Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1031 – Suppressing the Swallowing Star Sparrow

uations of power of the Empyrean grade secret treasure come from that direction!”

Yang Fengs gaze moved and fell on the pitch black sea of filth, which is full of endless resentment, demonic qi, and evil qi and is enveloped by a strong smell of blood.

The pitch black sea of filth is a terrifying existence formed from the blood spilled by the Arcane Arms Lord, several other Warlock Emperors, Great Holies, and Holy Spirit Warlocks. After countless, the blood of these powerhouses turned into a danger zone. Even if it is a Holy Spirit Warlock, if they fall inside, they will be polluted, eroded, and die.

The fluctuations of power of the Empyrean grade secret treasure come from the deepest part of the sea of filth.

Yang Feng took a step, crossed ten thousand kilometers in an instant, and appeared at the edge of the sea of filth. Then, he took out a huge steel warship and rode it towards the depth of the sea of filth.

At this time, there are many huge ships in the sea of filth.

Above the sea of filth, the void distorted and formed a terrifying vortex. In the sky, there are dark clouds, bolts of lightning, and disordered elemental particles.

Since the power of heaven and earth cannot be used above the sea of filth, you have to rely on you own power to fly in the sky. At the same time, you have to contend against all kinds of dangers that may exist in the sky.

The swallowing star sparrow appeared above the sea of filth and, while disregarding the attacks from the bolts of lightning, flew towards the deepest part of the sea of filth.

Along with booming sounds, countless bolts of lightning bombarded the swallowing star sparrows giant body. Then, dark holes appeared around the swallowing star sparrow and swallowed the bolts of lightning.

Seeing the swallowing star sparrow resist the lightning in the sky, a dozen plus Warlock Monarchs suddenly turned into rays and soared into the sky.

Lightning rained down from the sky and bombarded the dozen plus Warlock Monarchs, instantly destroying their defenses. Charred black from the lightning, the dozen plus Warlock Monarch dropped into the sea of filth.


“Save me! I…”


The dozen plus Warlock Monarchs screamed miserably. Creepy giant hands covered in black eyes grabbed them and pulled them to the bottom of the sea of filth.

Each one of the dozen plus Warlock Monarchs is a cruel character who ruled over a faction and rampaged in the world. But now, they died so miserably without any power to resist.

“Swallowing star sparrow is an Imperishable step direbeast for a reason!”

“How dreadful!”

“Only such a top-shelf Imperishable step direbeast may be able to contend against the lightning and cross the sea of filth from the air.”


The powerhouses riding different warships gazed at the swallowing star sparrow resisting the countless bolts of lightning in the sky and sighed.

Yang Feng swept the swallowing star sparrow with his gaze, and his eyes flashed with disdain: “This is the most unique danger zone here, how can it be that simple? Although this swallowing star sparrow has reached the Holy Spirit Warlock realm and possesses tyrannical strength. But without practicing secret methods, it is all brawn and no brain.”

All of a sudden, Mist Rulers flew out of Yang Feng and drifted with the wind like a dark mist.


In the whirlpool above the sea of filth, as if an ancient direbeast awakened, a spear 1,000 kilometers long formed from lightning and shot towards the swallowing star sparrow.

All of a sudden, the swallowing star sparrow felt a hair-raising sense of danger. Countless runes shone on its body, and a black hole appeared behind it and, with the power to swallow stars and extinguish a world, swallowed the 1,000-kilometer-long spear.

The black hole trembled and started collapsing. Then, the spear tore the black hole apart and ran through the swallowing star sparrow, and countless bolts of lightning entangled it, knocking it down from the sky.

With a fierce flash in its eyes, the Moon Spirit Snake Ancestor suddenly shone, flew at a low altitude in the direction of the swallowing star sparrow, and inhaled, and a fearsome attractive force shrouded the swallowing star sparrow.

The star thunder lion, while treading on lightning, flew at a low altitude in the direction of the swallowing star sparrow like a bolt of lightning.

As a Holy Spirit Warlock rank direbeast, the swallowing star sparrows whole body in a peerless treasure. For Holy Spirit Warlock rank existences, if they consume it, they will gain great benefits.

All of a sudden, thirty six divine runes appeared around Bona Xiongfei, his speed increased fifty-fold, and he flew at a low altitude in the direction of the swallowing star sparrow.

At this time, a river of time extended from afar, and Yang Feng, as if stepping across time, appeared underneath the swallowing star sparrow in an instant and stabbed it in the abdomen with the God Slayer Dagger. Countless runes emerged and sealed and suppressed the swallowing star sparrow.

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