Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1050 – Blasteel Star

Chapter 1049 – Sweeping Suppression

Every time the Green Yang Halberd devours a fragment of the Arcane Arms Bell, its breath gets stronger by a fraction and the cracks on its body mend quickly.

“Ill take you to a good place!”

Yang Feng grabbed the Green Yang Halberd, turned it into a stream of light, crossed a series of warp gates, arrived above the gold lake on the branch floating continent occupied by the Battle Demon Sect, and threw the Green Yang Halberd. The Green Yang Halberd turned into a stream of light and plunged into the gold lake.

“Thank you. I can feel it. If I absorb the power of this lake, then Ill only need three years to fully restore myself. Furthermore, Ill become stronger than before.”

The Green Yang Halberd transmitted fluctuations of delight.

Its extremely difficult to repair Empyrean grade secret treasures. There are only a few places such as the Heaven and Earth Spirit Roots branch floating continents that can restore Empyrean grade secret treasures.

“Take a good rest!”

Yang Fengs true body left this sentence behind, and then entered a warp gate and disappeared.

The Gumana Universe, a remote celestial body, is in a secret room.

Light shone, and he entered an avatar practicing cultivation.

All of a sudden, a Bright World Warlock rank breath erupted from Yang Fengs Gadi avatar and soared into the clouds.

“Whats that? What terrifying fluctuations of power!”

“Someone broke through! Those are Stella step (Bright World Warlock) fluctuations of power!”

“Someone broke through and promoted to a Stella step powerhouse. Who is it?”


When the powerhouses on the remote celestial body sensed the Bright World Warlock grade fluctuations of power, their complexion changed dramatically, and they turned into streams of light and rushed over.

In the universe war, Bright World Warlock rank powerhouses can only be regarded as high-level cannon fodder. They cannot participate in a fight between Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses. However, on the many remote celestial bodies in the Gumana Universe, Bright World Warlock rank powerhouses are already enough to dominate a remote celestial body with poor resources.

When Yang Feng opened the door of the secret room, he saw Chris standing outside, a surprised look on her face.

Chris asked excitedly, “Have you advanced?”

Yang Feng replied confidently: “Thats right, I have advanced to a Stella step powerhouse! And its a perfect advancement!”

Yang Fengs true body is a Holy Spirit Warlock rank being with a Great Holy step optical computer network. As long as there are sufficient resources, its easy for him to make an avatar advance to a Bright World Warlock.

If he wasnt worried about not standing out too much, Yang Feng could have the avatar rapidly promote to an Infinity Warlock.

Yang Feng asked curiously, “By the way, what is Elises cultivation base?”

Chris replied with a bitter smile: “The last time I saw her, she already possessed a Starfield step (Infinity Warlock) cultivation base.”

Elises maternal family is extremely powerful and her own cultivation talent is far better than Chriss. Its only natural for her to advance to a Starfield step powerhouse.

“Glekna Stars Star Master Damt requests an audience.

A pinnacle quasi-Bright World Warlock grade breath came from outside.

Yang Feng uttered flatly: “Please come in!”

A handsome, middle-aged man exuding an air of mystery, with a slender build, and full of charisma slowly walked into the room.

The middle-aged man took a look at Chris, his eyes flashed with surprise, and then he said with a smile: “I am Damt. May I ask where you have come from, my friends?!”

Yang Feng replied with the pride characteristic of the blasteel race: “I am Gadi, a prince consort of the blasteel race. This is my wife, Princess Chris!”

As one of the 18 sacred races of the Gumana Universe, the blasteel race is extremely powerful and influential, and it dominates countless races. They naturally are very proud.

Damt bowed slightly and became more respectful, saying: “So its Her Majesty the princes and sir prince consort of the blasteel race. Its a great honor for the Glekna Star to have you here. Please give us a chance to entertain you.”


Yang Feng agreed, then followed Damt together with Chris to the Glekna Stars royal palace.

Damt immediately held a grand welcome banquet in a palace, where dashing men and beautiful women traveled back and forth. Many beautiful women cast Yang Feng coquettish gazes. If he wishes, he can easily pluck those beautiful women like fruit from a tree.

Walking beside Yang Feng, Damt pointed to the beautiful women and said with a smile: “Sir Gadi, they are noble women the Glekna Star. They are of noble bloodline and enchanting beauty. If you like one, just tell me and shell accompany you for the night.”

For the upper echelon of the blasteel race, playing with a few women is nothing special. Even blasteel princesses dont mind their prince consorts fooling around. Of course, most of the princesses of the blasteel race lead decadent lives, as well. There are only a few pure princesses like Chris.

