Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1039 – The Empyrean Corpses Reanimation

Chapter 1038 – The Oriole Behind

Translator: Xaiomoge

The Holy Spirit Warlock rank direbeasts captured the quasi-Holies and consumed them one after another.

In the end, only Yang Feng, Bona Xiongfei, and the beautiful woman in white with a silver horn, only these three quasi-Holy step powerhouses remained in the hall.

Of the Holy Spirit Warlock rank direbeasts, the star thunder lion, the Flaming Bone Arcane Ancestor, the Green Nocturne, the storming monkey, and the undying seven-headed dragon remain.

The Green Nocturne said: “Everyone, these quasi-Imperishable step powerhouses are peerless geniuses from major forces. Each one of them is on par with us in terms of fighting strength. They must have many treasures on them. Lets attack them together and plunder their treasures. After that, lets duke it out over the Empyrean corpse!”


The undying seven-headed dragon assumed its true form, which is a 10,000-meter-long direbeast with seven heads.

The seven heads fired flames, storms, lightning, venom, curses, darkness, icicles, and other attacks at Yang Fengs group of three.

Countless tendrils launched by the Green Nocturne pierced into the void, and then ejected from another tract of the void and stabbed towards the three powerhouses.

Emanating lightning, the star thunder lion turned into a bolt of lightning and shot towards Yang Feng.

Riding on lightning, the storming monkey stabbed at Yang Feng with the trident in its hand.

The Flaming Bone Arcane Ancestor suddenly erupted, and countless flames formed an arrow emitting serene light and shot towards Yang Feng.

A torrent of time enveloped Yang Feng, the flow of time around him accelerated fifty-fold, his figure fluttered, and he flew towards the outside of the hall.

Yang Feng appeared at the edge of the hall at once and slashed with his hand, and a spatial blade ripped the boundary.

At this moment, the attacks of the three Holy Spirit Warlocks barreled towards Yang Feng.

All of a sudden, the Mountain Shield flew out, and mountain projections appeared around Yang Feng.


The attacks of the three direbeasts destroyed all the mountain projections and blasted the Mountain Shield away.

Yang Feng spewed out a mouthful of blood. With the help of the frightening recoil, he flew away from the range covered by the Mountain Shield.

Bona Xiongfei shone with silver light, turned into a silver awl, knocked into the boundary, blasted open a huge hole, and escaped from this place.

The beautiful woman in white turned into a white ray, bumped into the boundary, blasted open a huge hole, and escaped from the boundary.

After the three top-shelf quasi-Holies escaped from this place, the five direbeasts looked at each other, and frenzied fighting ensued. They all want to gobble up the secret treasures and the Empyrean corpse in this place.

The corpse of the Arcane Arms Lord is a supreme tonic. If it is refined, a Holy Spirit Warlock rank direbeast can gain great power and evolve into a Great Holy step existence.

The five direbeasts have just promoted to Holy Spirit Warlocks. For them, the distance that separates them from the pinnacle Holy Spirit Warlock realm is already an impassable chasm, not to mention the distance that separates them from the Great Holy step. Naturally, they covet the Empyrean corpse.

A voice sounded abruptly: “Arcane Ancestor, I am Bai Lixiang! How about the three of us join hands to slay those five direbeasts, and then divide the Empyrean corpse equally?”

Hiding outside the palace, quietly watching the fighting, Yang Feng suddenly looked and saw the beautiful woman and Bona Xiongfei appear beside him.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with enigmatic light, and he said: “Alright! Well go in when theyve suffered some losses!”

Bai Lixiang smiled sweetly, sank into a strange state, as if she fully integrated with the air, and disappeared.

Bona Xiongfei waved his hand, and a piece of beast hide suddenly flew out and wrapped him, and he disappeared.

Fighting frenziedly in the palace, the five direbeasts have brought out their true capabilities. Each of them is riddled with wounds and greatly weakened.

“Its mine!!”

Seizing an opportunity, the star thunder lion turned into a bolt of lightning, appeared beside the Arcane Arms Lords body, and swallowed the Arcane Arms Lord together with the two Empyrean grade secret treasures.


The sound of a bell came from the Arcane Arms Lords corpse, and frightening bell fluctuations rose from the broken Arcane Arms Bell.

Engulfed by the frightening bell fluctuations, the star thunder lion exploded into bloody fragments.

A bloody ray shot out from the mist of blood that resulted from the explosion of the star thunder lion and disappeared into the Arcane Arms Bell, enabling the bell to recover a trace of vitality.

When they saw this horrible scene, the four remaining direbeasts were shocked. They gave up fighting and stared at the Arcane Arms Bell.

After killing the star thunder lion, the light around the Arcane Arms Bell vanished, and it quietly floated above the Arcane Arms Lords corpse.

