Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1023 – Hidden

Chapter 1022 – Fame throughout the Universe

Translator: Xaiomoge

The God Blood Plane, in an endless sea of blood, a quasi-Holy step powerhouse with long, blood-colored hair and mysterious runes floating all over his body, and exuding immortal breath, is lying in the sea of blood.

In the sea of blood, there float the corpses of angels, dragons, gods, evil gods, devils, fiends, and other extraordinary life forms.

Wisps of churning blood essence are pouring into the quasi-Holy step powerhouse who formed an immortal body.

“The Dawn Lords soul reincarnation was defeated by Yang Feng. How amusing, the universe is getting more and more amusing.”

The corpse-like quasi-Holy step powerhouse suddenly opened his eyes, and two bright, blood-colored rays shot out from his eyes, appearing to tear the sky asunder.

The quasi-Holy step powerhouse revealed a mysterious smile: “The Dawn Lord suffered such a miserable defeat. Will he devour his god avatar and merge with it to suppress Yang Feng, I wonder?”

The Dawn Lord, who was the Dawn Imperial Courts Warlock Emperor back in the day, is exceptional talented. And even in his later years, when his behavior was atrocious, his opponents had no choice but to mount a surprise attack and pay a disastrous price in order to slay his true body. There are many powerhouses who received his favor and are following and guarding him. The Dawn Imperial Court has a huge underlying strength.

If the Dawn Lords reincarnation, in spite of everything, devours his supreme god avatar, then in less than a year, he will possess quasi-Empyrean grade battle prowess. But in that way, he will never be able to promote to a Warlock Emperor again.

In the world of Warlocks, inside a seemingly ordinary celestial body, there lies a monster corpse that seems to occupy the whole celestial body.

In the center of the monster corpses heart, strange flesh tubes, which shine with runes, have stabbed the fiend emperor, nourishing him.

All of a sudden, the fiend emperor opened his eyes, and two rays shot out and blasted open two large holes in a flesh wall, and then black liquid flowed out of the large holes.

“To actually defeat the Dawn Lords reincarnation. Truly amazing, Yang Feng! But just you wait! There can only be one strongest powerhouse in the universe, and that is me!”

After uttering such prophetic words, the fiend emperor closed his eyes again, runes shone all over his body, and he continued to absorb the power of the monster corpse.

The world of Warlocks, a celestial body covered in ancient beasts.

A two-meter-tall young man dressed in true dragon leather clothes, with bronze-colored skin and eyes bright as stars, who cannot be regarded as handsome yet is full of confidence, is sitting on a 10,000-meter-tall ancient beast. The young man exudes an air of mystery and tyranny.

The young man uttered: “The Dawn Lords reincarnation was defeated by Yang Feng! For such a monster to appear, as expected of the great tribulation. However, it is only in this era when such monsters emerge in endless succession that it is possible to reach the top, to reach eternity.”

In the center of a celestial body full of archgods, there lies a temple, in the center of which stands an idol. The idol, which has a humanoid appearance, has been staying in the temple for more than 100,000 years, standing motionless, enjoying the offerings of the archgods.

“The Dawn Lord was defeated?”

The idol that hadnt moved for countless years suddenly opened its eyes and emanated an overbearing breath.

“Its not time yet!”

As soon as the idol opened its eyes, it felt its lifespan elapse at an astonishing speed and frowned. Countless runes appeared, and the gold paint formed from runes enveloping the idol covered its eyes.

“Yang Feng!”

A voice reverberated in the temple, and then disappeared.

A remote celestial body, inside a mountain.

Countless precious materials of heaven and earth are placed around a huge altar according to a mysterious pattern. In the center of the altar, there is a black coffin full of mystery, which can seize the minds of ordinary people at the first sight.

“The Dawn Lord was defeated. This era is really dangerous! However, this era is also our only chance.”

A fearsome sense reverberated around the altar, tearing the surrounding space.

The universe where the world of Warlocks is located, which is only half a universe energy level lower than the Gumana Universe, hides a myriad of mysterious and powerful existences. There are even monsters from the Eternal Sovereign age, who used secret methods to seal themselves and prolong their existence till the modern era.

No matter which age they are from, these monsters have remembered a name, that is, Yang Fengs name.

Even in the Eternal Sovereign age, when Eternal Sovereigns dominated the universe, the number of Warlock Emperor wasnt large, and each one of them was a supreme being.

The pinnacle powerhouses of the world of Warlocks are well acquainted with the name of the the Dawn Lord, who is the Eighth Warlock Emperor of the human race. Since Yang Feng defeated the Dawn Lord, it prompted the pinnacle powerhouses of the universe learn his name.

