Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1043 – Advancement to a Holy Spirit Warlock II

Chapter 1042 – Advancement to a Holy Spirit Warlock I

1042 – Advancement to a Holy Spirit Warlock (I)

“Lets see who took the Arcane Arms Star away.”

A cold voice was transmitted from the black Tier V Hive.

In a flash, the Tier V Hive, which is the size of a star, shone, and then mysterious and abstruse divine eyes suddenly appeared.

The divine eyes radiated light that entered the void.

In the void, the time flowed back, and then a heaven and earth vision recreated the time when the Arcane Arms Star appeared.

Reverse Time and Trace Back to the Source. This is an incredible spell that the Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign created.

The heaven and earth vision just showed the time when the Arcane Arms Star appeared, when it shook, collapsed, and disappeared.

A cold voice came from the black Tier V Hive: “Someone erased the images of this period of time using the essence of time.”

A voice from the red Tier V Hive asked: “Is it them?”

The voice from the black Tier V Hive replies: “I dont know!”

On the Arcane Arms Star, there died seven Warlock Emperors, not a small number of Great Holies, and a large number of Holy Spirit Warlocks.

The top-shelf powerhouses that died on the Arcane Arms Star turned the celestial body into an exceptionally dangerous place. Even when Holy Spirit Warlocks enter it by themselves, there is a risk of them dying.

But for the eighteen sacred races and three divine races, the Arcane Arms Star is a huge treasure-throve. Once obtained, it can increase their underlying strength.

The disappearance of the Arcane Arms Star prompted the three divine races to suspect the eighteen sacred races.

Although the eighteen sacred races are subordinated to the three divine races, but they are not their slaves. They have their own will. The lords of the eighteen sacred races are eager to get the chance to become an Eternal Sovereign.

With their incredible methods, the lords of the eighteen sacred races, each of which is a Warlock Emperor rank existence, can erase images from the river of time, making it hard to snoop.

A sigh full of regret came from the white Tier V Hive: “Regrettably, were a step too late!”

The Arcane Arms Star, which contains tremendous resources, could have become a pillar of the three divine races. With it, Great Holy step powerhouses could have been cultivated. Now that the celestial body was taken away, it naturally filled the three divine races with regret.

Following flashes of light, the three Hives disappeared.

As soon as the three Tier V Hives disappeared, a swarm of powerhouses poured into this region like raindrops, frantically searching for the Arcane Arms Star.

The Arcane Arms Star, which has been hidden for millions of years, is a world-shaking treasure-throve with countless miraculous herbs. For these powerhouses, getting one such herb would be a windfall.

The Gumana Universe, the Lightless Starfield, in a deserted region, light shone, and the Arcane Arms Star appeared, quietly suspended in the universe, and absorbed the universes energies.

Standing in the void, Yang Feng gazed at the Arcane Arms Star with the shade of satisfaction in his eyes: “Arcane Arms Star! With this celestial body, my underlying strength has increased by a fraction.”

As the palace where the Arcane Arms Lord resided, the Arcane Arms Star is a celestial body that can automatically absorb all kinds of energies from the universe.

The seven Warlock Emperors and countless other powerhouses that fell on this celestial body, most of the formidable power they possessed belongs to this celestial body now.

After countless years, this celestial body has already become a holy land with abundant resources. Apart from the relics and traces left by Eternal Sovereigns, this Arcane Arms Star is not the leas bit inferior to any celestial body inhabited by a Warlock Emperor.

“Now I can break though and become a Holy Spirit Warlock!”

Yang Feng smiled, then blurred and disappeared.

The world of Warlocks.

The branch floating continent occupied by the Battle Demon Sect already has cities constructed.

Only the top-shelf Warlock talents of the Battle Demon Sect may enter the branch floating continent, which is expanding at all times, to practice cultivation.

The top holy land on the branch floating continent is occupied by Yang Feng and his close ones. Naturally, no one has any objections regarding this. That is because the branch floating land is the spoils Yang Feng obtained through various means.

To allow talents from the Battle Demon Sect enter the branch floating continent to practice cultivation, this is already a show of good will on Yang Fengs part.

In the middle of the holy land, in the gold lake where the Brilliant Great Holy was resurrected, Yang Feng is sitting cross-legged, his eyes closed.

The gold lake, which is full of sacred power and world origin force, poured power into Yang Feng.

Vast Holy might suddenly diffused from the gold lake, passed through the apex of the branch floating continent, and entered the void.

Within 100 million kilometers, all elemental particles, life magic energy, and other kinds of energies gathered here as if were drawn by something.

“Someone advanced to a Holy Spirit Warlock!”

“Who? Who the hell advanced to a Holy Spirit Warlock?!”

“This direction, its the Heaven and Earth Spirit Roots continent occupied by the Battle Demon Sect! In the Battle Demon Sect, only one person can advance to a Holy Spirit Warlock!”

