Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1011 – Collapse of the Wall of Reflection

Chapter 1010 – Breaking Through the Holy Boundary

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Ou Shengs words have just fallen, when Yang Feng took a step forward, crossed the 1,000 meters boundary, and staggered towards the 900 meter boundary.

Seeing this scene, Ou Shengs eyes nearly bulged out, and he cried out: “How is this possible? How could he beat his copy so quickly!”

Ou Sheng has been in front of the Wall of Reflection for 300 hundred years. In these 300 years, he has been fighting against his copy nearly at all times. Although his strength has improved by leaps and bounds, but he still cant advance any further. The rapid speed at which Yang Feng beat his copy was just incredible.

Wei Yangs eyes shimmered with envy, and he said slowly, a bitter smile on his face: “Universe children really cant be judged using common sense!”

Luo Yuns pretty eyes flashed with envy, and she sighed: “Its too fast!”

If Yang Feng made a break through after staying here for a year or two, Ou Shengs trio would still be able to rationalize it. However, he broke through the 1,000 meter boundary in less than one day. This is simply outrageous.

Of course, this is related to the Great Holy step computing power of Yang Fengs level-6 optical computer network.

Great Holy step powerhouses can deduce formidable spells with a thought.

If a Great Holy step powerhouse descended on a celestial body like Earth, they could easily become an omniscient and omnipotent god and control the affairs of the entire celestial body. The nearly omniscient ability is based on their terrifying computing power.

With the level-6 optical computer network at Yang Fengs disposal, it is equivalent to a Great Holy step powerhouse performing calculations for him at all times. As a result, it is not surprising that his progress is terrifying.

It should be mentioned that even in the eight Warlock Imperial Court eras, the children of the Warlock Emperors didnt have a Great Holy step powerhouse accompanying them and make calculations for them day and night.

Even during the height of the eight Warlock Imperial Courts, Great Holy step powerhouses were pinnacle existences. The human Warlock Emperors respected their Great Holy step subordinates and regarded them as their right arm.

Great Holy step powerhouses are naturally far from being the opponents of the eight human Warlock Emperors. However, as long as they prepare some special secret treasures, they can still escape from the eight Warlock Emperors.

Among the eight Warlock Emperors, only the Golem Emperor, who has gone crazy in his later years, has mistreated his subordinated Great Holies. He turned five Great Holies into living golems.

Because of this, the Golem Dynastys human Great Holies broke away from the Golem Dynasty one after another. This led to the decline of the Golem Dynastys power, leaving only the Golem Lord and his living golem legion. Not long after that, the news of the Golem Lords death spread.

When Yang Feng came to the 900 meter boundary, he stopped. In the dreamland space, someone suddenly appeared. It is another copy of Yang Feng.

Enveloped in distorted space, the copys cold gaze fell on Yang Feng, and it waved at him.

All of a sudden, a spatial rift appeared in front of Yang Feng and cut him into two.

“Spatial blade!”

Yang Fengs countenance changed greatly, and he operated the Eternal Imperishable Body and healed at a rapid speed. Then, he frantically attacked his copy.

With a cold look in its eyes, the copy operated the essence of space, and the space within 1,000 meters of it became distorted.

When Yang Fengs various attacks slammed into the distorted and disordered space, they were redirected into unknown, mysterious spaces.

Strange and mysterious spatial blades fired from all directions slashed Yang Feng and sliced open countless wounds on his body.

Yang Feng, who has already operated the Eternal Imperishable Body, launched the essence of time, and a torrent of time surrounded him and accelerated his speed tenfold. However, he was still injured by the strange spatial attacks.

Countless injuries covered Yang Feng, and a large amount of blood spilled on the earth. He exited the dreamland space.

After Yang Feng opened his eyes, and the shade of joy overtook his eyes: “This is the way to promote the essence of space to the limit. This is the way to transform an immortal body into an Immortal Body of Space. As expected of an Eternal Sovereign relic, the Wall of Reflection is indeed amazing.”

This copy of Yang Feng in the dreamland space is an existence that promoted the essence of space to the limit, with its control over the essence of space being ten times as sophisticated as that of Yang Feng. If Yang Feng has to deduce the essence of space in the future, he wont be confused about the way forward.

Yang Feng sat cross-legged on the ground, and mysterious runes welled up inside his eyes. Inside him, the Great Holy step optical computer network frantically operated and deduced the essence of space.

