Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1036 – Slaying a Quasi-Holy with an Immortal Body

Chapter 1035 – Kill Them All

Translator: Xaiomoge

Besieged by the avatars of the Holy Spirit Warlock rank direbeasts, the Warlock Monarchs of the Gumana Universe were blasted apart and devoured one by one.

Soon, only the avatars of the Holy Spirit Warlocks were left in this area.

Every Spirit Warlock rank corpse is precious and worthy for Holy Spirit Warlocks to fight over it. For the Warlock Monarchs to fight over those corpses is just a fools dream.

The avatars looked at each other with apprehension, and then blurred and flew towards the corpses that emit immortal Holy might.

At this time, endless mist rose abruptly and covered this area completely.

A swarm of completely invisible three-meter-tall Blade Rulers suddenly broke out, brandished their blades, and slashed at the avatars.

Caught off guard, the quasi-Holy avatar of the Flaming Bone Arcane Ancestor had countless bones severed, and his body vibrated violently.


The quasi-Holy avatar of the Flaming Bone Arcane Ancestor roared angrily, and fire rose from his body and turned into fire dragons, fire flood dragons, and fire crows that blotted out the sky and shot towards the Blade Rulers.

When the Blade Rulers knocked into the fires, countless mysterious runes appeared all over their body and formed a strange formation that absorbed the power of the fires.

Six Blade Rulers were directly melted by the fires, leaving only mechanical cores behind, which merged into other units.

After paying the price of six units, the swarm of Blade Rulers crossed the sea of fire, brandished their blades, and frantically slashed the quasi-Holy avatar of the Flaming Bone Arcane Ancestor.

The quasi-Holy avatar of the Flaming Bone Arcane Ancestor disintegrated into pieces and dropped from the sky.

“What monsters are these? How come they are this dreadful!”

The eyes of the quasi-Holy avatar of the Flaming Bone Arcane Ancestor shimmered with fear, and the remaining skull suddenly radiated four-colored light, rose into the sky, and fled.

The swarm of Blade Rulers turned into a torrent of steel, swept towards the skull of the Flaming Bone Arcane Ancestors quasi-Holy avatar, and instantly chopped it into pieces.

Seal Rulers emerged from the mist, fired sealing light, and sealed the soul of the Flaming Bone Arcane Ancestors quasi-Holy avatar.

“Damn it! What sort of monsters are these? After so many years, how can there be such ferocious monsters in this place!”

The countenance of the Green Nocturnes avatar changed greatly, and he brandished countless tendrils and smashed the Blade Rulers one after another. However, the almost endless sea of Blade Rulers hacked the void apart, attacked from all directions, sliced the Green Nocturnes avatars magic shields, and then cut the avatar to pieces.


“Damn bastards!”


In the mist, the avatars were slashed to pieces and killed one after another.

The Flaming Bone Arcane Ancestors face fell, and he uttered coldly: “My avatar fell!”

The Green Nocturnes countenance changed greatly, and he howled madly: “Curses, my avatar also fell!”

The eyes of the star thunder lion surged with mysterious runes and flashed with lightning, and the scene of the thick mist appeared in the void.

Bona Xiongfei said in a deep voice: “That area is covered with thick mist, making it impossible to see anything. But, since this is the place where the Arcane Arms Lord fell, its normal to have strange things occur.”

At the time, the Arcane Arms Lord was the No.1 powerhouse below the three Eternal Sovereigns. Faced against six Warlock Emperors, he eventually took them down with himself.

In the burial place of the Arcane Arms Lord, countless Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses have fallen. This is an extremely dangerous place. Its not unusual for even Holy Spirit Warlocks to fall here.

Yang Feng said with a serious expression: “Yes, this place is really dangerous. We have to be careful.”

The top powerhouses present glanced at Yang Feng with a look full of coldness and killing intent, and then flew straight towards the huge palace.

“What is that?”

In front of the palace, there lies a ten thousand meters long hand emanating fluctuations of dark force and a fearsome immortal breath, as if it is going to crash the void.

“Thats the right hand of the Darkfiend Lord!”

The eyes of a Holy Spirit Warlock rank direbeast flickered with excitement, and it roared loudly.

An intact right hand of the Warlock Emperor contains innumerable mysteries. At the same time, it is a God grade ingredient. Its worth one hundred Holy Spirit Warlock rank corpses.

