Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1024 – Conflict

Chapter 1023 – Hidden

Translator: Xaiomoge

The Gumana Universe, Retan Star, in a desert.

Two ten-meter-tall black humanoid mechas forged from super alloy, with mechanical wings on the back unleashing anti-gravity ripples, are flying at low altitude.

A black humanoid mecha suddenly inserted a rotating mechanical arm into the ground, and then pulled out a black stone.

“Found it, Pollock Stone! This Pollock Stone can be exchanged for at least 10 billion steel yuan!”

A black humanoid mecha transmitted a cry of joy.

At this time, the other black humanoid mecha ejected a sharp alloy sword and stabbed it into the mecha in the front, drawing a large amount of blood.

The mecha in the front transmitted with difficulty: “Gadi, why?”

“Hank, I want the entirety of the 10 billion steel yuan, not just half. So, go to hell!”

The mecha in the back transmitted a cold and cruel voice, pulled out the allow sword, and then slashed the mecha in the front.

The mecha in the front was cut into a number of pieces, and blood splashed about.

A radar-like flamethrower extended from the shoulder of the mecha in the back and ejected a flame that enveloped the mecha in the front, burning the latter into ashes.

“The Pollock Stone worth 10 billion steel yuan belongs to me now!”

The second mecha extended a mechanical arm and grabbed the Pollock Stone.

After the mechanical arm grabbed the Pollock Stone, countless mysterious runes suddenly appeared on the Pollock Stone, and phantom fluctuations enveloped the mecha.

The cockpit door in the middle of the mecha opened, and a tall, blond man in black, skin-tight clothing came out of the cockpit with a look of confusion in his eyes, as if he was bewitched, and placed his hand on the Pollock Stone.

In a flash, Gadi was sucked into the Pollock Stone.

Before long, ripples rose inside the Pollock Stone and Gadi came out.

“Moonlight Warlock, this body posses Moonlight Warlock rank power. But this adventure can enable him to promote to a Glorious Sun Warlock.

At this time, Gadis true body has been sealed into a special vessel by Yang Feng. Even if an Eternal Sovereign rank powerhouse uses detection spells, they will only discover that Gadi is still alive.

This body that is the spitting image of Gadi is a Flesh Golem avatar constructed from a part of Gadis soul and bloodline as well as top biotechnology.

Yang Fengs true body is hidden in a cell of the Flesh Golem avatar.

The Flesh Golem avatar looks exactly the same as Gadi. Even if you use gene-technology, you wont be able to find any difference.

Light shone, and a bright radiance ejected from the Pollock Stone and wound around Yang Fengs Flesh Golem avatar.

Thanks to the Pollock Stones radiance, the Flesh Golem avatars power rose, and then it broke through the bottleneck and became a Glorious Sun Warlock rank existence.

The electronic eyes on the Black Steel Leopard Fang mecha flickered slightly and recorded this scene.

As if an award-winning actor, Yang Feng gave an emotional performance, sighing: “This time I really lucked out. This Pollock Stone still possessed power, which enabled me to break through and promote to an Astrum step (Glorious Sun Warlock) powerhouse. Regrettably, Hank died in a storm.”

“What is this? Awesome! Ha-ha, this is a crystallization of an ancient civilizations science and technology. The path of this civilization is not much different from that of the blasteel race, awesome! This time I hit it big. This adventure may enable me to advance to a Starcraft step (Warlock Monarch) powerhouse!”

Yang Feng touched the earth underneath the Pollock Stone. All of a sudden, his eyes flashed with elation, and he took out a blue crystal.

When the blue crystal appeared, it turned into a blue specks of light that entered Yang Feng.

The Black Steel Leopard Fangs electronic eyes recorded this scene into its database.

After Yang Feng recovered his composure, he entered the Black Steel Leopard Fangs cockpit.

In the cockpit, there is a comfortable seat. In front of the seat, there is a sphere propped up by countless mechanical tubes.

Yang Feng put his hand on the sphere, and the sphere lit up and rapidly conducted a verification.

“Fingerprint confirmed, heartbeat confirmed, pupil confirmed, genes confirmed, soul fluctuations confirmed. Welcome, my master. Leopard Fang No. 018724633 will serve you wholeheartedly!”

