and 100 meters, the grade of intensity increases every 100 meters. Within 100 meters, the grade of intensity increases every 10 meters. If you can enter the range of 100 meters of the Wall of Reflection, then you will have a clear idea of the path you are have to take and be able to form your immortal body.” Jiang Feng said.

Yang Feng nodded and looked at the Wall of Reflection.

Among the Taboo Imperial Courts 67 Warlock Monarchs, 47 are in the 4,000 to 3,000 meter grade, 17 are in the 3,000 to 2,000 meter grade, and the last three are in the 2,000 to 1,000 meter grade.

The Warlock Monarch in the 4,000 to 3,000 meter grade are pinnacle Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses, while the 17 Warlock Monarchs in the 3,000 to 2,000 meter grade are quasi-Holy step powerhouses.

That is to say, in this plane alone, the Taboo Imperial Court has hidden 20 quasi-Holy step powerhouses.

The three quasi-Holy step powerhouses in the 2,000 to 1,000 meter grade have their eyes closed, paying no attention to the outside world. They have immersed themselves in their own world and exude a fearsome breath.

After Yang Feng finished observing the environment, he stepped within 10,000 meters of the Wall of Reflection, his vision blurred, and he appeared in an open space.

In front of Yang Feng, there stands an expressionless Warlock in a silver Warlock robe.

Yang Feng said slowly: “The small world and the secret treasures disappeared. In other words, all I can do is just rely on my own strength. Am I supposed to deal with enemies by relying on my pure strength?”

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