Shock flashed in Yang Fengs eyes: “Its an Empyrean grade secret treasure for a reason! It can slay an Infinity Warlock rank direbeast.”

Each Holy Spirit Warlock possesses extraordinary strength and can become the protector of a superior race.

Yet such a fearsome existence was slayed by the Arcane Arms Bell, an ownerless Empyrean grade secret treasure. This is absolutely shocking.

The four remaining direbeasts stared at the Arcane Arms Bell with avarice, and then unleashed all kinds of offensive secret methods and attacked one another.

As Holy Spirit Warlock rank existences, the four direbeasts possess extraordinary intelligence. As long as they are given time, they are confident that they can erase the brand on the Arcane Arms Bell by using various unimaginable methods.

Bai Lixiang sent a voice transmission: “Its time! Lets kill the Flaming Bone Arcane Ancestor first!”

The three people suddenly appeared, turned into a stream of light, and flew into the palace.

Bona Xiongfei spread the fingers of a hand, and a divine eye opened on his hand and locked on the Flaming Bone Arcane Ancestor, who is covered in broken bones.

An arcane ray that seems to come from the depths of hell ejected from the divine eye and slammed into the Flaming Bone Arcane Ancestor.

That Flaming Bone Arcane Ancestor trembled slightly and turned still for a moment.

Bai Lixiang fished out a jade bottle and pointed with it at the Flaming Bone Arcane Ancestor.

Seemingly ordinary water flew out from the jade bottle and poured on the Flaming Bone Arcane Ancestor.

The inextinguishable flames burning on the Flaming Bone Arcane Ancestors body suddenly went out, and a layer of frost covered the bones.

Yang Feng stepped forward, and a black hole appeared and engulfed the Flaming Bone Arcane Ancestor. Then, a star containing the essence of power slammed into the Flaming Bone Arcane Ancestor and blasted him into pieces. Next, a fearsome devour force erupted, devoured all his power, and turned it into the purest power that nourished Yang Fengs body and soul.

“Storming monkey!”

The divine eye on Bona Xiongfeis hand looked at the storming monkey, who is shrouded in the essence of speed and is flying in the sky lightning fast.

A dark ray slammed into the storming monkey and made it slow down.

Bai Lixiang waved her hand, and the jade bottle in her hand suddenly flew up and erupted with an attractive force aimed at the storming monkey. The attractive force turned into a violent storm that sucked the storming monkey into the jade bottle.

Countless runes appeared on the outside of the jade bottle. At the same time, the jade bottle shook, and shrill screams emitted from inside it.

The Green Nocturne and the undying seven-headed dragon suddenly turned into two streams of light and fled into the distance. They realized that Yang Feng and them have formed an alliance. Naturally, they wont stay here and die in vain.

The divine eye on Bona Xiongfeis hand radiated light that turned to a blade, cut across the sky, and sliced the Green Nocturne in two.

A crystal coffin flew out of Bona Xiongfeis hand, turned into a brilliant light, swept towards the Green Nocturne, who is cut in two, drew him inside, and suppressed him.

As top-shelf quasi-Holies of the Gumana Universe, Bona Xiongfei and Bai Lixiang have great fortune and possess many mysterious and powerful secret treasures.

After the three dealt with three Holy Spirit Warlock rank direbeasts, they besieged the remaining undying seven-headed dragon.

The undying seven-headed dragon has the extraordinary ability of seven resurrections and possesses fierce combat power. But, under the siege of Yang Feng and the other two powerhouses, it was slayed seven times in a row, and then finally devoured by Yang Fengs essence of devour.

“Thank you for helping us kill these direbeasts, Arcane Ancestor. Now go to hell!”

Yang Feng had just devoured the undying seven-headed dragon, when Bona Xiongfei flipped his hand, and a divine eye appeared and radiated dazzling light shooting towards Yang Feng.

Dressed in a gold battle gown, enveloped in gold divine light, looking like an invincible goddess, Bai Lixiang stabbed at Yang Feng with the halberd in her hand.

“Fools, I should be the one to thank you! You two idiots can both go and die.”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and willed, and a thick mist enveloped the entire palace.

Hiding aside, the Blade Rulers suddenly broke out and flew towards the two prodigies of the Gumana Universe.

“What is this?”

Bona Xiongfeis face fell, and countless eyes appeared all over his body and radiated strange light, forming a boundary.

The swarm of Bladed Rulers hacked at the boundary with their blades and sliced open a number of chinks.

At the same time, the thick mist frantically absorbed the power of Bona Xiongfei and Bai Lixiang, making them unable to absorb the power of heaven and earth and mobilize the laws of heaven and earth to slay the enemies.

Bona Xiongfei and Bai Lixiang are top-shelf quasi-Holies for a reason. Even though they are in great danger and are besieged by countless Bladed Rulers, they are still extremely tyrannical, destroying the Blade Rulers one by one.

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