Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 104 – Demonic Snake Fortress

Chapter 103 – Victory

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Mandraguls figure flashed successively, easily digging out the central control cores of 6 bladed robots. The remaining beast-type bladed robots joined forces, but were still unable to even touch it.

Just as Mandragul had arrived before the 7 beast-type bladed robots, its electronical eyes flashed red and the self-destruction bomb buried inside it instantly detonated.

Almost at the same time, the remaining more than a dozen bladed robots simultaneously detonated the self-destruction bombs buried inside them.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Following the earth-shaking terrifying explosions, within a radius of one kilometer, everything was completely engulfed by the shock wave from the terrifying explosions.

Every level-8 beast-type bladed robot had a terrifying self-destruction bomb capable of blowing up a level-3 Warlock buried inside them. The destructive might from the simultaneous explosion of the more than a dozen beast-type bladed robots was simply earth-shaking. Even life forms comparable to pinnacle level-3 Warlocks would also be blown to bits once the slightest bit incautious.

“Was it killed?”

The aristocrats in the Black Dragon Empires Royal Grand Arena were all scared and on edge. The terrifying Mandragul pulled at their deepest fears.

“Self-destruction? Interesting! However, in order to kill me, the might of the self-destruction would have to at least be several tens of times stronger, only then might you kill me!

Following the sinister laughter, Mandragul emerged from the smoke and ash with a disdainful expression.

“No! Impossible!”

But Mandraguls smile lasted merely for less than a second, suddenly giving way to dismay as it issued mournful cries.

The Warlock-Summoner standing next to the silver-white door had his body suddenly shattered into countless fragments, his blood splashing everywhere.

The silver-white door crumbled and burst apart in a flash after loosing the support from the life force of the Warlock-Summoner

An extremely strange suction shrouded Mandraguls projection in the split second that the silver-white door burst apart, pulling it into the void.

The reason why Mandraguls projection could exist in this world was entirely because the Warlock-Summoner was using the power of his life force to support the silver-white door. It lost the power to manifest itself and could only crumble and fade away once the Warlock-Summoner was dead, returning to its own world.

“The projection of a freak comparable to a god. Interesting, you shall be my research object!”

A voice was suddenly heard in the Dragon War Isle. An enormous claw, like that of a black dragon, forcibly seized Mandraguls projection from the void, threw it into a crystal ball and then faded away.

Yang Feng saw as Mandraguls projection was seized by that enormous black dragons claw without any strength to resist and he felt cold within: “So strong. It was a hidden Great Warlock of the Black Dragon Empire! Really formidable!”

Silence reigned in the Royal Grand Arena.

The presenter quickly smiled and exclaimed after taking a deep breath: “Every member in Anushas group had died; as such, I declare Rex as the winner of this wager! Lets hear some cheers for to this marvelous battle!”

“Beautifully done!”

“Ive won the bet!!”

“Ive put the right bet!!”


All of a sudden, cheers as well as applause were heard inside the Royal Grand Arena. Even the aristocrats that had lost their bets clapped, admitting that this was an extremely marvelous wager.

The complexions of Anusha, Angelica and Johan became very unsightly.

Carol slightly sighed in relief.

Reigns couldnt suppress his joy and a smile overtook his face.

Yang Feng also sighed slightly in relief. The terrifying being from an other plane, summoned by the Warlock-Summoner of Anushas group, had almost reversed the battle. If it were not for Yang Fengs level-8 bladed robots decisively self destructing themselves and killing the Warlock-Summoner, then the remaining experts in Yang Fengs group would have been easily killed by Mandragul.

Solomon said with a smiled: “Rex, congratulations on your victory in this wager. But Id like to know where those military weapons and golems came from.”

All the gazes congregated on Yang Feng, all of them brimming with incandescence. Everyone was very intrigued by those military weapons and their dazzling performance during the wager.

“Your Majesty, I bought those military weapons and golems from the Steel City. Im good friends with Yang Feng, the only kin of Steel Citys City Master. I can by the golems with fighting strength comparable to that of level-2 Warlocks for 1,000,000 magic stones each.”

“This is a self-propelled artillery, it costs 100,000 magic stones each, with 1,000 magic stones per shell. This is a heavy-duty howitzer, it costs 100,000 magic stones each, with 500 magic stones per shell. This is a multiple rocket launcher, it costs 50,000 magic stones each, with 500 magic stones per shell.” Yang Feng passionately introduced.

Yang Feng wouldnt mind selling his munitions on a wide scale; after all, they all had backdoors installed in them. If anyone were to attack him with those munitions, that would be spelling their own doom; furthermore, the sale of those munitions would spell tremendous profits. If the construction cost of the self-propelled artillery were to be converted into magic stones, then each unit would cost at most 2 magic stones. The naked profiteering, which was Yang Feng asking 100,000 magic stones per unit, was for the purpose of ransacking those fat sheep in Black Dragon Empire.

Solomons enthusiasm was reduced by a lot after listening to Yang Feng listing up the prices. There were a lot of secret treasures made by Alchemists in the Black Dragon Empire; such as magical artillery and steel golems. He had the wealth of the empire at his disposal, its only natural that he would disdain those military weapons.

Solomon contemplated for a moment and then said: “In that case. Rex, help me buy 10 golems with fighting strength comparable to that of level-2 Warlocks as well as 10 units of all kinds of military weapons.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Yang Feng smiled coldly within, while saying respectfully on the surface.

Solomon buying those level-8 bladed robots and level-8 gunner robots was for the purpose of studying them and then making knockoffs of them. With the research capabilities of the Black Dragon Empire, as long as they have the actual object for reference, then they were definitely able to come up with a knockoff.

But Yang Feng naturally had methods and ways of encrypting those military weapons as well as misleading with regards to the materials their made of. Even if Solomon got a grasp of his primary battle robots, but the manufacturing cost would definitely be sky high.

They casually exchanged a few sentences before Solomon got up and immediately left.

A notary holding several large bags with documents delivered them to Yang Feng, Reigns and Carol respectively.

When Anusha, Angelica and Johan saw this scene, their complexions became extremely unsightly.

Anusha and Angelica fared a little better. As the Heads of two great families of the Black Dragon Empire, this little bit of damage wasnt enough for them to make them bleed. But to Johan, this loss greatly damaged his power.

Anusha and Jessica directly turned and left.

Johan quickly adjusted his frame of mind and walked before Yang Feng with a trace of a smile on his face: “Rex, congratulations on your victory.”

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