Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 103 – Victory

Chapter 102 – The Projection Of The Eight-Eyed Freak

Translator: Xaiomoge

After the projection left by the terrifying eight-eyed being descended to this world, it inhaled. The level-2 Warlocks in Anushas group, regardless of their resistance, as if crickets and ants, were sucked in before the bloody maw closed.

Shortly after, incomparably mournful and miserable shrieks were transmitted from the bloody maw of the terrifying being. Simultaneously, there were still several thighs continuously struggling and wiggling outside the bloody maw.

Level-2 Warlocks were classified as extraordinary life forms with a terrifying life force. But that terrifying life force was also the reason why they suffer even more before dying.

After that terrifying being devoured everyone in Anushas group beside the Warlock-Summoner. Only then did its true body retreated in satisfaction, disappearing inside the silver-white door.

“Im Mandragul. Petty and lowly humans, offer me formidable flesh and souls. Otherwise, Ill eat you all!” The projection of the eight-eyed terrifying being turned its head towards the sky and looked around, its eight eyeballs turned and twisted and it said eerily.

In an instant, the complexions of every Warlock in the Black Dragon Empires Royal Grand Arena change slightly, they all felt as if the eight-eyed terrifying being was firmly staring at them. A terror rose from deep within them, as if they were a frog being stared by a snake.

Yang Fengs complexion also changed slightly, he was full of fear towards that freak: ” It could even trace our location via magic power, that freak is truly too scary.”

The freak that could trace their location via magic power, its true body was definitely comparable to that of a god-like terrifying being.

The complexion of the originally lively presenter also paled as his body shivered and his legs became weak.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

After all the Warlocks in Anushas group had been devoured by the eight-eyed freak, the defensive spells that they had cast immediately collapsed. The dense shellfire immediately swallowed the terrifying freak.

“Interesting, are these the military weapons of this world? Unfortunately, theyre nothing more than somewhat interesting toys, theres no way for them to wound me!”

A cold and cruel laughter was transmitted from amidst the explosions, via an occult law, it passed through countless kilometers and reverberated beside the ears of everyone in Black Dragon Empires Royal Grand Arena.

The shells originally aimed at the silver-white door, under the effect of a strange power, had their trajectories offset and fell several hundred meters away from the silver-white door.

In an instant, the terrifying explosions turned the space several hundred meters away from the silver-white door into broken bits, with enormous tattered craters everywhere.

One could see that eight-eyed freak stand loftily in the center of the silver door, looking coldly at the sky, its eight eyes flashing with bizarre radiances and a terrifying life force comparable to that of a pinnacle level-3 Warlock diffusing from its body.

Yang Feng stared at the eight-eyed freak and creased his eyebrows slightly: “Such a powerful monster! The power it wields is completely beyond that of a level-3 Warlock.”

Even a Great Warlock, if standing still, would also have their defense broken by the endless shellfire and then blasted into tatters. But as long as one was proficient in the application of a all kinds of spells, then it was entirely possible to produce the same strange result as the one that the eight-eyed freak produced.

The trajectories of the shellfire were directly twisted by the strange power of the eight-eyed freak, missing their target. It didnt need to waste too much power to withstand the destructive might of the shells blowing up, thats the only reason it could so effortlessly withstand the bombardment from the artillery. It terms of power application, it was on a completely different level, ordinary level-3 Warlocks couldnt compare to it.

The projections of formidable beings from other planes, they were unmatched among the same rank and it was extremely difficult to defeat them.

The eight-eyed freak, two of its eyes emitted strange radiances, warping the trajectories of the various shells. The other six eyes turned and locked onto the experts of Yang Fengs group in the Dragon Battle Isle.

“Delicious flesh and souls! Such nice offerings!” Mandraguls six eyes turned and it gave a sinister smile, extremely strange radiances burst out from its six eyes.

The bodies of the distant six level-2 Warlocks trembled, countless amounts of blood very strangely spurted out of the seven orifices on their heads and joined with transparent souls, turning into blood arrows that in an instant flew towards Mandragul.

After several short breaths, the six bloody arrows with the souls of the six level-2 Warlocks flew into Mandraguls mouth, where they were chewed and then gulped down.

The bodies of the six level-2 Warlocks trembled and directly dropped to the ground, turning into six corpses.

Everyone felt slightly chilly within after seeing this scene.

On the Dragon Battle Isle, the complexions of the warriors in Yang Fengs group paled further, their figures shuddered and their eyes were brimming with terror. Such a strange and cruel freak, it wasnt something that they could defeat.

Just then, 20 level-8 beast-type bladed robots rushed from the forest and ferociously chopped at Mandragul with their high frequency oscillation blades.

“A bunch of steel lumps, let me tear you apart!” Mandraguls eyes flashed with a touch of malevolence, its figure shook, like a specter, it suddenly appeared behind a beat-type bladed robot and slapped its head.

In a split second, that beast-type bladed robot was directly crushed from top to bottom, turning into countless parts shooting in every which direction.

Mandraguls slap displayed the terrifying power that it wielded, just a singled slap completely shattered the insides of that beast-type bladed robot, its central control core was also smashed by that slap.

After the beast-type bladed robot was smashed by that slap, Mandraguls figure shook and it avoided the countless shellfire from the gunner robots. It extremely strangely appeared in front of another best-type bladed robot, it pierced the left side of that bladed robots chest with its claw, forcibly pulled out the central control core and casually burst it.

As soon as the central control core of that beast-type bladed robot was burst, it then lost all of its power and fell weakly to the ground.

Yang Feng felt slightly chilly within when he saw this scene: “Such a terrifying freak! It even saw through the bladed robots central control core within such a short amount of time, truly a freak!!”

The location of the bladed robots central control core was extremely well hidden. Even if level-3 Warlocks could destroy the bladed robots, they still wouldnt so easily discover their central control core. Mandragul merely took care of a single bladed robot before he identified the location of the bladed robots central control core, its perspicacity was simply shocking.

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