Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1038 – The Oriole Behind

Chapter 1037 – Slaying Holy

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The dragon-winged scorpion is very cunning. On the surface, it threatened Yang Feng. But in reality, it launched a sneak attack. It has slayed many powerhouses this ways.

“Youre courting death!”

With a fierce glint in his eyes, Yang Feng fully operated the undying body the Time Space Devour Body, and a river of time surrounded him and a black hole appeared around him. The latter shot towards the scorpion tail in the rear.

“To dare resist me, what gall! Die!”

The eyes of the dragon-winged scorpion shone with a vicious shade, countless runes appeared all over its body, and it expanded to 10,000 meters long, and then sent its two pincers bearing Holy might shooting towards Yang Feng.

The dragon-winged scorpions pincers, which contain the essence of power, can cut the space and easily crush stars.

“Let me take a look at how strong you are!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a scorching shade, and he unleashed a punch. His fist surged with the essence of power, turned into a star that can crush anything, and barreled towards the pincers.


As if stars colliding, a deafening blare erupted in the area.

The dragon-winged scorpion was blasted tens of kilometers away. Yang Feng was also blasted tens of kilometers away, his hands dripping blood.

“To not lose to the Scorpio Old Ancestor in terms of power, truly impressive!”

“Where the hell did that Arcane Ancestor come from? How come hes so fearsome?”

“What dreadful strength! Thats a monster that slayed the Arcane Lamp Ghost Monarch for you!”


When they saw this scene, the countenance of the spectating quasi-Holies changed greatly and their eyes shimmered with shock.

The dragon-winged scorpions are a frightening race famous for its strength. After advancing to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm, they become even more frightening and can easily suppress quasi-Holies. Its hard to believe that Yang Feng can match it in terms of strength.

Yang Fengs eyes shimmered with excitement: “A Holy Spirit Warlock in perfect condition is really powerful!”

Although Yang Feng suppressed the two Holy Spirit Warlock rank direbeasts the swallowing star sparrow and the Moon Spirit Snake Ancestor. But that was because he launched a surprise attack when they were severely injured. This time, however, Yang Feng is facing a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse head on.

“You successfully infuriated me, Arcane Ancestor!”

The dragon-winged scorpions eyes shimmered with a fearsome glint, runes shone all over its body, and it unleashed its strongest innate ability. A bright ray containing the essence of toxicity swept towards Yang Feng, corroding the heaven and earth, distorting space, and destroying everything in its wake.

The silver ray contains immortal Holy might. If an Infinity Warlock or a Warlock Monarch was touched by it, they would be poisoned to death at once.

If the ray hit a celestial body such as Earth, it would poison all the living creatures on the celestial body to death.

Yang Feng operated the essence of time, and a torrent of time enveloped him and increased his speed suddenly fifty-fold. Treading in the torrent of time, enveloped by the radiance of certain evasion karma, he walked towards the dragon-winged scorpion.

The silver ray, as if it has a life of its onw, twisted and continued to sweep towards Yang Feng.

Once the dragon-winged scorpions most powerful innate ability is launched, it contains fearsome law of karma, making it extremely difficult to get rid of.

A black hole that devours all and suppresses all suddenly emerged and shot towards the silver ray.

The black hole engulfed the silver ray, erupted with frightening essence of devour, and obliterated it bit by bit.

In a flash, Yang Feng appeared before the dragon-wing scorpion, and then the black hole engulfed the direbeast and started devouring its blood essence.

A star formed from the essence of power barreled towards the dragon-winged scorpion.

The dragon-winged scorpion shredded the star to pieces with its pincers, punctured the black hole with its tail, and then turned into a ray and flew out through the big hole.

While treading in the torrent of time, the flow of time around Yang Feng accelerated fifty-fold. He turned into a shadow, appeared in front of the dragon-winged scorpion, and slammed one fist after another into it.

Boom! Boom!

Along with earth-shaking sounds, the carapace of the dragon-winged scorpion, which is comparable to a Holy grade secret treasure, distorted, and blood ejected from its mouth again and again.

The dragon-winged scorpion is extremely tyrannical. Its pincers and its elusive tail stabbed towards Yang Feng from incredible angles.

The dragon-winged scorpion is a Holy Spirit Warlock rank direbeast after all. Even though it is being restricted by Yang Feng, it still unleashed all kinds of attacks to break through the river of time and bombard Yang Feng, prompting him to spurt out blood repeatedly.

As if two most frightening direbeasts, Yang Feng and the dragon-winged scorpion fought frenziedly together. Both sides have sustained significant injuries.

