Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1041 – Packing up the Arcane Arms Star

Chapter 1040 – Sweeping in All Directions

Translator: Xaiomoge

When the bell fluctuations disappeared, Yang Feng emerged from the river of time and returned to the present from the past.

100 Seal Rulers suddenly flew out and attacked the Arcane Arms Lords Empyrean corpse.

The Empyrean corpse radiated dark light.

The attacks of the Seal Rulers were easily crushed by the dark light, unable to touch the Empyrean corpse.

The Arcane Arms Lords Empyrean corpse extended its right hand, which turned into a vast world, and grabbed the 100 Seal Rulers.


The 100 Seal Rulers detonated in an instant, and a terrifying explosion smashed the vast world.

After the 100 Seal Rulers were destroyed, another 100 Seal Rulers flew out and fired sealing light at the Empyrean corpse.

The sealing light is extremely strange and contains sealing force and it cannot be absorbed or devoured. The best way to deal with it is to wear down its power.

The Empyrean corpse crushed the Seal Rulers with its right hand, which turned into a world, again.

Standing far away, Yang Feng said coldly: “Its useless! How much longer can you hold on?”

The Arcane Arms Lords Empyrean corpse, which has already reanimated and born a spiritual consciousness, possesses frightening combat power. If it hadnt been suppressed by an Empyrean grade secret treasure, it could have killed everyone who broke into this place.

Yang Feng is now standing far away, is holding the Empyrean grade secret treasure, the Bead of Time, and is using the ruler series battle robots to whittle away at the Empyrean corpse.

Eyes shot with blood, the Empyrean corpse grabbed the Empyrean grade secret treasure, the Green Yang Halberd, which is lodged in its chest, with both hands and unleashed a bellow.

The rusty Empyrean grade secret treasure, the Green Yang Halberd, which seems like it may break at any time, radiated bright light. In turn, the bright light turned into chains that stabbed the Empyrean corpse.

The Arcane Arms Lords Empyrean corpse gritted its teeth, emitted a tyrannical breath, and pulled out the Green Yang Halberd bit by bit with great difficulty.

Yang Feng waved a hand, and 1,000 Seal Rulers suddenly emerged and rained down sealing light on the Empyrean corpse.

Under the erosion of the sealing light, the light shield surrounding the Empyrean corpse disintegrated inch by inch.

The tyrannical Empyrean corps turned around, took a deep look at Yang Feng, roared furiously, and erupted with a frightening strength, pulling out the Green Yang Halberd by a large fraction.

“Still not enough!”

Yang Feng frowned slightly and waved his hand, and Devour Rulers, who followed him through many conflicts, suddenly flew out, turned into a torrent of steel, and instantly pounced on the Empyrean corpses light shield.

The Devour Rulers sucked in, and the Empyrean corpses light shield collapsed in an instant, completely devoured by them.

Next, the Devourer Rulers pounced on the Arcane Arms Lords Empyrean corpse and started absorbing its power.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a stern shade: “Its really hard to absorb its power, thats the Arcane Arms Lords corpse for you. Incredible.”

The Devour Rulers are the crystallization of the xizus highest technology. As they accompanied Yang Feng through various ordeals, they absorbed countless miraculous forces and evolved. Even so, its still hard for them to absorb the power of the Empyrean corpse.

After the light shield of the Empyrean corpse, which is fighting against the Empyrean grade secret treasure, the Green Yang Halberd, was broken, sealing light rained down on it and sealed its power, greatly weakening it.

“Despicable! Arcane Ancestor, you dare attack me! A thousand deaths wont be enough to atone for this crime!”

Eyes shot with blood, the Empyrean corpse roared, shacking the heaven and earth and distorting the space. It sent its hands, which bear the essence of power, slamming towards the Devourer Rulers on its body.

The Devourer Rulers flew away at once, flying towards Yang Feng.

Even so, more than 1,000 Devourer Rulers were still destroyed and turned into powder.

Only the Devourer Rulers who followed Yang Feng for a long time and have devoured countless strange forces have survived and returned to Yang Fengs side.

When the Empyrean corpse destroyed many Devourer Rulers with one blow, the light the Green Yang Halberd radiates intensified, and it stabbed further into the Empyrean corpses body and forcibly suppressed it.

“Despicable! Despicable! Despicable!”

That Arcane Arms Lords Empyrean corpse stared at Yang Feng and issued roars full of resentment and unwillingness.

The Empyrean corpse absorbed the essence and blood of the other six Warlock Emperors and bore a spiritual consciousness. If it wasnt for the suppression of the Green Yang Halberd, once the spiritual consciousness was born, it would possess quasi-Empyrean rank strength and could instakill Yang Feng at this time.

In the future, the Empyrean corpse may transform and evolve into a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse.

