Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1012 – Forming an Immortal Body

Chapter 1011 – Collapse of the Wall of Reflection

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Yang Fengs copy looked at the Yang Feng flying towards it and spoke calmly.

In a flash, a torrent of time swept him, and Yang Feng felt time suddenly stand still. His whole body became frozen, and all the forces inside him were sealed.

The copy leisurely took a step, slowly appeared in front of Yang Feng, and extended a hand towards his heart.

If it had not been for the fact that Yang Feng has unleashed the essence of time, he would have his heart dug out without being aware of it.

Even though he is enveloped by the essence of time, Yang Feng still felt that he cannot mobilize a wisp of power. He watched the copy pierce his chest and dig out his heart.

In front of the Wall of Reflection, Yang Fengs chest suddenly burst open, a large amount of blood spilled on the ground, and his heart ejected.

Just before his heart fell to the ground, Yang Fengs eyes regained their spirit. The heart flew back to his chest and quickly healed.

Every quasi-Holy step Warlock is an extraordinary existence, for whom it is normal for their heart to recover automatically.

“Time freeze! Amazing!”

As soon as Yang Fengs eyes regained their clarity, he smiled.

Time freeze is an advanced application of the essence of time. Of course, with Yang Fengs current strength, if he operates the essence of time, he can freeze the time of existences below the Moonlight Warlock realm. As for freezing the time of Transcendent rank powerhouses, he hasnt reached that degree yet.

When it comes to Transcendent rank powerhouses, powerhouses above the Starry Sky Warlock rank, there is no fundamental difference between them and Warlock Monarchs. There is only a gap in terms of strength. Only Holy Spirit Warlocks have surpassed Transcendent rank powerhouses.

For the copy to be able to stop the time of Yang Feng, its mastery of the essence of time is just incredible.

Admiration flashed in Yang Fengs eyes: “It actually can stop the time of powerhouses of the same rank. In his time, the Time Lord must have been capable of the same! As expected of a treasure left by an Eternal Sovereign, its incredible.”

Countless runes appear in Yang Fengs eyes, and the Great Holy step optical computer network rapidly deduced the essence of time.

Yang Feng sat cross legged on the ground again.

Time elapsed, ten years went by in a flash.

Ten years later, Yang Fengs eyes regained their clarity, and he linked with the Wall of Reflection and entered the dreamland space.

“He finally started the challenge!”

“Do you think he will succeed?”

“Its hard to tell! Common sense cannot be used to speculate about such a monster!”


The Warlock Monarchs of the Taboo Imperial Court showed looks of excitement in their eyes.

A quarter of an hour later, a frightening torrent of time broke out inside Yang Feng, and wisps of the breath of time circled around him.

“Its time force! He mastered the law of time!”

“No! Its the essence of time, he mastered the essence of time!”

“What a monster!”


The Warlock Monarchs of the Taboo Imperial Court revealed shock in their eyes and cried out.

The essence of time is one of the most difficult to comprehend essences in the world. Since the establishment of the First Warlock Imperial Court, less than 100 people have mastered the essence of time.

On average, even if 10,000 years pass, there wont be a person who can master the essence of time. Among the eight Warlock Emperors, only the First Warlock Emperor, the Time Lord, has mastered the essence of time. The rest of the seven Warlock Emperors, each of whom were brilliant and unparalleled figures, have mastered the law of time at most.

“The essence of time, the essence of space, the essence of fate! If he can master the most mysterious essence of fate, there is a glimmer of hope that he will promote to an Eternal Sovereign.”

“Yang Feng, maybe he will become the first Eternal Sovereign of the human race.”


The Warlock Monarchs of the Taboo Imperial Court commented spiritedly as they watched Yang Feng with a scorching color in their eyes.

Human Warlocks have taken control of many Eternal Sovereign relic sites and inferred from all kinds of data left by the Eternal Sovereigns that Warlock Emperors who want to promote to Eternal Sovereigns, in addition to the main essence they have mastered, must master the essences of time, space, and fate comprehensively and sublimate their soul to be able to promote to Eternal Sovereigns with an immortal soul.

However, of the three essences, although there are often peerless geniuses who have comprehended the essence of space. But the essences of time and fate are too mysterious for ordinary people to master.

