Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1048 – Subduing the Green Yang Halberd

Chapter 1047 – Shocking the World

The black tortoise evil god begged without any dignity: “Use a secret treasure! You can control me with a secret treasure. The secret treasures of human Warlocks are famous all over the world. With Sir Yang Fengs strength, cant you create a secret treasure to control me?”

Yang Feng sank into his thoughts: “A secret treasure?”

The secret treasures of human Warlocks are famous all over the world. Human Warlocks have frail bodies. Compared to evil gods, dragons, and other extraordinary life forms, even bloodline and body-tempering Warlocks, who have the strongest fleshly bodies among Warlocks, are no match.

Human Warlocks developed a variety of powerful and miraculous secret treasures, which was how they were able to suppress the heaven and earth and defeat countless strong enemies.

After refining an Empyrean grade secret treasure that agrees with their path, the seven strongest human Warlock Emperors became unparalleled in the world, became able to slay powerhouses of the same rank as them.

In the world of Warlocks, some Warlock Emperor rank existences hiding in a corner of the universe also have Empyrean grade secret treasures. However, although their Empyrean grade secret treasures are made of excellent materials, they dont fit their path. This is why they would be defeated in the hands of the seven human Warlock Emperors.

Human Warlocks have many top-shelf secret treasures. The eight human Warlock Imperial Courts have all developed fearsome secret treasures that can control Holy Spirit Warlocks. However, these secret treasures are really rare and precious. Yang Feng has no such secret treasure in his possession.

Yang Feng glanced at the black tortoise evil god “The Transcendent Empyrean Imprint, its a pity. In the end, the True God Empyrean Imprint I created cant compare to the Transcendent Empyrean Imprint. It cant control Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses. However, I can make a secret treasure to control this guy using xizu technology.”

Each Holy Spirit Warlock has gone through countless fights, evolved step by step, and transformed into a frightening existence. Unless it is a Warlock Emperor or an Eternal Sovereign, it is difficult to rope in a Holy Spirit Warlock.

The star swallowing sparrow that Yang Feng suppressed not long ago wasnt willing to serve him, and thus was consumed by him as nutrients to further his evolution. This spineless black tortoise evil god, however, is an outlier among Holy Spirit Warlock rank freaks. It is spineless.

“Give up resistance and let me seal you. Otherwise, die!”

Yang Feng extended a finger towards the black tortoise evil god inside the black hole, and countless seal runes appeared on the finger.

The black tortoise evil gods countenance changed several times. Finally, it gave up resistance, allowing Yang Feng to touch it.

Like maggots feeding on a corpse, the countless seal runes extended along the black tortoise evil gods body and sealed it.

With a slight flash of light, the black tortoise evil god flew out of the black hole, landed in front of Yang Feng, revealed a flattering smile, and said respectfully: “Greetings, master!”

Yang Feng glanced at the black tortoise evil god and said with a smile: “You have a good defense, you can be my shield!”

The black tortoise evil gods offensive power is nothing much in the Holy Spirit Warlock realm, but its defensive power is extremely formidable. When it withdrew into its tortoise shell, despite how strong Yang Feng is, he wasnt able to smash its defense in a short time. He could only use the essence of devour to slowly devour its power.

The expression of the black tortoise evil god darkened, yet it still said with a flattering smile: “Its my honor to be masters shield.”

After it absorbed a copious amount of elemental particles and life magic energy, the spiritual stone radiating brilliant light fell from the sky and entered Shi Yu, who is sitting cross-legged in the gold lake.

A fearsome Holy might diffused from Shi Yu and swept in all directions.

“It was successful! The Battle Demon Sect gained another Holy Spirit Warlock!”

“This is the second Holy Spirit Warlock born in this era!”

“The Battle Demon Sect has truly become a Warlock group that can contend against the six Warlock Imperial Courts!”


The eyes of powerhouses who peered this way flashed with a complex shade. By gaining another Holy Spirit Warlock, the Battle Demon Sect can now exert more power in the outside world and has a more terrifying underlying strength, pressuring many hostile forces in such a way that they cant even catch their breath.

With a flash of light, the pure and refined Shi Yu dressed in a white dress appear in front of Yang Feng, a smile on her face: “Older brother.”

Yang Feng said with a straight face: “Yuer, why didnt you call me when you attacked the Holy Spirit Warlock realm? I would have come back to guard you right away!”

Shi Yu took a step forward, hugged Yang Fengs arm, and, while pressing her ample bosom against his arm, said cutely, a sweet fragrance wafting out from her, “Im sorry, older brother. I had a fight with Michaelia. Then, I had a sudden break through. Sorry. There wont be a next time.”

When Yang Feng saw Shi Yu act lovely, he stroked her head and said: “Forget it. Dont do that next time. How dangerous would it be if I didnt return on time?”

