Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1044 – Firmament Holy

Chapter 1043 – Advancement to a Holy Spirit Warlock II

1043 – Advancement to a Holy Spirit Warlock (II)

The power of the heaven and earth within 100 million kilometers rushed over. All of a sudden, a star containing infinite mystery emerged.

The star shone, and giant, distorted, superimposed spatial portals appeared.

A river of time full of mystery emerged from the spatial portals and connected the past, present, and future. Countless mysterious images emerged from the river of time.

In the river of time, a black hole that devours everything suddenly sprang up and crazily devoured the surrounding power of the heaven and earth, as if to devour the whole world.

The black hole devoured all elemental particles and life magic energy within 100 million kilometers.

That black hole evolved into a huge black star that dropped from the sky, fell into the branch floating continent occupied by the Battle Demon Sect, and entered Yang Fengs body.

When Yang Feng opened his eyes, his eyes appeared to turn into two mysterious, mighty black holes that possess the power to devour the sun, moon, and stars.

A complete, peerless immortal breath slowly diffused from Yang Feng.

“Holy Spirit Warlock! I finally became a Holy Spirit Warlock. This power is really formidable.”

Sitting quietly in the gold lake, Yang Feng sensed that his soul transformed again and underwent an earth-shaking evolution.

With a thought, Yang Feng can now carry out calculations on the level of a level-6 optical computer. If he descends on some small plane similar to Earth, he can become an omniscient and omnipotent true god.

Looking at the shallow gold lake, Yang Fengs eyes revealed the shade of a smile: “Thanks to the gold lake, I was able to have a perfect advancement. Fortunately, I was decisive at the time and captured this continent.”

The gold lake is the center of this branch floating continents life magic energy, and its water contains all kinds of magical power. It was with the help of the power contained in the gold lake that Yang Feng was able to have a perfect evolution when he advanced to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm.

A vermillion bird enveloped in raging flames came from afar, landed outside the holy land, and turned into a stunningly beautiful woman with red hair.

The vermillion bird that transformed into a stunning woman said respectfully, “I am Zhuque Lixiang, a messenger of the mighty Sir Scorching Holy. I request an audience with the Battle Demon Sects Sect Master, the Seventh Chairman of the Human Supreme Council, Sir Yang Feng!”

A gold bridge extended from the gold lake and landed in front of Zhuque Lixiang.

Zhuque Lixiang stepped on the gold bridge, golden light shone, and she was transported to the gold lake.

Sitting inside the gold lake, Yang Feng asked flatly: “Why did the Scorching Holy sent you here?”

Zhuque Lixiang gazed at Yang Feng sitting in the gold lake with a complicated shade in her beautiful eyes and responded respectfully: “Sir Scorching Holy wants to ask you who youre going to choose as the next seventh chairman.”

Zhuque Lixiang is a pure blood vermillion bird. She possessed Moonlight Warlock rank strength when she was born and Infinity Warlock rank strength when she came of age. After practicing cultivation for 10,000 years, her cultivation base has only reached the junior Warlock Monarch realm. Yang Feng, however, is less than 500 years old, and he has already promoted to a Holy Spirit Warlock. Seeing Yang Feng filled her heart with envy and jealousy.

Yang Feng frowned slightly and sank into his thoughts: “The next seventh chairman?”

The seven chairmen of the Human Supreme Council are all Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses. There are no Holy Spirit Warlocks holding this position. Every Holy Spirit Warlock stands high above and looks down on all living beings. When comprehending essences, they will spend decades or one hundred years in seclusion. Naturally, they arent suitable for supervising ordinary affairs.

Of course, the position of the seventh chairman of the Human Supreme Council is extremely important and influential. Yang Feng will never give it up. As such, the Scorching Holy sent a messenger to ask Yang Feng to choose the seventh elder himself.

After Yang Feng promoted to a Holy Spirit Warlock, he has become an awe-inspiring big shot that has the right to choose the sevenths chairman of the Human Supreme Council.

Yang Feng weighed things quietly: “Michaelia and Shi Yu wont do. With their talent and the resources I obtained this time, they will advance to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm without doubt. Besides, theyre not good at management and competing for interests.”

As heaven and earth variants and darlings of the universe, Michaelia and Shi Yu can advance to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm without suspense. However, in terms of intrigues and power struggles, they cant even match up to ordinary people.

The position of a chairman of the Human Supreme Council requires a person who can fight for the interests of the Battle Demon Sect regardless of everything. At the same time, they have to be capable in terms of establishing connection.

As a matter of fact, Yang Feng previously was not very well suited to serve as a chairman of the Human Supreme Council. But, only he had the qualifications. With his unique achievements and the backing of the Brilliant Great Holy, he secured the position of a chairman.

Since the suppression of the hellion ancestor, and now his advancement to a Holy Spirit Warlock, the power of the Battle Demon Sect has risen to the extreme, to the point that its second only to the six Warlock Imperial Courts in the Human Supreme Council.

“Then it shall be her!”