Because of his special physique, the Time Lord was able to master the essence of time and, with it as the foundation, promote to a Warlock Emperor.

Of the three essences, Yang Feng has mastered the essences of time and space, which makes him the human Warlock most hopeful to advance to an Eternal Sovereign at the moment.

Yang Feng took a step forward, broke through the 800 meter boundary, walked towards the 700 meter boundary, and then stopped again.

In the dreamland space, a copy of Yang Feng appeared again.

As if the incarnation of a huge black hole, the copy devoured light and matter alike.

With Yang Fengs quasi-Holy step strength, he can only rely on his extraordinary perception to sense the copys existence. He cannot see the copy, nor can he use his soul force to perceive it.

The copy unleashed a black holy that can devour everything and carries a hair-raising might barreling towards Yang Feng.

A dignified shade flashed in Yang Fengs eyes, a river of time appeared around him, the speed of time accelerated twenty-fold, and he frantically escaped.

The black hole the copy turned into radiated light in Yang Fengs direction, and a terrifying devour force erupted and engulfed him in an instant.

With the terrifying devour force pulling at him, Yang Feng was slowly pulled towards the black hole.

He silently recited an incantation and pointed at the black hole the copy has turned into.

All kinds of powerful single target attacks shot towards the black hole like a tide. Countless lights shone in the void.

The many attacks were easily devoured by the black hole without raising any waves.

Yang Feng willed, cut off the connection with the Wall of Reflection, and withdrew from the dreamland. The copys essence of devour was terrifying. If he was engulfed by the black hole the copy has turned into, then even Yang Feng may be killed.

In the world of Warlocks, there are many strange phenomena. The Dream Worlds dream existences can interfere with things in the real world. Similarly, if the copy devours Yang Feng in the dreamland, it may even change into a real existence from a dreamland creature.

“Incredible! This is the way to evolve the essence of devour to the limit. Amazing!”

As soon as Yang Feng regained his senses, his eyes flashed with a burning color.

When it comes to the essence of devour, Yang Feng, who doesnt have an Empyrean grade secret method to rely on, has to establish his own path and explore it step by step. But this copy displayed the path of the essence of devour in front of him.

Yang Feng sat cross-legged on the ground, countless runes welled up inside his eyes, and he began to use the Great Holy step optical computer network to analyze the mysteries of the essence of devour.

Time elapsed, ten years went by in a flash.

Yang Feng stood up and linked with the Wall of Reflection.

“Can he pass, what do you guys think?”

“I think he can!”


When Yang Feng acted, the Warlock Monarchs around the Wall of Reflection opened their eyes, stared at him, and commented.

In the dreamland, two black holes interwove and tore at each other, deadlocked.

Countless mysterious runes emerged in Yang Fengs eyes, and he performed deductions and made his essence of devour more powerful and perfect.

Under the attack of Yang Fengs black hole, the black hole the copy has turned into crumbled bit by bit, and pure power poured into Yang Feng from the copy.

After a moment of stalemate, the copys power directly collapsed, and an almost endless power containing countless bodies of knowledge and mysteries poured into Yang Feng.


Along with a resonant sound, a huge crack appeared on the Wall of Reflection.

“Whats going on?”

“The Wall of Reflection cracked?”

“But its a treasure left by an Eternal Sovereign!”


The stupefied Warlock Monarchs of the Taboo Imperial Court looked at the cracked Wall of Reflection, unable to believe their eyes.

As a treasure left by an Eternal Sovereign, the Wall of Reflection is extremely enigmatic. Even if it was a Great Holy step powerhouse, but without going all out and using an Empyrean grade secret treasure, they wouldnt be able to damage the Wall of Reflection whatsoever.

Seeing the Wall of Reflection crack, these Warlock Monarchs were shocked and dumbfounded.

Green streams of gas flew out of the Wall of Reflection and poured into Yang Feng. As if he turned into a black hole, Yang Feng absorbed the streams of green gas.

As he devoured the green gas, Yang Fengs breath became stronger bit by bit.

The celestial body where the Wall of Reflection is located cracked bit by bit, raising landslides, tsunamis, and turbulent winds, which painted an apocalyptic scene.

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