Shi Yu hugged Yang Feng and said in a low voice: “Yeah. Im happy you came back to guard me, older brother.”

At this time, the elemental particles and life magic energy within 100 million kilometers were extracted once again, and gathered above the Battle Demon Sect.

“This is the third Holy Spirit Warlock!”

“How is that possible? The third Holy Spirit Warlock, whats going on? Why is this happening? Holy Spirit Warlock, how can they be born that easily!”

“Holy Spirit Warlocks are the protectors of their races. If a race can give birth to one Holy Spirit Warlock, thats already incredible. Yet in less than a year, three Holy Spirit Warlocks were born. Whats going on?”

“How could that be? Three Holy Spirit Warlocks, how could this happen? How can there be three Holy Spirit Warlocks?”


When the powerhouses, who peered at the things happening here through all kinds of spells, saw the heaven and earth vision, they were flabbergasted, a look of incredulity on their faces.

It is difficult for one Holy Spirit Warlock to be born in tens of thousands of years. The reason why the six Warlock Imperial Courts have so many Holy Spirit Warlocks is because they have accumulated them over time.

Many of the Holy Spirit Warlocks of the six Warlock Imperial Courts have awakened from a deep sleep. They are looking for a chance to advance to a Great Holy and a Warlock Emperor in this era.

None of the six Warlock Imperial Courts have given birth to a Holy Spirit Warlock in the past 10,000 years.

But in less than 300 years after the Battle Demon Sects rise at Yang Fengs hands, it bore three Holy Spirit Warlocks. This is simply incredible.

Countless rays of light appeared above the Battle Demon Sect and formed a giant angel emperor. Hymns swirled around the angel emperor, and light filled the area.

Countless angels suddenly appeared and prostrated themselves in front of the angel emperor, as if worshipping a supreme being.

On a paradise mountain full of the light of dawn and with countless beautiful angels flying in the air, a supreme god, the God of Dawn, who exudes fearsome light of dawn, slowly opened his eyes and looked at a blazing angel.

The blazing angel bowed to the God of Dawn and reported respectfully: “My lord supreme god, an angel emperor was born!”

The God of Dawns eyes shone with resplendent light, and he said slowly: “An angel emperor was born? The Battle Demon Sect got them. What a pity!”

A divine country full of the breath of nature.

Green angels prostrated themselves on the ground in the direction of Michaelia.

A divine country filled with sea.

Countless sea angels prostrated themselves on the ground in the direction of Michaelia.

Angels in divine countries all across the vast universe prostrated themselves on the ground in the direction of Michaelia, celebrating the birth of their emperor.

“A Holy Spirit Warlock rank angel empress was born!”

“Isnt it virtually impossible to birth a Holy step angel empress?”

“How could such a monster be born?”

“This era is really scary!”

“If that angel empress comes to attack us, how can we resist her?”


The gods are filled with shock, a look of worry in their eyes.

Angels are the most cost-effective and feasible weapons of the gods. Most gods use angels as weapons, so that they can make the most of the souls of their believers.

If an angel legion meets the Holy step angel empress, the legions combat power will be weakened by at least 30%. Moreover, once the god is defeated, their angel legion will immediately become turncoat and join the camp of the angel empress.

The Tyrant Dragon Holys eyes flickered with enigmatic light, and he uttered unhurriedly: “Angel empress, he was even able to rope in such a heaven-defying powerhouse. What a dreadful guy.”

The Holy Spirit Warlocks on the Heavencloud Mountain gazed in the direction of the Battle Demon Sect, and their eyes flickered with a complicated shade.

Angel emperor is a heaven and earth variant, a darling of the universe. In millions of years, maybe not a single individual will be born. Once they are born, under the condition that no Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses appear, they will dominate powerhouses of the same realm and finally evolve into a quasi-Empyrean step existence and become invincible.

“The Battle Demon Sect is really formidable!”

“The Battle Demon Sect has reached new heights.”


When the powerhouses full of malice towards the Battle Demon Sect saw the angel projection, they sighed slowly.

Originally, the Battle Demon Sect was recognized as the weakest force among the branch floating continents. The powerhouses who have misgivings about the branch floating continents have basically set their sights on the Battle Demon Sect. However, after Yang Fengs group of three have advanced to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm one after another, these powerhouses see now the Battle Demon Sect in a new light, putting it on the same pedestal as the six Warlock Imperial Courts.

The angel empress projection in the sky flickered, fell down, and poured into Michaelia.

A tremendous immortal Holy might emanated from the branch floating continent and spread in all directions.

“The advancement was successful!”

“Theres another Holy step powerhouse in the world!”

“Holy step angel empress, the Battle Demon Sect has another terrifying powerhouse.”


The powerhouses peering at the branch floating continent occupied by the Battle Demon Sect via different spells watched this scene with complicated looks in their eyes. A myriad of thoughts is swirling in their heads.

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