Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1021 – Defeating the Dawn Lord

Chapter 1020 – I Am the Dawn Lord

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“I must defeat him! Im the strongest! I will never lose to anyone!”

Argimiro stared at Yang Feng with a vicious look in his eyes, and then suddenly soared into the sky.

A pure white battle armor engraved with countless runes of dawn suddenly emerged and covered Argimiro.

A staff exuding resplendent light suddenly appeared and entered Argimiros hand.

When the Taboo Monarch saw the two secret treasures, her countenance changed dramatically, and she cried out: “The Battle Armor of Dawn! The Staff of Dawn! These are the Holy grade secret treasures the Dawn Lord once used. How come they are in his hands!”

The Star Monarchs countenance change as well, and she gloomily clenched her white teeth and cursed: “Damn bastard, so this is his final trump card!”

The Death Monarch gritted his teeth and said: “No wonder he dared to fight five people by himself! It turns out that he had such a trump card up his sleeve! Damn it!”

The Magic Note Monarch uttered with a bitter smile: “Yang Feng was really wronged this time.”

Before he founded the Eight Warlock Imperial Court, the Dawn Lord was an unparalleled Holy Spirit Warlock that fought with many peerless prodigies. The Battle Armor of Dawn and the Staff of Dawn are Holy grade secret treasures the Dawn Lord used in the Holy Spirit Warlock realm, and they amplified his power. They are among the most formidable Holy grade secret treasures. Although the two secret treasures are still far from being a match for Empyrean grade secret treasures, but they are among the very best Holy grade secret treasures.

Mysterious sound ripples surround Argimiro, resplendent light of dawn emerged, and an overbearing Holy breath swept across the Starry Sky Arena.

“This guy is a formidable enemy! But, its not fun unless the enemy if formidable!”

Yang Feng looked at Argimiro with a burning color in his eyes and pinched the Ruler Magic Cube in his right hand, and the Ruler Magic Cube shone and turned into a black battle armor that enveloped him.

The Ruler Magic Cube is a weapon Yang Feng forged by combining xizu technology and Warlock methods. Furthermore, Yang Feng used countless top-shelf materials and the Holy Spirit Warlock the Faebright Ancestor as material to enhance it. The Ruler Magic Cube is a first-class secret treasure.

Argimiros eyes shone brightly, and a celestial mountain, a star, a bright sun, and spatial portals constructed from the light of dawn appeared behind him.

Upon seeing this scene, Yang Fengs countenance suddenly changed dramatically: “This is Eternal Imperishable Body! This monster, he actually learned the Eternal Imperishable Body. Whats more, he formed a quadruple essence integration!”

Eternal Imperishable Body is a unique secret method handed down by Eternal Sovereigns and is extremely difficult to practice. At the same time, it has virtually not been disseminated in the outside world.

Even among the top quasi-Holies cultivated by the six Warlock Imperial Courts, none has mastered this unique secret methods. Consequently, its not that surprising that Yang Feng was agitated when he saw Argimiro employ this secret method.

Yang Feng operated the Eternal Imperishable Body without hesitation, and spatial portals, a mysterious torrent of time, black stars containing endless might, and a black hole devouring everything in its vicinity appeared behind him.

“Bring it on!”

Argimiros eyes shone, and the four phenomena containing world-destroying might dropped down from the sky and shot towards Yang Feng.


The spatial portals around Yang Feng collapsed.

The Staff of Dawn cut the turbulent and mysterious torrent of time into two.

The Battle Armor of Dawn shone, and countless runes appeared and blocked the black hole.

The pure celestial mountain and the black stars collided fiercely, rocked the sky, and shattered the void.

Yang Fengs Ruler Armor Magic Cube shattered bit by bit, and he fell from the sky, slammed into the earth, and spewed out blood.

Argimiro, whose attack succeeded, didnt stop here. He turned into a bright light and attacked Yang Feng.


Under Argimiros all-out attacks, Yang Feng was beaten back, vomited blood, and suffered numerous injuries again and again.

The Star Monarchs complexion changed, and she uttered: “How scary! This way of fighting resembles that of the Dawn Lord! So strong! He is stronger than the Dawn Lord when he was in the quasi-Holy step!”

The Dragon Spirit Monarch asked incredulously: “How can this be? How can he be stronger than the Dawn Lord when he was in the quasi-Holy step?”

Although the Dawn Lord is recognized as the weakest of the eight human Warlock Emperors. But in his days, he was a peerless genius invincible in the same realm who suppressed countless prodigies. The Dragon Spirit Monarch naturally has a hard time believing that someone would be able to surpass the Dawn Lord when he was young.

