Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1035 – Kill Them All

Chapter 1034 – Empyrean Grade Secret Treasure the Arcane Arms Bell

Translator: Xaiomoge

Most of the Moon Spirit Snake Ancestors upper body was devoured, but a portion turned into a gold Holy source. Countless runes flew out of the gold Holy source and formed a boundary.

Yang Feng willed, and a swarm of Seal Rulers flew into the boundary and bombarded the gold Holy source the Moon Spirit Snake Ancestor turned into with sealing light.

Mysterious runes appeared one after another and suppressed and sealed the gold Holy source.

After suppressing the Moon Spirit Snake Ancestor, Yang Feng looked around and saw that gazes full of malice and wary are focused on him.

Even though the Moon Spirit Snake Ancestor was seriously injured, but as a Holy Spirit Warlock rank direbeast, its fighting strength was still extremely fierce, to the point that it could slay quasi-Holies. Nevertheless, it was still suppressed by Yang Feng. This made the other Holy Spirit Warlock rank direbeasts wary of Yang Feng.

The Green Nocturnes eyes shimmered with killing intent, and he sent a voice transmission: “Everyone, this guy of unknown background has suppressed the swallowing star swallow and the Moon Spirit Snake Ancestor. If we let him live, we wont be able to feel at ease while fighting this monsters. Why dont we join hands to kill him first?”

The Imperishable step direbeasts stared at Yang Feng with fierce glints in their eyes, and their killing intent surged, ready to attack at any time.

Whether it is the swallowing star sparrow or the Moon Spirit Snake Ancestor, their body and soul are great supplements and evolution resources for Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses. This is enough to prompt Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses to put their life on the line.

Even Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses who are not proficient in the essence of devour can also gain great benefits from corpses of powerhouses of the same realm as them.

In the world of Warlocks, the birth of a Warlock Emperor is accompanied by the fall of many Holy Spirit Warlocks. This is because the birth of a Warlock Emperor requires countless nutrients, and Holy Spirit Warlocks are the nutrients that are necessary for the growth of Warlock Emperors.

“Green Nocturne, do you want to die?”

Yang Fengs gaze turned cold, his killing intent surged, he pointed with a hand, and a total of three Holy Slaying Artilleries appeared and pointed at the Green Nocturne and the two other Holy Spirit Warlock rank direbeasts, none of whom are concealing their evil intentions.

When they saw the three Holy Sealing Artilleries, the countenance of the three direbeasts changed greatly.

If they were in some other place, the three direbeasts could cross hundreds of kilometers with a step. It would be virtually impossible for the Holy Slaying Artilleries to lock on them.

But in the sea of filth, once they are locked on by the Holy Slaying Artilleries, the direbeasts warships will be destroyed, and they will be forced into the air. If they are not careful, they will be struck by the bolts of lightning and die.

The direbeasts at the scene are all extremely powerful and ferocious. If there is a chance to devour powerhouses of the same realm as them, they will never let it slip by.

The Green Nocturnes expression changed, his eyes shimmered with apprehension, and he looked around and said in a deep voice: “Dont be impulsive, Arcane Ancestor! If we fight to the death here, both sides will suffer in the end.”

The direbeasts would like to kill Yang Feng and rob him. But since they are wary of each other, no one stepped in.

In this sea of filth, there are many dangers. Without complete assurance, no one will easily attack another powerhouse of the same realm.

Bona Xiongfei said in a deep voice: “Stop quarreling! The urgent task at hand is to kill that monster. If there are any grudges, wait until you cross this sea of filth.”

The sea of filth is extremely dangerous. Its water can erode and corrupt even Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses.

If the Moon Spirit Snake Ancestor hadnt been eroded by the water of the sea of filth, Yang Feng would not have been able to suppress it that easily.

The Flaming Bone Arcane Ancestor swept Yang Feng with a cold gaze and said: “Lets first kill that thing! If someone takes advantage of this situation to mount a surprise attack, they will become everyones enemy. Well join hands and slay him!”

Yang Feng smiled lightly and didnt retort.

“Lets go!”

The star thunder lion roared, countless bolts of lightning flashed, and a frightening spear of lightning erupted and shot towards the headless giant.

The spear of lightning ran through the water of the sea of filth surrounding the headless giant, and then blasted open a giant hole in the body of the headless giant.

The Flaming Bone Arcane Ancestor opened its mouth, and a burning bone star formed from countless powerful life forms suddenly appeared and barreled towards the headless giant.

A large amount of the water of the sea of filth was burned, purified, and turned into black smoke by the burning bone star.