Although Yang Feng was able to use the essence of space before, his mastery of the essence of space was quite shallow. Moreover, he has no one under his command who is proficient in the essence of space. This copy of the Wall of Reflection is Yang Fengs best teacher. Naturally, he feels excited.

In fact, the Wall of Reflection is one of the most important pillars of the Taboo Imperial Court and is fundamentally closed to outsiders. But since Yang Feng is one of the Taboo Imperial Courts closest allies, he got the chance to see the Wall of Reflection.

The mysterious and abstruse Eternal Sovereign and Warlock Emperor relic sites make up the foundation of the six Warlock Imperial Courts, enabling them to produce a steady stream of experts.

Six months later.

The countless runes inside Yang Fengs eyes disappeared. He regained his senses, stood up, and linked with the Wall of Reflection.

“At last!”

“Yang Feng finally started the challenge!”

“I bet hell fail this time!”

“I bet hell fail as well!”


When they saw Yang Fengs actions, the Warlock Monarchs in front of the Wall of Reflection felt excited, and their eyes fell on him.

The Wall of Reflection emits pure life magic energy that is beneficial to the body and soul of the Warlock Monarchs. As a result, they gather here and wont easily leave.

One of the important reasons why the number of the Warlock Monarchs of the six Warlock Imperial Courts in the outside world is so small is that their top powerhouses are practicing cultivation in secret realms like the Wall of Reflection. If it is not absolutely necessary, few powerhouses will leave their cultivation grounds.

The Warlock Monarchs and Holy Spirit Warlocks spend their time like this by practicing cultivation and studying essences for hundreds or thousands of years. If not for the great tribulation, these powerhouses wouldnt easily appear in public.

In the eight Warlock Imperial Court eras, experts who were practicing cultivation in seclusion appeared one after another and fought for the chance to become Holy Spirit Warlocks and Warlock Emperors.

The rest of the time was fairly calm since the experts above the Infinity Warlock realm were hiding in secret realms, not willing to participate in the affairs of the outside world.

A quarter of an hour later, many wounds sprouted out on Yang Feng, and blood splashed on the ground.


“Its a failure!”

“Its not so easy to break through in half a year!”


The Warlock Monarchs stared at Yang Feng, and regret shimmered in their eyes.

Under the Warlock Monarchs regretful gazes, the space around Yang Feng distorted as if a spatial gate to another world was ripped open.

Countless mysterious space runes suddenly appear and engraved inside Yang Fengs body.

The wounds covering his body healed in an instant.

Yang Feng stepped across the 900 meter boundary and walked towards the 800 meter boundary.

“Broke through!”

“He broke through!”

“He mastered the essence of space! What a scary guy!”


The Warlock Monarchs cried out, and rays of astonishment flickered in their eyes.

In the successive generations of Warlocks of the Taboo Imperial Court, if a quasi-Holy step powerhouse could break through the 900 meter boundary, then as long as they didnt die or stop practicing cultivation, they were bound to advance to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm.

The 900 meter boundary is known as the Holy Boundary and has stumped countless talents of the Taboo Imperial Court. Since Yang Feng has broken through the Holy Boundary, it means that he will advance to a Holy Spirit Warlock without suspense.

Every Holy Spirit Warlock is the guardian of a superior race. Although each one of the 67 Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses here is a peerless genius of the Taboo Imperial Court, but none of them is sure to promote to a Holy Spirit Warlock. Ou Sheng just has the greatest possibility to promote to a Holy Spirit Warlock.

Ou Sheng stared at Yang Feng and revealed a helpless smile: “You shouldnt compare yourself to others indeed!”

Wei Yang said with a wry smile, a complicated look in his eyes: “Naturally, universe children are not existences that we ordinary people can compare to.”

Yang Feng stopped before the 800 meter boundary. In the dreamland space, a copy of Yang Feng surrounded by a river of time and exuding the essence of time appeared in front of him.

“The essence of time! This time, the opponent is a copy of the essence of time! How wonderful!”

As soon as Yang Feng saw the copy of time shrouded in the essence of time, his eyes revealed the color of excitement.

This is the first time Yang Feng met an opponent who is proficient in the essence of time. It is the best teacher Yang Feng could hope for.

Yang Feng took a step forward, a river of time enveloped him, the speed of the flow of time increased tenfold, and he shot towards his copy.

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