The carapace of the dragon-winged scorpion, which is comparable to a defensive Holy grade secret treasure, weakened Yang Fengs attacks by more than 70%. Even though Yang Feng has the upper hand, it is still difficult for him to kill the dragon-winged scorpion.

“I must deal with it as soon as possible, or else it will cause troubles later!”

Yang Feng frowned slightly, and his eyes flickered with the color of determination. He trod in the torrent of time, the flow of time around him increased fifty-fold, and he strangely appeared behind the dragon-winged scorpion.

Three Holy Slaying Artilleries suddenly appeared, shone, and fired three bright beams nearly at point blank and slammed into the dragon-winged scorpion.

In a flash, the dragon-winged scorpion had three holes blasted open n its body.

Yang Feng turned into a stream of light, flew into one of the holes, and entered the dragon-winged scorpions body.

A black hole extended up the body of the dragon-winged scorpion and finally burst out from the head.

The black hole suddenly expanded, engulfed the dragon-winged scorpion, and devoured its blood and soul bit by bit.

A formidable force poured into Yang Feng as the dragon-winged scorpions blood and soul were devoured, prompting him to evolve and sublimate as if hes immersed in Springs of Immortality.

The abstruse essence of devour extracted all the blood essence and soul essence of the Holy Spirit Warlock rank direbeast and poured them into Yang Feng, prompting him to evolve further.

“The Arcane Ancestor killed the Scorpio Old Ancestor!”

“The Arcane Ancestor is just a quasi-Imperishable step powerhouse, yet he slayed the Scorpio Old Ancestor!”

“The Arcane Ancestor was actually killed, thats incredible!”


When the spectating quasi-Holies saw this scene, shock filled their hearts.

The quasi-Holies who formed an immortal body can at most contend against Holy Spirit Warlocks. Among those monsters, only the most outstanding individuals can defeat a Holy Spirit Warlock. But to be able to slay a Holy Spirit Warlock as a quasi-Holy, this is simply heaven-defying.

“The dragon-winged scorpion is slightly weaker than the quasi-Holy step Dawn Lord. The Dawn Lord once dominated the world. Now that he is practicing cultivation anew, his speed is absolutely incredible. I must not lose to him!”

Yang Feng looked at the remains of the dragon-winged scorpion in the black hole, and his eyes shone with bright light.

Although the dragon-winged scorpion was a Holy Spirit Warlock rank direbeast, but it was still slightly inferior to the quasi-Holy step Dawn Lord in terms of battle prowess.

After Yang Feng killed the dragon-winged scorpion, he quietly looked at the location of the corpse of the Arcane Arms Lord and watched the several Holy Spirit Warlocks fight each other.

Yang Fengs eyes fell on Bona Xiongfei and shimmered with a dignified shade: “What a strong fellow!”

Although Bona Xiongfei only has a quasi-Holy step cultivation base, but since he formed an immortal body, he can fight against Holy Spirit Warlocks.

While fighting desperately in the place where the Arcane Arms Lords body is located, the several Holy Spirit Warlocks unleashed all kinds of fierce spells, nearly tearing the void asunder.

Along with an angry howl, the star thunder lion turned into a bolt of lightning and flew out of the battlefield at the place where the Arcane Arms Lords body is located. At this time, its body is covered with many holes and injuries.

When the star thunder lion left the battlefield, it looked at Yang Feng with vigilance. It stuffed a quasi-Holy into its mouth and chewed.

For the Holy Spirit Warlock rank direbeasts, quasi-Holies are a great tonic. If that wasnt the case, they wouldnt have let the quasi-Holies appear here.

Two green tendrils ejected from the void, stabbed two quasi-Holy step powerhouses, and sucked their blood and soul dry, turning them into desiccated corpses.

A storming monkey with a pair of lightning wings on the back suddenly appeared in front of a quasi-Holy, grabbed them, and stuffed them into its mouth, all to recover its strength.

Yang Feng also turned into a huge black hole and frenziedly devoured the quasi-Holies.

If the world of Warlocks, if Yang Feng killed a quasi-Holy, he would offend a powerful race. As a result, despite how strong he is, he wont kill a quasi-Holy for no reason.

But, since the Gumana Universe is a mortal enemy of the World of Warlocks, every time he kills a quasi-Holy here, Yang Feng will be able to get a huge amount of the universes favor. Naturally, he wont be lenient.

With a flash of despair in their eyes, the quasi-Holies turned into streams of light and flew towards the outside.

“Curses, theres a boundary!”

“This place is sealed!”


Several quasi-Holies knocked into a transparent boundary, and their eyes flashed with despair.

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