The Battle Demon Sects headquarters at the branch floating continent, a grand banquet is being held in a palace.

“Fenger, youre amazing! Youre really amazing. You actually defeated the Dawn Lord. Ha-ha! Im so happy as your teacher.”

Huang Yihe looked Yang Feng up and down with satisfaction in his eyes and laughed proudly, feeling unspeakable joy.

Yue Wuxian said with a smile: “Beautifully done!”

He Liannu and Yu Jingang just stood aside and watched Huang Yihe and Yue Wuxian with jealousy and envy in their eyes.

Huang Yihe and Yue Wuxian are Yang Fengs benefactors. These years, Yang Feng did not hesitate to use his private resources to support them, enabling them to advance to the Warlock Monarch realm.

He Liannu and Yu Jingang, the two former great elders, also gained great benefits during the rapid expansion of the Battle Demon Sect and promoted to the Infinity Warlock realm. However, compared with Huang Yihe and Yue Wuxian, there is a huge gap. The thought that they missed the chance to recruit Yang Feng and Shi Xue at the time fills them with endless regret.

At the time, Yang Feng possessed meager strength, and so his status was far below that of He Liannu and Yu Jingang, who were great elders of the Battle Demon Sect. No matter who of them recruited him, he couldnt have refused them. But at the time, the two great elders couldnt care less about an ordinary Warlock whose soul aptitude was below level-5.

No one could have imagined that an ordinary Warlock whose soul aptitude was below level-5 would become so incredible and lofty, to the point that he would even defeat the unparalleled Dawn Lord.

Yuan Yi picked up a glass of wine and said with a gentle smile: “Junior disciple brother, youre really amazing. You actually defeated the Dawn Lord! Heres to you!”

Yang Feng smiled and drained his cup in one go: “It was just a fluke!”

The Dawn Lord is the fiercest enemy of the same realm Yang Feng has ever met. Even the fiend emperor is far weaker than the Dawn Lord.

If Yang Feng hadnt absorbed the mysterious energy of the Wall of Reflection, even if he formed the immortal body the Time Space Devour Body, he might not have been the opponent of the Dawn Lord.

After all, the Dawn Lord was once an invincible overlord of an era, a true Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse.

Huang Yihes personal disciples came forward one after another to congratulate Yang Feng.

Although Yang Feng is now the Sect Master of the Battle Demon Sect, but he is still Huang Yihes disciple and the junior disciple brother of Yuan Yi and them. Naturally, he wont refuse the senior disciple brothers and sisters, with whom he is close.

Next, the leaders of forces allied with the Battle Demon Sect came to congratulate Yang Feng.

After dealing with the allies, Yang Feng left the banquet hall alone and came to the rear garden, enjoying the extraordinary plants in the rear garden.

“May I sit here?”

Dressed in a purple dress and emanating a noble air, the former Garden Master of the Turandot Subcontinents Rose Garden, Carolina, came over.

Yang Feng, who is now a chairman of the Human Supreme Council, has the power to protect the beautiful women of the Turandot Subcontinent.

Yang Feng replied with a smile: “Please!”

A fragrance wafting out from her, Carolina sat on a chair next to Yang Feng, gazed at him with complicated emotions in her beautiful eyes, and said slowly: “Congratulations on defeating the Dawn Lord!”

Yang Feng responded with a smile: “It was just a fluke.”

The Dawn Lord is the pride of the Western World and the target of faith of countless western Warlocks. It was his existence that propelled the Western World to the level of the Eastern World.

In the Turandot Subcontinent, the Dawn Lord is regarded as a legendary and unparalleled existence. Many books have recorded the power and terror of the Dawn Lord.

Yet the unparalleled Dawn Lord was defeated by Yang Feng. The proud Carolina finally had to recognize Yang Fengs strength.

“Luck? Luck had nothing to do with it! How can a powerhouse like the Dawn Lord be defeated with luck? Youre just stronger than him.”

Dressed in a white dress, Snow White Madam Dephilia came over, a fragrance wafting out from her.

Dephilia, as if an iceberg that thawed, broke into a smile, looking incredibly beautiful: “Yang Feng, would you have a dance with me?”

Yang Feng smiled and stood up at once: “Of course!”

Dressed in gorgeous attires, Clarissa, Eunice, Judy, and other beautiful women from the Turandot Subcontinent came over with sweet smiles on their faces.

Carolina hesitated for a moment, then gritted her teeth and followed.

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