After weighing things again and again, Yang Feng snapped his fingers. With a flash of light, the devastatingly beautiful, black-haired Wu Meiying, who exudes an air of enticement, appeared here.

Wu Meiying smiled sweetly at Yang Feng and said: “Lord husband, what can I do for you?”

Yang Feng uttered with a smile: “I would like you to be the seventh chairman of the Human Supreme Council. Are you interested?”

Although Yang Feng controls many planes, but he only managed to find two talents with innate level-8 soul aptitude, namely Wu Meiying and Regina. Since Regina is fully focused on the practice of cultivation, her cultivation base is far above Wu Meiyings. However, Wu Meiying is an extremely cunning a capable woman. Whether it is harem power struggles or state governance, she possesses excellent capabilities.

Eunice, the beautiful Warlock Yang Feng met in the Turandot Subcontinent, is also quite capable and possesses rich management experience. However, considering that the Human Supreme Council is mainly composed of Eastern Worlds Warlocks, Yang Feng chose Wu Meiying instead.

Wu Meiyings breathing became slightly rushed, her beautiful eyes shone brightly, and, as if she drank a vial of a top-shelf elixir, she became more beautiful and alluring, smiling like a flower: “Im interested! Im willing to share lord husbands burden.”

For a beautiful woman like Wu Meiying who has a strong desire for authority, supreme authority is the best nourishment.

The Human Supreme Council is a fearsome Warlock organization that governs countless human-dominated planes. The seven chairmen are in the highest upper echelon of this Warlock organization, and their authority is even somewhat higher than that of Holy Spirit Warlocks.

When Wu Meiying heard that she might become one of the seven chairmen of the Human Supreme Council, she didnt hide her desire any more.

“Okay, then its yours.”

Yang Feng smiled and flicked a finger, and a gold page flew directly into Zhuque Lixiangs hand.

Zhuque Lixiang handed Yang Feng a gold invitation: “Sir Yang Feng, in three days, there will be a Holy gathering in the Heavencloud Mountain. Please accept this invitation.”

Yang Feng received the gold invitation, examined it carefully, and revealed a smile: “Holy gathering!”

The highest upper echelon of the Human Supreme Council is comprised of Holy Spirit Warlocks. Holy Spirit Warlocks are aloof, to the point that even Warlock Monarchs can hardly meet them face-to-face.

Despite being one of the seven chairmen of the Human Supreme Council, Yang Feng has never obtained an invitation to the Holy gathering before.

One day later, all forces in the Cangzhi Plane learned that Yang Feng has promoted to a Holy Spirit Warlock. The forces that allied themselves with the Battle Demon Sect sent congratulatory gifts.

Many wavering Warlock groups finally made up their mind to rely on the Battle Demon Sect, becoming vassals of the Battle Demon Sect.

The Heavencloud Mountain is a famous sacred mountain in the Cangzhi Planes Eastern World. With its enchanting scenery and all kinds of beautiful extraordinary plants, it has been the royal holiday palace of the Eastern Worlds successive Warlock Imperial Courts.

After the human Warlocks of the core world emerged, the Heavencloud Mountain became a holiday palace for human Holies. Ordinary Warlocks are not invited. Even Warlock Monarch are not allowed to come near here.

A white cloud came from afar. As soon as the white cloud got within 100 meters of the Heavencloud Mountain, a transparent boundary suddenly appeared, making it impossible for anyone to get close to Heavencloud Mountain.

Two powerhouses wearing silver armor and emitting Warlock Monarch rank breath suddenly flew out and uttered sternly: “Stop, this is the Holy holiday palace!”

“Its me!”

The person above the white cloud suddenly revealed themselves to be Yang Feng.

The expression of the two powerhouses flickered slightly, and they uttered respectfully: “So its Sir Yang Feng! If we offended you, please forgive us! Please show us your invitation.”

Not making trouble for the two powerhouses, Yang Feng flicked a finger, and an invitation flew out, radiated brilliant light, and opened a path leading to the top of Heavencloud Mountain.

“Please come in!”

The two Warlock Monarchs retreated to both sides.

Following the path, Yang Feng reached the top of the Heavencloud Mountain in a few steps.

On top of the Heavencloud Mountain, there is a vast, beautiful, luxurious palace filled with beautiful extraordinary plants. Dashing men and beautiful women from races famous for their looks, dressed as attendants, are busy with work. Although those dashing men and beautiful women each possess Infinity Warlock rank power. But here, they are just ordinary attendants.

In a beautiful garden with is a green lake, filled with blooming flowers, which enchanting fragrances in the air, there sit a dozen plus men and women, each of whom appears to be an ordinary person. They are the Holy Spirit Warlocks of the Human Supreme Council. They are internally restraining their life force field.

A tall middle-aged man with short hair, regular facial features, and a domineering spirit walked over and said with a bright smile: “Here you are, Yang Feng! I am Thunderstorm Great Holy, the person in charge of this times Holy council. Welcome.”

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