The star thunder lion suddenly operated the essence of lightning, turned into a bolt of lightning, appeared in front of the right hand of the Darkfiend Lord in a flash, opened its mouth, and inhaled, and a net of lightning emerged and swept towards the right hand.

The right hand, and the net of lightning collapsed.

The Green Nocturnes eyes surged with killing intent, and green tendrils pierced through the void and stabbed at the star thunder lion from all directions.

The green tendrils, which are extremely fierce and powerful, ran through the lightning protecting the star thunder lion and stabbed towards the direbeast itself.

Whirlpools of lightning suddenly appeared around the star thunder lion and forcibly resisted the attack.

Bona Xiongfei silently recited an incantation and shone with divine light like an invincible god, and eyes appeared all over his body. In each eye, there seems to be a deity that unleashed a secret method and radiates dazzling divine light contained.

A sun rose behind Bona Xiongfei. What is frightening about the sun is that it contains a mighty divine eye that emanates eternal breath.

“Divine Eye Art!”

“Its the bona races Divine Eye Art!”


At the sight of the divine eye, everyones complexion changed dramatically, and their eyes flickered with dread.

The Divine Eye Art is a supreme secret method the Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign created. When it is practiced to the pinnacle, the divine eye will even be able to deal severe damage to Eternal Sovereigns.

Back in the day, the Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign relied on the Divine Eye Art to suppress the powerhouses of another universe and even slay another Eternal Sovereign.

When the divine eye appeared, it gazed at the star thunder lion and fired brilliant divine light that slammed into the direbeast.

The whirlpools of lightning around the sky thunder lion collapsed one by one, the scales protecting its body burst apart, blood splashed about, and Holy force wilted.

With a roar, the star thunder lion collapsed into bolts of lightning and disappeared, giving up on the right hand of the Darkfiend Lord.

Flying at an extremely fast speed, bearing the essence of speed, a Holy Spirit Warlock rank star roc appeared above the right hand of the Darkfiend Lord in a flash and grabbed it with its talons.

Suddenly, the right hand of the Darkfiend Lord stabbed the star roc in the belly, and black chains burst out from it and locked the star roc firmly.

Countless faces emerged from the black chains and bit the star roc.

The star roc trembled, and its blood and soul were drained almost instantly and absorbed by the Darkfiend Lords right hands.

“Corpse reanimation?”

Upon seeing this scene, everyone felt their blood run cold.

If a Warlock Emperor undergoes corpse reanimation, they will become a terrifying monster that can even kill Great Holy step powerhouses.

“Lets kill it together!”

Bona Xiongfei bellowed and sent an offensive spell barreling towards the Darkfiend Lords right hand.

There are now more than ten Holy Spirit Warlocks present. If all of them join hands, they can suppress any strange phenomenon.

After the right hand of the Darkfiend Lord devoured the star roc, it suddenly turned into a stream of light and flew towards the Arcane Arms Bell.

“After it!”

The eyes of the powerhouses present glimmered with a scorching shade, and they blurred and turned into streams of light flying towards the Arcane Arms Bell.

Yang Feng frowned slightly, pondered for a while, and then flew towards the Arcane Arms Bell.

In front of the huge palace, there is a sea of fire, in the middle of which there are thousands of broken suns.

If an Infinity Warlock gets close to the sea of fire, they will be burned and turned into ashes.


Bona Xiongfei took out an ancient bronze lamp and pointed with it at the sea of fire.

Mysterious rays shone on the sea of fire and absorbed the suns into the ancient bronze lamp one after another.

The rest of the powerhouses unleashed their own secret methods to extract the suns from the sea of fire.

With the Holy Spirit Warlocks taking action, this sea of fire, a danger zone that Warlock Monarchs can hardly cross, was leveled.

Along the way, several danger zones appeared. The danger zones are strange phenomena that formed from the fight of the Arcane Arms Lord and the other six Warlock Emperors, and they can easily slay quasi-Holies.

Although all the people present are very careful, but several quasi-Holies still fell when crossing the danger zones. After crossing several danger zones, the powerhouses reached the magnificent palace that is ten thousand kilometers tall.

In the magnificent palace, almost everything has been already destroyed. Only a dashing, hundred meters tall man with a horn on his head and countless runes inscribed on his body, exuding a tyrannical breath, is standing in the center of the palace.

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