Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1010 – Breaking Through the Holy Boundary

Chapter 1009 – Copy

Translator: Xaiomoge

By loosing the small world and the secret treasures, Yang Fengs combat power dropped by more than five times.

The silver-robed Warlock took a deep look at Yang Feng, unleashed advanced Warlock Monarch rank fluctuations of power, took a step forward, and launched an attack that carries the essence of power barreling straight at Yang Feng.

“Even without secret treasures, Im not someone whom an ordinary Warlock Monarch can provoke!”

Yang Feng smiled, his eyes flickered with a cold radiance, and he sent a fist containing the essence of power flying and blasted the silver-robed Warlock into pieces.

After he dealt with the silver-robed Warlock, light shone, and three silver-robed Warlocks appeared.

The three silver-robed Warlocks blurred, lunged at Yang Feng from three directions, operated the essence of power, and fired attacks at him.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed coldly, and a Devour Sun appeared, shot towards the three silver-robed Warlocks, and engulfed them like a black hole.

Fearsome devour force erupted and devoured the three silver-robed Warlocks.

Even though Yang Feng hasnt formed an immortal body yet, but since he already entered the quasi-Holy step, three advanced Warlock Monarchs are not his opponents.

When the three silver-robed Warlocks disappeared, a pinnacle Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse appeared in front of Yang Feng.

Yang Feng took a step forward, and a Devour Sun emerged and devoured the pinnacle Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse.

Every time he devours a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse, Yang Feng can perceive a powerful force well up inside him.

In the dreamland space, pinnacle Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses appeared one after another, and then were devoured by Yang Feng. Meanwhile, a mysterious force poured inside him and evoked traces of enlightenment.

After devouring 108 pinnacle Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses, a quasi-Hole step powerhouse suddenly appeared in front of Yang Feng.

As soon as the quasi-Holy step powerhouse appeared, a Devour Sun emerged and devoured him.

Next, a more powerful quasi-Holy step powerhouse appeared, and then was devoured by Yang Feng.

“What an impressive speed of progress!”

“2,500 meters, no, 2,300 meters! Hes a quasi-Holy step powerhouse for a reason!”


When the Warlock Monarchs staying around the Wall of Reflection saw that Yang Feng easily reach a distance of about 2,300 meters from the Wall of Reflection, admiration flashed in their eyes.

The distance between 3,000 to 2,000 meters from the Wall of Reflection is a quasi-Holy step area. Only first-class quasi-Holies can set foot in this area.

Most human quasi-Holies mainly rely on their secret treasures to unleash quasi-Holy step battle prowess. But since all external forces are deprived in front of the Wall of Reflection, only powerful quasi-Holies can reach within 3,000 meters of the Wall of Reflection.

“1,900 meters, he reached the range of 1,900 meter boundary!”

“The legend stating that he can contend against the fiend emperor is indeed true!”

“1,900 meters! This means that he a genius on the same level as Ou Sheng, Wei Yang and Luo Yun.”


When Yang Feng reached a distance 1,900 meters of the Wall of Reflection, the three powerhouses closest to the Wall of Reflection finally opened their eyes and looked in his direction.

The one in the lead, the tall and sturdy quasi-Holy Ou Sheng, who has disheveled, snake-like hair, frowned and asked: “Whos that?”

The handsome quasi-Holy Wei Yang, who looks like hes 21 or 22 years old and has an unearthly temperament, replied with a smile: “Boss Ou, thats the Battle Demon Sects Yang Feng! Hes one of the Human Supreme Councils seven chairmen!”

Luo Yun, a mesmerizing woman with jet-black hair and dressed in a green Warlock robe, asked curiously: “The Battle Demon Sects Yang Feng? Isnt he a supreme Infinity Warlock? How could he come to the Wall of Reflection?”

Wei Yang answered with a smile: “Your information is outdated. He is now a quasi-Holy step powerhouse. And, not long ago, he fought the quasi-Holy step fiend emperor to a draw!”

Ou Shengs countenance changed greatly, shock overtook his face, and he exclaimed: “How is this possible?”

Ou Sheng is the strongest quasi-Holy step powerhouse of the Taboo Imperial Court. Without wielding an Empyrean grade secret treasure, the Taboo Monarch is weaker than him by a notch.

Ou Sheng is an ascetic-type Warlock who is fully dedicated to the practice of cultivation and the enhancement of his strength. He is the most promising quasi-Holy of the Taboo Imperial Court to be promoted to a Holy Spirit Warlock. He once fought against the fiend emperor and suffered a great defeat. At the time, he only escaped with his life thanks to a formidable escape secret method.

