Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1017 – Wang Bos Defeat

Chapter 1016 – Argimiros Terror

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The Key of Fate is essential to guide powerhouses to the Gate of Fate. For Warlock Emperors who desire to break through and promote to the Eternal Sovereign realm, it is naturally an extremely precious treasure, even more precious than Empyrean grade secret treasures.

However, for the Human Supreme Council, which is facing the great tribulation, although the Key of Fate is indeed precious, but it is not that useful since it cannot be converted into fighting strength in a short period of time.

Yang Feng looked longingly at the Key of Fate and shook his head. The Key of Fate is indeed precious. In the entire universe, there are only thirty six such keys. But for the present Yang Feng, the Heaven and Earth Spirit Roots branch floating continent is much more important.

“Then how about we add a piece of the Cangzhi Planes territory?”

Argimiro slashed with his hand, and a map of the Cangzhi Plane appeared in the void.

On the map, a piece of land lit up red. Before the Cangzhi Plane changed, this piece of land constituted the Brest Dynasty, one of the three dynasties of the Western World. Argimiro took out the Brest Dynasty as a stake.

The territories human Warlocks occupied on the Cangzhi Plane were the most fertile. After the world changed, the Cangzhi Plane began expanding and increasing its landmass every second. Even so, the territories that belonged to the Great Cloud Dynasty and the Western Worlds three dynasties are still the most fertile.

After the establishment of the Human Supreme Council, the Great Cloud Dynasty and the Western Worlds Bajur Dynasty and the Kadred Dynasty fell under the control of the Human Supreme Council.

The Western Worlds top Warlock groups were settled in the Brest Dynastys territory, which is one of the important reasons why the top Warlock groups of the Western World collectively joined the Sunrise Alliance.

For Argimiro to take out the Brest Dynastys territory to gamble with the six Warlock Imperial Courts, it is a clear display of frankness.

If Argimiro is defeated, the Sunrise Alliance will lose an optimal footing on the Cangzhi Plane.

The Taboo Monarch frowned, then broke into a smile and asked the other six chairmen: “I think these terms are more appropriate. What do you guys think?”

The Death Monarch revealed a playful shade in his eyes and said with a smile: “The stakes are a bit unequal. But, if he is willing to fight people by himself, then the inequality of stakes can be ignored. I agree to these terms!”

The Magic Note Monarch uttered with a smile: “I agree!”

The Star Monarch frowned and looked at the other monarchs.

Yang Feng spoke with a faint smile: “I also agree!”

The Thunder Leopard Monarchs eyes flickered with a bright radiance, and he said cautiously: “Since Argimiro dares to raise such conditions, he must be extremely strong. I dont think we should accept his challenge. Our current strength is far above that of the Sunrise Alliance. Even if we dont accept this wager, we still hold the upper hand.”

The Dragon Spirit Monarch shook his head and said: “Since Argimiro proposed to fight five people by himself, he must be tyrannically strong. However, the Human Supreme Council is not weak either. If we dont fight him under such unfair conditions, what will the world think of us?”

The Dragon Spirit Monarch took a deep look at the Thunder Leopard Monarch and said with a smile: “And, Thunder Leopard Monarch, its currently the great tribulation! This is both the worst and the best time. A sapling who doesnt experience strong wind and rain can never grow into a towering tree. Except for those heaven and earth variants who were born extremely strong, Ive never heard of anyone who remained obscure and unknown eventually become a Warlock Emperor.”

The Thunder Leopard Monarchs eyes flashed with the shade of contemplation. After hesitating for a while, he finally nodded and said: “I agree!”

The Star Monarch uttered: “Since everyone agrees, then so do I. However, since the Star Imperial Courts Warlocks are not expert in direct confrontation, you guys should be the ones to select the five people who shall participate in the competition.”

The Star Imperial Courts Warlocks are quite powerful in direct confrontation. But their strongest points lie in divination and sealing arts. In terms of divination and sealing arts, they are indeed ranked at the very top. This kind of competition is not their forte.

After the seven chairmen of the Human Supreme Council came to a consensus, they began to summon their strongest quasi-Holies.

Light of teleportation shone as the strongest quasi-Holy step powerhouses subordinated to the six chairmen appeared one after another.

The Taboo Imperial Court selected Ou Sheng, while the Battle Demon Sect selected Shi Yu.

The Time Imperial Court selected a young man with medium build and an ordinary and haggard appearance.

The Death Imperial Court selected a man who is surrounded by the breath of death and resembles a dried up corpse.

The Transcendent Imperial Court selected a handsome young man with three eyes, short hair, a domineering temperament, and a three-meter-long sword on the back.

Magic Note Imperial Court selected a young man with an ordinary physique and a smile plastered on his face, and dressed in a gold Warlock robe.