The Star Monarch flicked her wrist, and an image crystal suddenly appeared and radiated bright light.

A bright three-dimensional light curtain formed in the void and depicted the fighting between a young, handsome, blond man emanating an overbearing air and a 10,000-meter-tall transcendent with 1,000 eyes.

The Death Monarchs eyes flickered with peculiar light, and he said unhurriedly: “The battle between the Dawn Lord and the Thousand Eyes Transcendent Monarch!”

On the light screen, the Dawn Lord, who is shining and has a celestial mountain and a bright star behind him, is fighting the Thousand Eyes Transcendent Monarch.

In the end, the Dawn Lord suppressed and killed the Thousand Eyes Transcendent Monarch.

The Star Monarch uttered: “This is the battle between the Dawn Lord and the Thousand Eyes Transcendent Monarch. After this battle, the Dawn Lord promoted to a Holy Spirit Warlock.”

The Taboo Monarch said with a helpless smile: “Indeed, this Argimiro has surpassed the Dawn Lord when he was young in terms of battle prowess! How dreadful!”

The expression of the other five chairmen darkened as they stared at the arena.

Argimiro is a supreme prodigy of the Western World. Once he is promoted to a new Warlock Emperor, the Western Worlds influence will naturally flourish, and it will overwhelm the Eastern World.

Yang Feng was covered in wounds due to Argimiros frenzied attacks. Meanwhile, runes appeared in his eyes, and the mysterious energy he obtained from the Wall of Reflection churned and strengthened and transformed him at every moment.

The mysterious energy has been hidden inside him. Now that he is fighting such a frightening powerhouse like Argimiro, his potential and the mysterious energy were stimulated.

“Youre going to lose!”

No longer looking calm, Argimiro roared angrily and slammed the Staff of Dawn, which contains the power of destruction, towards Yang Feng.

“Youre the one whos going to lose!”

The Ruler Magic Cube formed a black shield in Yang Fengs right hand, and time fluctuations and space fluctuations shrouded the shield.

When the Staff of Dawn collided with the black shield, it was deflected aside by a distortion force.

All of a sudden, the flow of time around Yang Feng sped up fortyfold, his eyes shone brightly, and his fist shrouded by spatial portals, black stars, a black hole, and a torrent of time slammed into Argimiro.


As if stars collided, it a tremendous sound erupted.

The Battle Armor of Dawn caved in, the sound of bones breaking surged, and Argimiro spat out a mouthful of blood.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Tremendous sounds rose as the flow of time around Yang Feng increased to forty-onefold, to forty-twofold, and finally to fiftyfold.

Yang Feng is so fast that Glorious Sun Warlocks can barely see afterimages around Argimiro.

Argimiros Battle Armor of Dawn caved in again and again, and then restored itself. The battle armor deflected 50% of Yang Fengs attack power. However, the remaining 50% of power still forced Argimiro to spit out blood.

The black hole suspended in the void swallowed the life magic energy and elemental particles around Argimiro, making it virtually impossible for him to absorb the energy of heaven and earth and heal himself.

“You dare hurt me! Yang Feng, you actually dare hurt me! Do you know who I am? To dare hurt me, do you want your kin to be exterminated?”

Eyes shot with blood, Argimiro radiated a sense of dignity of someone who was offended by an inferior and roared madly, all the while spitting blood.

“Who are you? Lets hear it!”

Yang Feng, with an expressionless look on his face, continued to attack Argimiro, not pulling his punches.

An overbearing voice came out of Argimiros mouth and shook the void: “I am the Dawn Lord! The Eighth Warlock Emperor, the master of the human race! I command you to kneel!”

The Taboo Monarchs face fell: “The Dawn Lord! Hes actually the Dawn Lord!”

The Dragon Spirit Monarchs expression changed greatly, and he cried out: “Hes the Dawn Lord? Hes so young?”

The Star Monarchs expression flickered, and she thought of a possibility: “The Dawn Lord? How is that possible? No, its possible! The Dawn Lord must have used a variety if secret methods of transform himself and reincarnate his soul. Since he is the Dawn Lord, its no wonder his fighting strength can surpass that of the young Dawn Lord.”

The Death Monarchs countenance changed greatly, a bewildered look on his face: “The Dawn Lord! Is he the Dawn Lord? How is that possible? What to do? What to do?”

The Dawn Lord is the Eighth Warlock Dynastys Warlock Emperor, an unparalleled existence that suppressed countless planes. Upon witnessing the appearance of such an existence, even the six monarchs of the six Warlock Imperial Courts were shocked, not knowing what to do.

Yang Feng slammed a fist into Argimiro and blasted him into the ground: “Even if you are the Dawn Lord, you will still be defeated here today!”

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