Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1037 – Slaying Holy

Chapter 1036 – Slaying a Quasi-Holy with an Immortal Body

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There is a huge bronze halberd inserted in the body of the handsome man; his right shoulder has completely vanished; wound cover his body, revealing eerie bones.

Above the head of the dashing man, there floats a divine bell, which is full of cracks and exudes immortal Empyrean might.

Next to the handsome man, there are countless scattered fragments, each of which exudes wisps of immortal Empyrean might. They are clearly pieces of Empyrean grade secret treasures.

“Arcane Arms Lord!”

When everyone saw the dashing man, a burning shade flashed in their eyes.

The Arcane Arms Lord was a tyrannical powerhouse. Except for Eternal Sovereigns, no one was his opponent in a one-on-one fight. At the time, when the six Warlock Emperors besieged the Arcane Arms Palace, the Arcane Arms Lord slayed one of them, and then unleashed peerless secret methods and used the Arcane Arms Palaces underlying strength to take the other five Warlock Emperors down together with him. This is an incredible feat.

The body of the Arcane Arms Lord is a most rare treasure that could even move the heart of an Eternal Sovereign.

“Two Empyrean grade secret treasures!”

Yang Feng looked at the Arcane Arms Bell above the head of the Arcane Arms Lord and the bronze halberd lodged in his chest with a scorching color in his eyes. He is greatly tempted by the two Empyrean grade secret treasures.

Along with an afterimage, a petite man operated the essence of speed, turned into a stream of light, and shot towards the Arcane Arms Bell.


The Green Nocturne roared furiously, and green tendrils shot towards the petite man.

The petite man sighed lightly, erupted with Holy Spirit Warlock rank fluctuations of power, and summoned a turtle shield in front of him, which blocked the tendrils.

Bona Xiongfei and the other powerhouses acted one after another, raining attacks down on the petite man.

The petite man sighed, turned into a stream of light, and disappeared, helpless.

The eyes of the rest of the powerhouses flashed with fierce glints as they frantically flew towards the mangled body of the Arcane Arms Lord and attacked one another.

Frightening fluctuations of power spread in all directions and shook the space, nearly distorting it.

Yang Fengs figure shook slightly, and he retreated dozens of kilometers. Instead of taking part in the fight, he looked around indifferently from the sidelines.

Some quasi-Holies gazed at the core of the fierce fighting with fear in their eyes, not daring to approach.

If anyone who isnt a Holy Spirit Warlock entered the core of the fierce fighting, they would be blown to pieces in an instant.

Countless runes appeared in Yang Fengs eyes as he looked around: “According to the records, if I didnt deduce wrong, that thing should still be here.”

Mist spread with Yang Feng as the core and covered the entire palace.

“Found it!”

Suddenly, Yang Fengs eyes brightened slightly, and he blurred, turned into a stream of light, and bypassed the center of the fierce fighting.

In a remote corner of the palace, there is a stone the size of a fist and full of corrosion marks.

“The crystallization of the kunmo races civilization, the highest achievement of the kunmo race — Kunmo Stone! Also known as the Eternal Divine Stone. Gathering countless mysterious forces, it is a peerless secret treasure that might promote and become eternal.”

Yang Feng grabbed the stone decorated with corrosion marks, and his eyes flashed with a burning color.

The kunmo race was once one of the sacred races of the Gumana Universe. It was a civilization that, not unlike the blasteel race, walked the path of both mechanics and biotechnology.

The kunmo races Kunmo Lord rose rapidly after he got the Kunmo Stone and defeated countless powerhouses along his path. Before the Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign noticed, he promoted to a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse and his race became one of the sacred races of the Gumana universe.

The Kunmo Stone is extremely mysterious. Apart from the Kunmo Lord, no one knows the origin and mysteries of the Kunmo Stone. Even the Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign wanted to take a look at the mysteries of the Kunmo Stone, yet was refused by the Kunmo Lord.

Although Eternal Sovereigns are unrivalled beings that suppresses a universe. Even so, they still pay attention to Warlock Emperors.

Thats because with their earth-shaking strength and tremendous combat power, Warlock Emperors can escape from Eternal Sovereigns.

Besides, since Eternal Sovereigns keep each other in check, unless it is really confirmed that something is a treasure of great benefit to Eternal Sovereigns, they wont compel their subordinated Warlock Emperors.

Yang Feng exclaimed in his heart: “To take six Warlock Emperors down with him, the Arcane Arms Lord was really amazing!”

If a Warlock Emperor set their mind on escape, then even Eternal Sovereigns will hardly be able to slay them.

The Arcane Arms Lord slayed six Warlock Emperors in one fell swoop. Even though he used up the Arcane Arms Palaces underlying strength and burned all his power, but his fighting strength was still heaven-defying, shaking the past and dazzling the present.