But now that Yang Feng appeared, he obviously wont give the Empyrean corpse the chance to do so.

The Empyrean corpses eyes flashed with a peculiar shade, and it said slowly: “Arcane Ancestor, lets make a deal. If you undo my seal, I will give you the supreme secret scripture, the Arcane Arms Secret Scripture, which the Arcane Arms Lord spent his whole life to create. Once you have cultivated the Arcane Arms Secret Scripture, youll be able to control myriad arms and suppress countless Empyrean grade secret treasures! Youll be invincible!”

Yang Feng replied indifferently: “The Arcane Arms Secret Scripture? Show me the first six volumes first. Let me see if theres any value in keeping you alive.”

The Empyrean corpse flicked its finger without hesitation, and the first six volumes of the Arcane Arms Scripture condensed into a brilliant radiance and entered Yang Fengs hands.

The first six volumes of the Arcane Arms Scripture can only be cultivated to the Warlock Monarch realm. The latter three volumes are a supreme scripture that Holy Spirit Warlocks would be eager to obtain.

In a flash, countless mysterious secret methods poured into Yang Fengs sea of knowledge.

Yang Feng uttered: “Not bad, its really a top-shelf scripture. Give me the last three volumes, too! Ill release you when I become a Perfect step (Warlock Emperor) powerhouse.”

The Empyrean corpses expression darkened: “Are you toying with me? I want you to make a Styx oath. After getting the last three volumes of the Arcane Arms Scripture, youll undo my seal. Of course, I will make a oath to never harm you, as well. Otherwise, I wont give you the later three volumes!”

Yang Feng smiled flatly: “In this case, then go to hell. Anyway, I have other Empyrean grade secret methods in my possession. I dont need the Arcane Arms Scripture.”

Thousands of Seal Rulers fired sealing light at the Arcane Arms Lords Empyrean corpse.

The Empyrean corpse radiated light and resisted the sealing light.

But, since the Empyrean corpse is already being suppressed by the Green Yang Halberd, no matter how hard it struggled, it couldnt free itself from the sealing light. It could only bellow madly and let itself be suppressed and sealed.

Yang Feng waved a hand, and a sealing coffin appeared abruptly.

20 plus Vajra Rulers stepped forward, carried the Empyrean corpse into the sealing coffin, and sealed it inside.

In front of the corpse of an eight-headed undying evil dragon, 10,000 3-meter-tall corpse dragon ants with a pair of dragon wings on the back, radiating gold light, flew out abruptly.

Each corpse dragon ant possesses Infinity Warlock rank battle prowess. Under the leadership of three corpse dragon ants with quasi-Holy step battle prowess, they pounced on the Dazzling Light Unit legion.

The Dazzling Light Unit legion numbers 200,000 units. Under the resonance with 100 Dazzling Rulers, the fighting strength of the Dazzling Light Unit legion increased fifty-fold.

When the two fearsome legions collided, scary explosions sounded, body parts flew about, and blood mists scattered in the void.

Thirty minutes later, the frightening corpse dragon ant colony was wiped out. The 200,000-strong Dazzling Light Unit legion only lost 3,000 units.

At the same time, 3,000 Dazzling Light Units have evolved into Dazzling Rulers.

Many Vajra Rulers suddenly flew out and moved the corpse of the eight-headed undying evil dragon into a sealing coffin.

Above the Arcane Arms Palace, a swarm of battle robots appeared and engaged with the strange phenomena in the Arcane Arms Palace, slaying them one after another.

One by one, Holy Spirit Warlock rank corpses were moved into sealing coffins and became Yang Fengs spoils.

A swarm of Devour Rulers pounced on the sea of filth, devoured its water, and produced filth crystals.

The filth crystals can be used to make some filth weapons that can even pollute and kill Great Holy step powerhouses.

The Blade Rulers destroyed the palaces in the Arcane Arms Palace, collected all kinds of precious materials, and placed them into dimensional tools.

The Arcane Arms Palace is not in the world of Warlocks. and Yang Feng cannot take it away. Before leaving, he will plunder everything he can.

As the water of the sea of filth was being rapidly refined by the Devour Rulers, the headless giant hiding inside the sea of filth was alerted at once.

Previously, the headless giant has been badly damaged by the Gumana Universes powerhouses. After the Devour Rulers devoured the sea of filth around it, Blade Rulers quickly came forward and encircled it.

After only paying the frames of 300 Blade Rulers, the headless giant was suppressed and sealed.

After sealing the Holy Spirit Warlock rank headless giant, Yang Fengs huge mechanical legion rode warships across the sea of filth and forced its way outside.

When the huge Dazzling Light Unit legion appeared, it slayed all enemies in the Arcane Arms Lords palace.

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