Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1022 – Fame throughout the Universe

Chapter 1021 – Defeating the Dawn Lord

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Endless light of dawn shone and blood splattered. Argimiros immortal body spurted a large amount of blood, and then healed completely in an instant.

Yang Feng, as if an unreasonable ancient beast, with a fiftyfold acceleration of the flow of time, appeared around Argimiro at an incredible speed and slammed one fist after another into him.

Argimiro is the Dawn Lords soul reincarnation for a reason. Radiating dazzling light of dawn, the Staff of Dawn in his hand, which contains tyrannical power, pierced through the torrent of time protecting Yang Feng from an incredible angle and slammed into the person himself.

Each time Argimiro unleashed an attack, endless light of dawn shone. At the same time, Yang Fengs body was smashed, and blood spurted.

A torrent of time rolled out, the flow of time of Yang Fengs body reversed, and he recovered to his peak condition in an instant. He shone brightly and, as if an invincible god, shot towards Argimiro.

As the two fearsome quasi-Holies fought frenziedly, the Starry Sky Arena shook, forcing the Star Monarch to provide it with a tremendous amount of star force to maintain its existence.

The Taboo Monarch stared at Argimiro, her mind shook, and she muttered: “He is the Dawn Lords true body? For Yang Feng to be able to fight the Dawn Lords true body like this, he is really incredible!”

The Dragon Spirit Monarchs mind rocked, and he murmured: “The Dawn Lord? He is the Dawn Lord? Yang Feng is currently fighting with the Dawn Lord! How, how is that possible?”

The Magic Note Monarch uttered slowly, a look of bewilderment on his face: “The Dawn Lord? This guy, no, hes actually the Dawn Lord. No wonder hes so powerful, no wonder he dared to fight five people by himself. Its true, if His Majesty the Eighth Warlock Imperial Courts emperor didnt have this much confidence, he wouldnt have been able to defeat countless prodigies in his time and ascend the throne.”

The Dawn Lord is an existence as famous as the Time Lord and the other six Warlock Emperors and is recognized as the eighth strongest human powerhouse in the history of the Cangzhi Plane. When he rose at the time, he was invincible in the same realm.

Such a mighty and unparalleled being actually appeared in front of everyones eyes. He is fighting in the Starry Sky Arena, and is even being pushed back by Yang Feng. Seeing this scene, the six chairmen of the Human Supreme Council were struck dumb, their minds in disarray.

The Taboo Monarchs eyes flickered with killing intent, and she sent a voice transmission: “Star Monarch, can we kill him?”

The Dawn Lord is a peerless powerhouse who dominated an era. He is not a broad-minded character. On the contrary, in his later years, for the sake of longevity, he virtually let the Eight Warlock Imperial Court collapse.

Since Yang Feng has offended the Dawn Lord, the thought to kill the Dawn Lord rose inside the Taboo Monarch.

The eight human Warlock Emperors are human prodigies with incredible cultivation talent. Although they were all brilliant and capable when they were young. But in their later years, they had different performances.

The Time Lord and the Taboo Lord fell early. The Transcendent Lord and the Star lord disappeared mysteriously. The Death Lord entered the Eternal Ancient Road and never came out again. According to legend, the Magic Note Monarch fused with an Empyrean grade secret treasure, fell into deep slumber, and disappeared. The Golem Lord and the Dawn Lord failed to keep their integrity in their later years and displayed atrocious behavior.

The reason why there have only been six Warlock Imperial Courts in the core world is because the Golem Imperial Courts remnant forces have been vanquished repeatedly during the collapse of the Golem Imperial Court and the Dawn Imperial Courts remnant forces were rejected by the Warlocks of the core world and could not enter it.

Upon thinking about the tyranny and madness of the Dawn Lord in his later years, the Taboo Monarch shuddered and surged with killing intent.

The Star Monarch creased her slim eyebrows and sent a voice transmission back: “No, we cant! After all, he is the Dawn Lords soul reincarnation. Before entering the Starry Sky Arena, he used a secret treasure to created a passage, through which he can escape at any time!”

With a will from its master, the space-type Holy grade secret treasure the Starry Sky Arena can become a huge cage and seal the people inside.

Before they entered the Starry Sky Arena, both Argimiro and Yang Feng created passages through which they cane escape at any time.

Naturally, the Star Monarch is aware of this. But since the Starry Sky Arena is a venue to swap pointers, she cannot prevent the other parties from creating passages leading outside. This is also one of the rules of the competition.

The mysterious energy Yang Feng got from the Wall of Reflection flowed inside him, stimulated his potential, and made him increasingly stronger. As if he became a fearsome existence that wields time and space, Yang Feng traveled freely and elusively in the torrent of time and through the spatial portals and hurled all kinds of attacks at Argimiro. Under the other partys bombardment, Argimiro spewed out blood repeatedly, and his breath weakened.