Yang Feng smiled haughtily and hugged Chriss slender waist: “No need, I have Chris.”

Chris is a half blood andarim beauty with the blood of the Blasteel Lord and the andarim race flowing inside her. In terms of appearance alone, she is definitely in the top ten of beautiful women Yang Feng has ever met.

There are many beautiful women in the palace, but they all pale in comparison with Chris.

Chris smiled sweetly at Yang Feng, looking like a magnificent flower in full bloom.

“Indeed, Her Highness the princess is devastatingly beautiful. You are a lucky man, sir prince consort. Heres to you!”

Damt took a deep look at Chris and praised. Then, he took three glasses of wine from a waiter and handed two of them to Yang Feng and Chris respectively.

“This is star arcane scorpion poison mixed with Bitter Moon Grass. It can even poison a Starfield step powerhouse to death. Do you want to die, Damt?”

Yang Feng took the poisonous wine in Chriss hand, glanced at Damt, surged with killing intent, and asked, a frosty look on his face.

Damts face fell, and he shed the mask of gentleness, stared at Yang Feng with killing intent, and uttered: “Gadi, this is the will of Her Highness Elise. Dont resist. Otherwise, your kin will be wiped out because of you!”

A white jade staff appeared in Damts hand, and countless mysterious runes emerged from it.

Runes shone in the royal palace and resonated with the white jade staff in Damts hand, and a frightening breath rose in the royal palace.

“In my royal palace, even Stella step (Bright World Warlock) powerhouses will be suppressed, Gadi. You…”

Yang Feng took a step, a blue mechanical armor covered his whole body, and he sent a fist barreling towards Damt. The fist crushed the void in its wake.


The defensive boundaries around Damt collapsed, and a horrified expression overtook Damts face. Yang Fengs fist slammed into Damt and blew him to pieces, killing him in an instant. Then, Yang Feng grabbed the white jade staff.

“Sir Star Master!”

“You brute, you killed Sir Star Master! Youre deserve to die ten thousand deaths for this crime!”

Two powerhouses wearing silver mechas suddenly darted out from inside the palace and shot towards Yang Feng. Strengthened by the mechas, the two emanate Bright World Warlock rank fluctuations of power.

“Die, ants!”

With a cold smile, Yang Feng took a step forward, blurred, and then became distinct. He is now holding two silver heads in his hand.

The two silver mechas fell to the floor like headless corpses.

“Lets go! Lets go to their treasury. Although I dont think that there is anything good on this remote celestial body, but it doesnt hurt to have a look.”

Yang Feng pointed with a finger, and the two silver mechas, together with the dead bodies, flew into a blue box in his hand, Then, he took Chriss fair hand and said with a gentle smile.


Chris smiled sweetly at Yang Feng and followed him deeper into the royal palace.

The dashing men and beautiful women in the royal palace escaped in different directions.

Boom! Boom!

The sound of huge explosions fell incessantly in the royal palace. Yang Feng smashed all the defensive boundaries and squashed all the Transcendent rank powerhouses of the Glekna Star blocking his way.

Before long, a huge treasury appeared in front of Yang Feng.


The words of a 1,000-meter-long snake emanating quasi-Bright World Warlock rank fluctuations of power hadnt yet fallen, when it was blasted into pieces by a punch from Yang Feng.


Yang Feng punched the gate of the treasury and blasted it apart, and then stepped into the treasury.

He glanced at the treasury and shook his head: “Theres really nothing good here!”

Inside the treasury, source crystals and various treasures of heaven and earth are piled up like mountains. But most of them are treasures that are only useful to powerhouses below the Glorious Sun Warlock realm.

“These arent bad!”

The Glekna Stars treasury has accumulated treasures for tens of thousands of years. Consequently, the treasury holds many treasures that are of great benefit to Bright World Warlocks and Infinity Warlocks. Although Yang Fengs true body doesnt care about these treasures, but they are really useful to his avatar.

“This is Star Source Magic Gold. To be able to find it here, how lucky.”

Suddenly, Yang Fengs eyes brightened, and he beckoned with a hand. A lump of fist-sized, heavy as a star, pitch-black metal flew into his hands.

Star Source Magic Gold is a rare alloy necessary to build the level-7 stronghold. It practically vanished from the world of Warlocks. Even though Yang Feng mobilized the power of the Human Supreme Council, he still couldnt find it. He didnt expect to find such a precious treasure on this remote celestial body.

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