“Could he have advanced to a Holy Spirit Warlock?”

“Could that person have advanced to a Holy Spirit Warlock?”


When the powerhouses of the Cangzhi Plane sensed the earth-shaking changes, their complexion changed dramatically, and they gazed this way.

Every Holy Spirit Warlock is a terrifying powerhouse that can become the protector of a race and have their race become a superior race that wont be belittled or bullied.

The God Blood Planes true blood kindred are a race that has existed from the Eternal Sovereign age. In their long history, they gave birth to less than 20 Holy Spirit Warlock rank true ancestors. From this, it can be seen how difficult it is to produce Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses.

In the world of Warlocks, the birth of a Holy Spirit Warlock is a major event that represents the birth of a true powerhouse.

On the Star Imperial Courts continent, the Star Heavenly Maiden looked at the place where the heaven and earth vision appeared with incredulity in her beautiful eyes and exclaimed: “Is that Yang Feng? He advanced to a quasi-Holy not long ago, so how come hes advancing to a Holy Spirit Warlock so soon? Where did he get so many resources?”

For quasi-Holies who formed an immortal body, it is much easier to advance to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm than it is for others. However, for someone like Yang Feng, who aspires to become a Warlock Emperor and even an Eternal Sovereign, who has a deep foundation, they need to consume an astonishing mount of resources in order to advance to a Holy Spirit Warlock.

The Star Monarchs eyes flickered with enigmatic light, and she uttered unhurriedly: “He even defeated the Dawn Lord. This kind of peerless genius has the universes favor. Naturally, the fortuitous encounters he has are far better than those of ordinary people.”

In a main hall, Huang Yihe and the other great elders of the Battle Demon Sect are gathered here.

“Holy Spirit Warlock! The Battle Demon Sect gave birth to a Holy Spirit Warlock! Ha-ha, this Holy Spirit Warlock is my disciple! He is my disciple!”

Sensing the Holy might emanating from the gold lake, Huang Yihe was elated.

By advancing to a Holy Spirit Warlock, Yang Feng achieved something that even the founder of the Battle Demon Sect never did. This is just incredible.

The rest of the great elders looked at the elated Huang Yihe with envy and jealousy.

Yu Jingang uttered somewhat sourly: “You really picked up a good disciple, Huang Yihe!”

Huang Yihe laughed carefreely and responded: “Ha-ha! What can I say, I have great luck! No, I have great insight. Even at the time, I already saw that Yang Feng is an unpolished diamond and thus accepted him as my disciple. You cant match me in terms of insight.”

The other great elders of the Battle Demon Sect rolled their eyes at Huang Yihe, not willing to expose him.

At the time, Shi Xue possessed an incredible aptitude. Huang Yihe took in Yang Feng as his disciple only to forge a good relationship with Shi Xue. This has become something for him to flaunt.

On the floating continent of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root occupied by the Battle Demon Sect, in the back garden of an exquisite palace, there are gorgeous women admiring the beauty of the flowers.

“Holy Spirit Warlock, has he finally come this far?”

When the gorgeous women sensed the familiar fearsome breath, their eyes flickered with shock, and they looked in the direction of the fearsome breath.

In the Taboo Imperial Court.

The Taboo Monarch looked at the heaven and earth vision with glittering eyes and said slowly: “What a scary fellow! As expected of the person my Lord thinks highly of! How incredible. To advance to a Holy Spirit Warlock in such a short period of time, truly incredible.”

Its not that easy to advance to a Holy Spirit Warlock. Although the Taboo Monarch and them possess extraordinary talent, but its still very difficult for them to advance to a Holy Spirit Warlock. And theres even danger of them dying.

The Taboo Monarch thought of the time when she first met him. At the time, Yang Feng was just an Infinity Warlock. But in less than 100 years, Yang Feng has already surpassed her and become a Holy Spirit Warlock. Even though he is an ally, she is still full of mixed emotions, even a little envious.

“Yang Feng has advanced to a Holy Spirit Warlock? What a dreadful enemy! Thats a universe child of this era for you. If it wasnt for us, he would likely have become the Warlock Emperor of this era!”

In the Dawn Imperial Court, the Dawn Lord shining with dazzling light of dawn and exuding an invincible momentum is sitting on a throne. Countless runes appeared in his eyes, and his gaze crossed a great distance and locked on a vision in the distance.

“Holy Spirit Warlock! Yang Feng, youre speed of progress is so fast that its despairing!”

In a corner of the Cangzhi Plane, Jiang Lang looked at the heaven and earth vision in the distance, and his eyes flashed with burning fighting spirit.

“Holy Spirit Warlock! Yang Feng, I will surpass you one day!”

In a secret realm, Yi Yuanyang clenched his fists and gritted his teeth, and his eyes shone with the light of determination.

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