“Arcane Ancestor, hand over all your treasures. Or die!”

An overbearing voice sounded abruptly, and a Transcendent exuding pinnacle quasi-Holy step breath, with a lamp suspended above his head, walked over.

“Its him! Arcane Lamp Ghost Monarch!”

“He is the legendary Arcane Lamp Ghost Monarch that formed an immortal body!”

“The Arcane Ancestor is in trouble this time! It looks like the Arcane Lamp Ghost Monarch wants to rob the Arcane Ancestor of his treasures.”


When the quasi-Holies hiding far away from the center of the fierce battle, looking for an opportunity to fight over the Empyrean corpse, saw the Arcane Lamp Ghost Monarch, they inhaled a breath of cold air, a dignified look in their eyes.

Quasi-Holies who formed an immortal body are incredible powerhouses that can contend against some weak Holy Spirit Warlocks.

In the vast universes, there are many terrifying existences, and Holy Spirit Warlocks are among the top existences of any universe.

Many powerhouses who do everything they can in order to promote to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm end up hurting they origin. When they luckily step into this realm, they are ranked among the weakest. Even then, they can still easily slay Warlock Monarchs and suppress quasi-Holies. However, powerhouses who formed an immortal body in the quasi-Holy step are strong enough to compete with them.

Yang Feng glanced at the Arcane Lamp Ghost Monarch and uttered with a frigid smile: “It just so happens that Im lacking an outstanding servant! Ant, surrender, or die!”

“What guts! People who dared talk to me like this until now are all dead! Since you want to die, then let me give you a hand!”

With a flash of killing intent in his eyes, the Arcane Lamp Ghost Monarch flicked a finger, and the lamp above his head suddenly lit up, turned into a monstrous flame, and, while burning the void, shot towards Yang Feng.

“Hasnt even operated your immortal body, yet wants to deal with me? What a fool!”

Yang Feng sneered, and the unique mysterious runes of the immortal body the Time Space Devour Body suddenly appeared all over his body. Then, the flow of time around him accelerated fifty-fold, and he turned into a black hole and shot towards the Arcane Lamp Ghost Monarch.

The black hole engulfed the monstrous flame. In a flash, before the Arcane Lamp Ghost Monarch could react, he was engulfed by the black hole.

A star formed from the essence of power slammed into the Arcane Lamp Ghost Monarch and blasted him to pieces, which were then devoured by the black hole.

“This lamp isnt bad. It has the potential to evolve into a Great Holy step secret treasure.”

Light retracted, and, with a flick of his wrist, the lamp appeared in Yang Fengs hand.


“The Arcane Lamp Ghost Monarch is actually dead!”

“How can that be? He was a most outstanding powerhouse who formed an immortal body in the quasi-Holy realm, how could he fall like this?”

“The Arcane Ancestor has also formed an immortal body!”

“That monster has formed an immortal body in the quasi-Holy step, as well!”


When the quasi-Holy step powerhouses who hid themselves saw this scene, shock filled their minds. As a monster who formed an immortal body in the quasi-Holy step, the Arcane Lamp Ghost Monarch is unparalleled in the same realm and can easily kill quasi-Holies. For such an unparalleled figure to be killed by Yang Feng, this is simply incredible.

Although the Arcane Lamp Ghost Monarch possessed impressive strength. But regrettably, he underestimated his opponent too much. Since he didnt use the power of his immortal body in the first moments, he was slayed by Yang Feng, who burst out with all his strength, before he could display his full strength.

This is where the biggest gap between quasi-Holies who formed an immortal body and true Holy Spirit Warlocks lies. Quasi-Holies who formed an immortal body need to use secret methods for their immortal body to emerge and to be able to burst out with their strongest combat power. In turn, true Holy Spirit Warlocks are always in their strongest state.

The Holy Spirit Warlocks fighting over the Arcane Arms Lords body have part of their attention focused on Yang Feng.

Previously, these powerhouses have already felt that Yang Feng is extraordinary. Now that they saw him slay the Arcane Lamp Ghost Monarch in one fell swoop, their eyes flashed with shock, and they started viewing Yang Feng as their equal.

With a flash of light, a 3,000-meter-long, a silver-colored Holy Spirit Warlock rank direbeast dragon-winged scorpion with two pairs of dragon wings on the back flew out of the battle zone, landed in front of Yang Feng, surged with killing intent, and said coldly: “Arcane Ancestor, hand over all your treasures and I can let you be my servant!”

The dragon-winged scorpions words have just fallen, when an invisible scorpion tail, which even Holy Spirit Warlocks would have a hard time discovering, suddenly shot out from a void behind Yang Feng and stabbed at him.

The scorpion tail contains silver-colored essence of toxins. Even if it is a Great Holy step powerhouse, if they are stabbed by the scorpion tail, they will be poisoned and fall.

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