The fiend emperors strength is deeply engraved in Ou Shengs memory. Its hard to imagine that Yang Feng could fight the fiend emperor to a draw.

Wei Yang carried on: “Recently, the Undying Hellion Ancestor barged into the Battle Demon Sects headquarters and was suppressed. It is said that the Undying Hellion Ancestor had devoured a Holy Spirit Warlock and recovered his strength to the intermediate Holy Spirit Warlock realm at the time.”

Ou Sheng took a deep look at Yang Feng, his eyes involuntarily shimmered with envy, and he sighed faintly and said: “Thats a universe child for you!”

Every great age produces a large number of despair-inducing talents. The fiend emperor and Yang Feng are such talents.

Luo Yun took a deep look at Yang Feng and said slowly: “He should have come here in order to form an immortal body! But, its not that easy to form an immortal body!”

Ou Sheng and Wei Yang nodded in agreement.

It is extremely difficult to form an immortal body, let alone to form an immortal body in the quasi-Holy step. The six monarchs of the six Warlock Imperial Courts are among the strongest human quasi-Holies, yet none of them has formed an immortal body.

With a blank look in his eyes, Yang Feng advanced forward like a walking corpse and finally stopped outside the 1,000 meters boundary.

At this time in the dreamland space, there is a powerhouse who is the spitting image of Yang Feng and exudes quasi-Holy step fluctuations of power in front of Yang Feng.

“Is my greatest enemy myself? Interesting, lets see how well the Wall of Reflection can copy me.”

Yang Feng raised the corners of his mouth and spread the fingers of his hand, and a giant Devour Sun suddenly appeared and barreled towards his copy.

At the same time, another Devour Sun emerged from the copy and clashed with Yang Fengs Devour Sun.

Two devour forces intertwined in the void and devoured the elemental particles and all other forces in the surroundings.

Yang Fengs copy evidently wields stronger devour force. Consequently, the Devour Sun it conjured is devouring Yang Fengs Devour Sun bit by bit and becoming more terrifying.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a dignified color, he operated the Eternal Imperishable Body, and a torrent of time appeared around him.

Yang Fengs figure shook slightly. Thanks to time acceleration, his speed suddenly increased tenfold, and he flew aside.

With a blur of light, a torrent of time enveloped the copy as well. In the blink of an eye, it appeared in front of Yang Feng and sent an attack containing the essences of space, power, and devour and carrying tyrannical killing intent barreling towards Yang Feng.

Yang Fengs eyes suddenly turned red, he crazily operated the Eternal Imperishable Body, integrated three essences, and sent a punch flying towards the copy.


Accompanied by an earthshaking noise, Yang Feng was blasted hundreds of kilometers away, and spewed out blood. Then, he willed and disappeared from this world.

In the outside world, Yang Feng also spewed out blood. His eyes regained their clarity, and he gasped for breath and sat on the ground like the rest of the powerhouses.

Wisps of pure life magic energy diffused from the Wall of Reflection and nourished Yang Feng.

When Ou Shengs trio saw this scene, they released a sigh of relieve. If Yang Feng had easily broken through the 1,000 meter boundary, it would have been a big blow to them.

“So it can be like this!”

Yang Feng closed his eyes, and the optical computer network with Great Holy step computing power inside him started an analysis, enabling him to quickly understand his shortcomings.

There is no difference between Yang Feng and the copy in terms of cultivation base and mastery of essences. However, the copys control of power is more than five times more sophisticated than that of Yang Feng.

Yang Feng previously believed that he already had a perfect control of power. The copy, however, made him realize that his control of power was far from enough.

Thanks to the optical computer network, Yang Feng analyzed the copys mode of operation and control of power, which enhanced his strength by the second.

A drop of the precious Life Gold Dew suddenly flew out and entered Yang Fengs mouth, and wisps of formidable life force erupted in an instant and healed his injuries.

Yang Feng opened his eyes, took a deep look at the Wall of Reflection, operated the a secret method, linked with the Wall of Reflection, and entered the dreamland space.

“Im here again!”

Yang Feng looked at the copy, his eyes flashed with a scorching shade, his figure flickered, and he shot towards the opponent.

A quarter of an hour later, Yang Feng again spewed out blood and exited the dreamland space.

Before long, after finishing the analysis of the collected data, Yang Feng entered the dreamland again.

Wei Yang looked at Yang Feng, who has been training frantically, and sighed ruefully: “How desperate!”

Ou Sheng uttered coldly: “Its useless! To break through this bottleneck, you must analyze the mode of operation of the copy, enhance your control of power, and finally defeat the copy. Such reckless and impetuous assault is just a waste of resources.”

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