Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1029 – Devouring Quasi-Holies

Chapter 1028 – Secret of the Andarim Race

Translator: Xaiomoge

At the moment when the Black Butchers battle axe was about to split Yang Feng in two, the blue radiance on Yang Fengs mecha suddenly ejected a sharp blade that easily sliced the Back Butcher into many pieces.

“How is that possible!”

The Black Butchers eyes flickered with disbelief before he turned into many pieces and scattered on the ground.

Yang Feng flicked a finger, and a flame shrouded the fragments of the Black Butcher and easily burned them into ashes.

Chriss eyes narrowed slightly at this scene and her heart filled with vigilance.

“On the Retan Star, I encountered a relic of another civilization. With the help of this relic, I will be able to become a Starcraft step (Warlock Monarch) powerhouse in the future. I even have a 30% chance of promoting to an Imperishable step (Holy Spirit Warlock) powerhouse.”

Yang Feng spread the fingers of a hand, and the brilliant blue radiance disappeared. Then, he looked calmly at Chris and spoke thusly.

Chris frowned slightly and asked: “Are you going to silence me?”

Yang Feng spoke unhurriedly, a flash of killing intent in his eyes: “I dont want to let people who know my secret live. Princess Chris, please give me a reason not to kill you. I didnt want to fight you at first. But since the Black Butcher forced my hand, I can only ask your forgiveness.”

Chris uttered: “I know how to get the Blasteel Scriptures secret methods after the sixth volume.”

Yang Feng responded flatly: “Nothing is more important than my life.”

Chris pondered for a moment before saying: “Lets get married! As long as you agree to a condition, we can get married. By using the life partner contract, it can ensure that I wont do anything harmful to you.”

Andarim are the most popular servants in the Gumana Universe. In addition to birthing a large number of dashing men and beautiful women, once they form a life partner contract with another, they will never betray their other half.

Of course, the life partner contract can only come into effect if the andarims are willing to to form it. Otherwise, even if you use coercion, hypnosis, or other methods, it wont come into effect.

Yang Feng asked curiously, feeling slightly surprised: “What condition?”

Chriss beautiful eyes shimmered with hair-raising resentment and killing intent, and she said while enunciating every syllable: “If there is a chance, I want you to capture my half sister Elise and give her to me.”

Yang Feng asked: “Why?”

Chris spoke full of resentment: “That cruel, vicious, smelly bitch tormented my mother for ten days and nights using various vicious ways, until my mother became feeble and died. Im hiding in this frontier expedition just to avoid that bitch.”

Yang Feng frowned and asked: “Doesnt your father care?”

Although Chris spoke calmly, but her words were full of bitterness: “She was punished by that person by sitting facing the wall for a year. My mother, in that persons eyes, is inconsequential. No, my mother and I are both insignificant in that persons eyes. But Elises mother is the daughter of a goldwhirl Imperishable step (Holy Spirit Warlock) powerhouse and that persons consort!”

Yang Feng immediately understood everything.

On the one hand is an andarim dancer, a plaything, and on the other hand is a consort with a strong background. The 139th Prince naturally sided with his consort.

With her talent, Chris has been regarded as an ordinary genius. She has reached the Glorious Sun Warlock realm after practicing cultivation for less than 500 years. But among the children of the 139th Prince, she in only in the lower middle class, which naturally wouldnt attract his attention.

Yang Feng uttered decisively: “Alright! I promise you! If I have the ability, I will capture and give her to you.”

Chris nodded and closed her eyes, and wisps of limpid light, with her as the core, slowly spread in all directions. All of a sudden, bright moonlight emerged from her, slowly condensed into a mysterious rune, and then entered Yang Feng.

Yang Fengs true bodys soul suddenly stirred, felt a sense of longing, and absorbed the mysterious rune.

In a flash, wisps of clear and mysterious purification force surged inside Yang Fengs soul and made his soul sublimate a little.

Yang Fengs eyes burst out with bright light and revealed the shade of excitement: “This is the secret of the andarim race! The partner contract of the most talented andarims can enhance the other halfs soul force. If about 100 andarims such a Chris enter into a partner contract with me, my soul aptitude will be able to break through at one stroke and advance to superior level-9.”