A voice rang in Yang Fengs sea of knowledge. In the next moment, light flashed, and Yang Feng appeared to integrated with the mecha, and then looked at the surroundings.

Blasteel technology is formidable. The robots they developed dont need to be operated manually, but mentally. The operators equipped with these robots seem to be able to integrate with the units and can operate them freely.

Wisps of strange energy emanated from the mecha and nourished Yang Fengs avatar.

“I see. The blasteel race treads the path of man-machine as once. With man-machine integration, the operator provides soul and power for the mecha. The mecha absorbs all kinds of cosmic energies and transforms them into a power beneficial for the operator. Both the operator and the mecha are indispensable.”

The weapons made by the xizu are purely mechanical creations. Only the ruler series robots involve a soul.

The xizu fighting style is to draws the enemy in countless battle robots. Furthermore, they developed various kinds of weapons with terrifying battle prowess and unlimited evolutionary possibilities.

But the main research direction of the blasteel race is the one that treats robots as strengthening secret treasures. The battle robots of the blasteel race all have the mystical power to strengthen the operators.

Yang Fengs true body frowned: “But, the effect of the strengthening and nourishing of the operator is really poor. With this efficiency, even if 10,000 years go by, it is still impossible to propel the operator until the Bright World Warlock realm. It must be phased out and replaced!”

That Black Steel Leopard Fang mecha shone slightly, and then disappeared.

Outside the Retan Stars atmosphere, there is a 1,000-kilometer-long interstellar warship suspended in the outer space. This interstellar warship came to explore the Retan Star.

The Gumana Universe is half an energy level higher than the universe of the world of Warlocks. At the same time, it is extremely vast. Even Eternal Sovereigns cannot fully grasp the whole universe.

Due to the great tribulation, many relic sites and treasure-troves hidden in the Gumana Universe are emerging one after another.

The major races have sent countless exploration troops to explore everywhere and search for treasures.

A Black Steel Leopard Fang flew to 1,000 meters away of the interstellar warship.

“Please stop approaching this ship and conduct yourself according to the interstellar exploration regulations. Otherwise, this ship has the right to destroy you.”

Main artilleries of the interstellar warship locked on the Black Steel Leopard Fang.

“Leopard Fang No. 018724633, applying for return!”

A message was transmitted to the warship from the Black Steel Leopard Fang.

Scan ripples emanated from the warship and swept towards the Black Steel Leopard Fang.

“Verification complete, please enter the 342 hangar!”

A voice was transmitted, and a hangar opened.

The Black Steel Leopard Fang flew into the hangar.

Yang Feng came out of the Black Steel Leopard Fangs cockpit.

Scan rays shone in the hangar and enveloped Yang Feng.

“Fingerprint confirmed, genes confirmed, soul fluctuations confirmed! Identification of Gadi, a blasteel citizen, verified!”

A voice suddenly sounded, and a gate opened in the hangar.

If Yang Feng failed to pass the inspection in the hangar, he would have been shot on the spot.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with enigmatic light, and he showed a meaningful smile: “Passed the inspection!”

Blasteel race inspection system is very strict. With the great tribulation as the background, inspections have become more prevalent. If Yang Feng cant even pass this inspection, then he wont be able to sneak into the blasteel race.

In a bar aboard the warship, the music is so loud that it seems like it will shatter the peoples eardrums. In the center of the bar, a beautiful woman with long, maroon hair and a hot figure is performing striptease.

Blasteel interstellar adventurers are drinking and chatting loudly as well as teasing the women in the bar.

A bear-like man with a hairy chest came over with a glass of wine in hand and said to Yang Feng: “Gadi, wheres Hank? Didnt you guys go together? How was the harvest this time?”

Yang Feng smiled and flicked his wrist, and the Pollock Stone sealed in a crystal appeared in is hand: “Shank, Hank is dead! I got a Pollock Stone.”

When these words sounded, the atmosphere in the bar suddenly changed, and eyes full of greed focused on Yang Feng.

A Pollock Stone is worth more than 10 billion, which is a huge sum even for blasteel Bright World Warlocks.

Shank stopped breathing for a moment and reached for the Pollock Stone: “Pollock Stone! Gadi, you son of a bitch, you got real lucky this time!”

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