If it wasnt for the marvelous defensive strength of the Battle Armor of Dawn, Argimiro would have already been blow into pieces.


With a cold bellow, a giant hand that seems to be able to burn a world to ashes extended towards the Starry Sky Arena.

“Sunforge Great Holy, are you going to intervene in the competition?”

Shan Yunsheng shouted sternly and waved a hand, and a gold shield suddenly flew out, suspended in the void, trembled, and burst out with brilliant light.

The Warlock towers in the city shone, their light poured into the gold shield, and the gold shield turned into a gold firmament that appears to cover the heaven and earth.

When the giant hand that seems to be able to be able to burn a world hit the gold firmament, the latter trembled and almost collapsed.

A startling killing intent transmitted from below and locked on the Sunforge Great Holy. He felt that the startling killing intent has the power to threaten his life.

In a one-on-one, the Sunforge Great Holy could easily defeat the present Holy Spirit Warlocks of the Human Supreme Council. But this is the headquarters of the Human Supreme Council, a place that contains the underlying strength of the six Warlock Imperial Courts.

If the six Warlock Imperial Courts took out their trump cards, it is not impossible to suppress or vanquish a Great Holy step powerhouse.

Sunforge Great Holy no longer attack and said in a cold voice, a gloomy expression on his face: “Have Yang Feng stop.”

The Taboo Monarch asked with a smile: “Sunforge Great Holy, are you saying that you admit defeat in Argimiros stead?”

The Sunforge Great Holy frowned and stared at Argimiro in the Starry Sky Arena.

If Argimiro was an ordinary quasi-Holy, even though he has incredible aptitude, the Sunforge Great Holy would not hesitate to admit defeat.

But since Argimiro is the reincarnation of the Dawn Lord, he is extremely prideful and has boundless potential. He is the true master of the Sunrise Alliance. The Sunforge Great Holy cannot make decisions for him.

In the first half of his life, the Dawn Lord was brilliant and capable. But in his later years, he was not the least bit magnanimous. To accompany a ruler is akin to accompany a tiger, the Sunforge Great Holy fells that hes in a tricky situation.

With a flash of the light of dawn, Argimiro disappeared from the Starry Sky Arena and appeared beside the Sunforge Great Holy.

“Argimiro, you escaped from the Starry Sky Arena. The mighty Dawn Lord doesnt even have the courage to admit defeat?”

With a flash of light, Yang Feng flew out of the Starry Sky Arena and returned to the side of the six chairmen. He stared at Argimiro and said with a cold smile.

“Yang Feng, I will remember you!”

Argimiro took a deep look at Yang Feng, and his eyes radiated a thick killing intent that enveloped Yang Feng.

Argimiro let the two peerless powerhouses of the human race Wang Bo and Huang Puchen be without hesitation because he thinks that they are no threat and fundamentally cannot reach his heights.

Yang Feng, however, is the only existence that can threaten Argimiro, which evoked killing intent inside him.

Argimiro flicked his finger, and the Key of Fate flew out, turned into a stream of light, and entered the Taboo Monarchs hand. He said frigidly: “We of the Sunrise Alliance will leave as agreed.”

“Lets go!”

Argimiro took a deep look at Yang Feng, retracted his killing intent, and turned into a stream of light and disappeared.

The Sunforge Great Holy followed behind hi, looking like a guard.

Shan Yunshengs eyes flickered a few times before he finally shook his head and chose not to attack.

Argimiro has revealed that he is the reincarnation of the Dawn Lord. But since he is a quasi-Holy who formed an immortal body, his fighting strength is comparable to that of Holy Spirit Warlocks, and he has many trump cards. Furthermore, once he saw that he is not Yang Fengs opponent, he retreated decisively. As a result, he still retains fearsome fighting strength.

If the six Warlock Imperial Courts use their trump cards, although they can easily defeat the current Argimiro, but it will be difficult, or almost impossible to kill him.

The Taboo Monarchs beautiful eyes flashed brightly, and she exclaimed: “Amazing! Yang Feng, youre really amazing. You actually defeated the Dawn Lord! Even if its just his reincarnation, its still incredible.”

The Death Monarch uttered: “Yang Feng, you are incredible!”

The Star Monarch said: “Yang Feng, since you defeated the Dawn Lords reincarnation, you will become truly famous throughout the universe. The apex powerhouses of the universe will all know your name.”

The Dawn Lord is a peerless powerhouse that awed the whole universe. After he advanced to a Warlock Emperor, he became almost invincible. He lost only once to an ancient and extremely powerful Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse.

As the Eighth Warlock Emperor of the human race, the Dawn Lords prestige covers the whole universe. The apex powers of the universe all know his name.

Since Yang Feng defeated the Dawn Lords reincarnation, it is inevitable that he will become famous throughout the universe.

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