“No wonder the andarim race is being firmly held by the three Eternal Sovereigns and the lords of the eighteen sacred races. So there is such a mystery behind it.”

Yang Feng finally understood why pure blood andarim are so rare in the outside world. They are extremely precious, and they even have effect on Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses.

“From the perspective of the three Eternal sovereigns and the lords of the eighteen sacred races, letting them roam free is not of great use.”

Yang Feng woke up from his thoughts and waved his hand, and a vial of precious special healing elixir, which is a specialty product of the blasteel race, flew into Chriss hand.

Chris drank the vial of special healing elixir without hesitation, and then radiated faint light from all over her body.

Chris said: “Lets go back to the headquarters of the blasteel race, the Steel Spirit Glory Star. When we get there, the assassins wont dare to act recklessly.”

Yang Feng replied: “Okay!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

At this moment, as if the world collapsed, a star thousands of miles away suddenly burst apart. The huge explosion seemed to shatter the firmament.

A terrifying black hole suddenly emerged, from which a hidden star ejected.

The star emanated light and a peerless breath.

“This is a treasure-throve of the Gumana Universe! This is really beyond my expectation. Sure enough, even Eternal Sovereigns cannot pry into all the changes of the future.”

Yang Feng looked in the direction of the breath, and his eyes suddenly brightened and filled with excitement.

Although Yang Feng has Great Holy step computing power and can fiddle with fate on a small scale, but he still cant see the future.

Even Eternal Sovereigns cant securely grasp all future and control all fate. Otherwise, Eternal Sovereigns would never fall.

Yang Feng uttered, burning with ambition: “Lets go to that star and look for opportunities.”

Chris frowned slightly and said: “Gadi, that star is really dangerous. I can sense that there are even Starcraft step (Warlock Monarch) rank existences there. Its too dangerous.”

The andarims instinctively dont like to take uncertain risks.

Yang Feng said in a deep voice: “Seeking wealth is never without danger. If we want to get ahead and have a footing in the blasteel race, we must take risks and fight for all the opportunities we can get. Otherwise, how can we defeat your sister? She has hundreds or even a thousand times as much resources as we have.”

Chris sobered up in an instant, and her beautiful eyes flashed with a burning color: “Youre right! Gadi, lets go! Its better to die there than in that womans schemes.”

Two radiances shone and flew towards the star.

“It appeared!”

“Here it is!”

“A unique treasure-throve appeared!”

“Its a star hidden in a black hole! Its definitely a hidden treasure-throve of a powerhouse at least at the Imperishable step (Holy Spirit Monarch)!”


The fleets cruising and adventuring in this starfield sensed the breath radiating from the star. Their eyes flashed with a burning color, and they flew towards the star.

When Yang Feng landed on the star, his true body flew out of the avatar without any sound or sign and floated in the void, and his tremendous soul force swept towards the star.

“This way!”

A blue crystal suddenly appeared in the hand of Yang Fengs Gadi avatar, and he took a look at the blue crystal. He masked his breath and pulled Chris to speed along in a certain direction.

On this star, there are Infinity Warlock rank beasts. Astrum step (Glorious Sun Warlock) powerhouses like Yang Feng and Chris are only at the middle of the food chain on this star.

“A nice treasure!”

Suddenly, Yang Fengs eyes brightened, and he took a step, crossed 10,000 kilometers, and arrived above a limpid, dark green lake.

In the middle of the green lake, there is a white lotus about the size of palm. White fragrance is emanating from the white lotus and spreading in all directions.

A 10,000-meter-long star beast with a dragon head, an alligator body, tiger paws, and dragon wings is lying on the ground and absorbing the white fragrance.

The star beast suddenly opened its eyes, its eyes erupted with endless ferocity, and it sprayed a sea of poison, which can corrode all things in the world and even poison Holy Spirit Warlocks to death. The sea of poison swept towards Yang Feng.

“No matter how strong the attack is, its useless if it cant hit!”

Spatial portals suddenly emerged from Yang Feng, and the sea of poison that blotted out the sky poured into the spatial portals, and were transmitted to alternate spaces.

Yang Feng took a step, appeared in front of the star beast, and spread the fingers of a hand, and a Devour Sun appeared and swallowed the pinnacle Warlock Monarch rank star beast.

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