These six powerhouses of different temperaments are the strongest quasi-Holy step powerhouses subordinated to the six forces.

Yang Feng looked at the other five powerhouses and mused: “I dont know any of them except for Ou Sheng. The six Warlock Imperial Courts are really secretive!”

The Taboo Monarch said: “Ou Sheng, this is Argimiro, the divine son of the Sunrise Alliance! Go swap pointers with him!”

The Star Monarch waved her hand, and a silver-colored star flew out of her hand and formed a silver arena in the void.

The silver arena is a famous Holy grade secret treasure the Starry Sky Arena of the Star Imperial Court and it can accommodate the fighting of Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses.

“Yes! Your Majesty!”

Ou Shengs figure fluttered, and he entered the Starry Sky Arena.

Argimiro uttered with a charming smile: “Everyone, before the competition starts, I have one more condition. That is, you cant use Empyrean grade secret treasures! After all, we are supposed to swap pointers, not fight to the death.”

If a top quasi-Holy like Ou Sheng burns his life and operates an Empyrean grade secret treasure, hell be able to wound and perhaps even deal great damage to Holy Spirit Warlocks. But without the help of an Empyrean grade secret treasure, even if Ou Sheng burns his life, he wont be able to damage the source of Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses.

The Taboo Monarch replied: “No problem!”

Argimiro smiled, turned into a stream of light, and entered the Starry Sky Arena.

“Argimiro, be careful!”

As soon as Argimiro entered the Starry Sky Arena, Ou Sheng silently recited an incantation. Countless runes appeared all over his body, a fearsome dragon might emanated from him, and he turned into a 50-meter-long primeval black dragon.

He belched dragon fire, which can easily burn the earth and destroy the world. The dragon fire rolled out towards Argimiro.

Seeing this scene, the Star Monarch exclaimed in admiration: “Primeval dragon fire! Incredible!”

The Death Monarch praised: “Amazing! Ou Sheng is one of the most powerful quasi-Holy step powerhouses of the Taboo Imperial Court for a reason! It seems that he is only one step away from advancing to a Holy Spirit Warlock. If he can become a Holy Spirit Warlock in the future, then even among the Holy Spirit Warlocks, he will be a first-class powerhouse!”

The other chairmen nodded.

The eyes of the Time Imperial Courts powerhouse, who has a haggard appearance, flashed with disdain, and he uttered in a low voice: “The Taboo Imperial Courts Ou Sheng only amounts to this much, what a let down.”

The haggard-looking man is surrounded by strange ripples that distort the perception of others. With their tyrannical perception, the chairmen of the Human Supreme Council can even hear the wings of a fly flapping from 1,000 kilometers away. Yet they didnt hear what he said.

“My decree, let there be light! Let light fill the world!”

Argimiro spoke calmly.

In a flash, endless divine light full of purification force spread in all directions with Argimiro as the core.

Swept by the divine light, the primeval dragon fire, which blotted out the sky and burned everything in its wake, disappeared abruptly.

“Divine judgment!”

Looking like the master of light, Argimiro pointed at Ou Sheng.

Countless rays of light gathered in the void and formed a spear of light that ripped through the void, stabbed the primeval black dragon Ou Sheng turned into, knocked him down from the sky, and nailed him to the ground.

Countless rays of light burst out from the primeval black dragon Ou Sheng turned into. Dazzling light burned and purified his black dragon scales, which have an amazing defense. Ou Sheng, whose skin and flesh were burned black, issued cries of agony.

The Taboo Monarch frowned and said flatly: “I admit defeat in his stead. We lost this match.”

Argimiro smiled faintly and snapped his fingers, and the light that blotted out the sky disappeared.

Ou Sheng reverted back to his human form, which is all battered and scarred, took a deep look at Argimiro, turned into a stream of light, flew out of the Starry Sky Arena, and disappeared.

Yang Feng took a deep look at Ou Sheng, and his eyes flashed with a solemn shade: “What a frightening guy! Maybe even Shi Yu may not be his opponent!”

Ou Sheng, who is the No. 1 Holy Spirit Warlock rank expert of the Taboo Imperial Court, is not weak by any means. The fact that Argimiro defeated Ou Sheng so easily only shows that Argimiro is just too strong.

The five remaining powerhouses summoned by the Human Supreme Council stared at Argimiro with a dignified look in their eyes.

The Transcendent Imperial Courts three-eyed powerhouse looked at Argimiro with apprehension in his eyes, silent.

Yang Feng asked: “Yuer, what do you think of this guy?”

Shi Yu, whose spiritual sense is much more powerful than Yang Fengs extraordinary perception, can directly point to the essence of things. This is an innate ability of heaven and earth variants doted on by the universe.

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