Countless tendrils extended from the Green Nocturne, stabbed into the void, attacked the back of the headless giant from incredible angles, and destroyed its vertebral column.

The Holy Spirit Warlocks acted one after another and rained attacks on the headless giant, blasting pieces of the ten thousand meters tall headless giant apart.

The headless giant itself is just a Holy Spirit Warlock rank existence. Faced with the siege of several Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses, its naturally difficult for it to resist.

The headless giant suddenly dove deep into the sea of filth.

Fearsome forces suddenly erupted deep in the sea of filth and bombarded the warships of many powerhouses, smashing them to pieces.

The bronze ship Bona Xiongfei is riding radiated bronze light that resisted the bombardment of the fearsome forces.

“Bona Xiongfei, let us ride your ship!”

The Blazing Bone Arcane Ancestor roared, turned into a flame, and landed on Bona Xiongfeis ship.

Along with flashes of light, Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses came down from the sky and landed on Bona Xiongfeis ship.

Bona Xiongfei raised his eyebrows slightly, but didnt refuse. Instead, he gazed at other places.

Not far away, there is a stunning woman in white with a silver horn on the head, stepping on a white lotus, gazing at the attacks coming from the sea of filth.

A black lamp is floating in the sea of filth. Inside the lamp, there is a peerless troll sailing in the sea of filth.

Under the frenzied attacks of the headless giant, quasi-Holies and Holy Spirit Warlocks who concealed their breath until now were exposed one after another.

With a wave from Yang Feng, steel warships emerge one after another.

Every time a steel warship was destroyed by the sea of filth, Yang Feng would replace it with another one and sail ahead.

In the end, the headless giant didnt dare to appear again, allowing the ships carrying fearsome powerhouses to cross this area of the sea of filth.

After this battle, all the Infinity Warlocks have fallen, while only some top-shelf pinnacle Warlock Emperors luckily escaped with their life.

After crossing this area of the sea of filth, a broken palace complex appeared before everyones eyes.

Each of the palaces in the palace complex is hundred thousand meters tall, looking great and magnificent.

In the palace complex, traces of war can be seen everywhere. Black blood stains extend into the sea of filth from the palace complex.

In the palace complex, the remains of beast hundreds of kilometers to one thousand kilometers in length can be seen everywhere, and they each exude immortal Holy might.

The Green Nocturnes eyes shone with excitement, and he cried out in a trembling voice: “Treasure-throve! This is definitely a great treasure-throve!”

Everyones eyes are full of excitement.

The Holy Spirit Warlock rank corpses are each a treasure. In the palace complex, the Holy Spirit Warlock rank corpses exceed one thousand. This is absolutely an amazing treasure-throve. Even a Warlock Emperor would be excited at this sight.


The sound of a bell rose from a thousand meters tall, partly destroyed palace in the palace complex, vibrated in all directions, and slightly shook the souls of the people at the scene.

“Perfect step (Empyrean grade) secret treasure!”

“Its the Arcane Arms Bell of the Arcane Arms Lord, a Perfect step secret treasure!”

“Thats the Arcane Arms Bell, a Perfect step secret treasure of the Arcane Arms Lord!”


On hearing the bell, the eyes of the Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses lit up and flickered with excitement, and they turned into streams of light and flew towards the palace complex one after another.

Although the Holy Spirit Warlock rank corpses are great, but the best treasure here is still the Empyrean step secret treasure. Once a Holy Spirit Warlock obtains an Empyrean grade secret treasure, they will be invincible in the same realm, and will even be able to suppress Great Holy step powerhouses.

Some of the Warlock Monarchs and quasi-Holies turned into streams of light and shot towards the direbeast corpses.

The fight for the Empyrean grade secret treasure is not an event that Warlock Monarchs and quasi-Holies can participate in. As a result, they chose to focus their attention on the direbeast corpses. The direbeast corpses are also great treasures themselves.

“Scram! This is my treasure!”

A Warlock Monarch has just flown not far away, then a ten thousand meters long skeleton enveloped in fire slapped the Warlock Monarch. With this blow, the defenses of the Warlock Monarch collapsed, and the person himself was sent flying back.

“These corpses are not somethings an ant like you can covet!”

The tendrils of a nocturne quasi-Holy step powerhouse ran through the void and stabbed a Warlock Monarch in the forehead and frantically absorbed the other partys blood essence and soul.

Although the Holy Spirit Warlock rank direbeasts flew towards the center of the palace complex, but they also left avatars here in order to fight over the Holy Spirit Warlock rank direbeast corpses.

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