Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1052 – Fame throughout the Blasteel Race

Chapter 1051 – Great Display of Strength

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Elise glanced at Yang Feng condescendingly, her eyes shimmered with contempt, and she said with a faint smile: “Gadi, the blasteel race advocates bravery. Since you are my younger sisters man, then you shouldnt mind sparing with my followers, right?”

Yang Feng sneered and showed Elises followers a smile of provocation: “Sparing? How boring! Lets duel to the death! Princess Elise, if you dont mind, why dont you have your followers fight me to the death? I dont think your followers will refuse the offer, will they?”

If its an ordinary spar, Elises followers can attack to kill, but Yang Feng can only seriously injure the opponents. If he isnt careful, Elise can entrap him and use the power of the blasteel race to suppress him.

But a duel to the death is different. In a fight to the death, the winner will not only not be condemned, but they may also appropriate the losers possessions.

“Interesting! Since you want to die, then I will help you! Your Highness Princess Elise, please allow me to duel this lowly adventurer. I will offer you his head!”

A handsome blasteel powerhouse with short, blue hair and a heroic temperament, dressed in a military uniform, walked out from behind Elise, bowed to her, and spoke with a graceful smile, a flash of intoxication in his eyes.

Elise responded arrogantly: “Fine! Ill allow it, Gaurachi.”

An enigmatic gleam appeared in Gaurachis eyes, he swept Yang Feng with a glance, and derision emerged in his eyes: “Vermin adventurer, I will give you a chance to duel to the death.”

Yang Feng uttered flatly: “Lets go to the Blasteel Grand Arena!”

Gaurachi replied confidently: “Alright!”

The law of the Blasteel Empire is strict, strictly prohibiting private fighting. If you are found fighting in the open on the Blasteel Star, the party that attacked, depending on the severity of the situation, will be deprived of their title of nobility, or even sentenced to death.

In order for youths full of vigor to solve their disputes in the Blasteel Empire, many arenas were built on the Blasteel Star. As long as the two sides have made an agreement, they can spar or even duel to the death in the arenas.

Blasteel Grand Arena.

“Her Highness Princess Elise!”

“Thats Her Highness Princess Elise and her 12 followers!”

“Theyre really Her Highness Princess Elise and her 12 followers! I wonder which unlucky bastard has angered them.”

“Who are those two? That woman is so beautiful! Shes even more beautiful than Her Highness Princess Elise.”

“Thats Princess Chris, a half blood andarim!”

“It turns out to be a half blood andarim! Her presence is a stain on the mighty Blasteel Lords bloodline!”


Elise is a social flower of the Blasteel Star that virtually everyone in the Blasteel Stars upper echelon knows. Since she is a frequent visitor of the Blasteel Grand Arena, many people present know her.

The aristocrats in the Blasteel Grand Arena were at first amazed by Chriss beauty. But when they learned of her identity, many began to despise and lust after her.

For blasteel aristocrats, lineage is of paramount importance. A noble lineage can bring glory to an aristocratic family. Conversely, people mixed with lowly blood will be regarded as lowly existences that are a stain on a noble lineage.

As a half blood andarim, Chris possesses a devastating beauty. However, there are very few outstanding aristocratic youths who pursue her, and that is because she possesses andarim blood and is regarded as inferior by the aristocracy.

Many aristocrats just want to play with Chriss body. Since she is smart and sensitive, Chris has been always single. She even disguised herself as a man, joined the military, and went to the frontier to carry out exploration.

After signing the dueling document, the two came to an arena and stood opposite of one another.

“Kill him, Gaurachi!”

“Kill that lowly adventurer, Gaurachi!”


Deafening cheers rose in the arena, all in support of Gaurachi.

Although anyone can enter the Blasteel Grand Arena, but the high ticket price has already eliminated 99% of the commoners. Only rich businessmen and aristocrats have the financial resources to enter the Blasteel Grand Arena. Those people are naturally cheering for Gaurachi. Few people would be in favor of a lowly adventurer.

“Do you hear that? Smelly adventurer! This is not a stage where you can stay! Kneel and swear allegiance to me, and I will spare your pathetic life. Otherwise, today is the day you die.”

Gaurachi shot Yang Feng a look of disdain and pressed the red pendant on his chest.

Following flashes of red light, a 10-meter-tall, red mecha with a dragon head, a dragon tail, and dragon wings suddenly emerged.

“Red Tyrant Dragon, a top-shelf battle mecha. This is a powerful mecha closest to the Starcraft step (Warlock Monarch).

“Gaurachi is a Starfield step (Infinity Warlock) powerhouse. Equipped with the Red Tyrant Dragon, he can be regarded as an invincible existence in the Starfield step!”

“That bastard adventurer is done for. He stands no chance!”

“That lowly adventurer only has Stella step (Bright World Warlock) strength. No matter how he struggles, only death awaits him.”


Equipped with scouter glasses, the spectating blasteel powerhouse looked at Yang Feng, and their eyes showed the shade of contempt.

Gaurachi said with a light smile: “Gadi, why dont we make a bet? If you lose, have your wife Chris be Princess Elises maid and serve her for 500 years. If you win, all my property shall belong to you.”

Yang Feng responded coldly: “I refuse. Chris is my wife, not an object you can use in a wager.”

A sentimental look flashed past Chriss beautiful eyes.

“This Gadi seems to be pretty good.”

“Unfortunately, hes a lowly adventurer after all. Hes going to die soon.”


Some aristocratic ladies in the arena suddenly saw Yang Feng in a new light.

A blue crystal appeared in Yang Fengs hand, shone, and turned into a blue battle armor that enveloped Yang Feng.

“Whats that?”

“Thats not a mecha!”

“What is that thing?”


At the sight of the blue battle armor that covered Yang Fengs whole body, the countenance of the blasteel powerhouses changed, and they stared at Yang Feng with their eyes full of curiosity.

The referees voice echoed in the arena: “Begin!”

When the referees voice rang, Yang Feng suddenly turned into a blue ray, crossed dozens of kilometers in an instant, appeared in front of Gaurachi, and stabbed at him with a sword.

“Youre seeking death, fool!”

Gaurachi sneered, and the Red Tyrant Dragon moved at once and slashed at Yang Feng with a sword.

The Red Tyrant Dragons sword cut Yang Feng to pieces.

“An illusion! How is that possible? Whats that illusion? How did you fool my scanning system?”

When he cut nothing but air, Gaurachi suddenly felt his whole body turn cold.

Along with a fearsome sound, a blue sword stabbed the Red Tyrant Dragon from the back, pierced the cockpit, twisted, and erupted with a frightening power in an instant, and Gaurachi burst into countless pieces.

The blue battle armor suddenly appeared and faded, revealing Yang Fengs true body. Standing in the void, Yang Feng pointed to Elise and company and said in provocation: “Do you have the guts to fight me?”

“Gaurachi was killed in an instant!”

“What was that? So strong!”

“That blue battle armor is so strong!”


A hubbub of noise suddenly rose in the Blasteel Grand Arena. The blasteel powerhouses eyes flickered with the shade of excitement, and they stared at he blue battle armor.

“Ill fight you!”

A handsome young man with long, silver hair shot out from behind Elise and landed in the middle of the arena.

The handsome young man with long, silver hair said with a haughty expression: “I, Dantan, the first successor of the Boystan Family, will fight you!”

“The Boystan Family has nine Starcraft step (Warlock Monarch) ancestors in the family.”

“If that lowly adventurer dares to touch Dantan, hell become an enemy of the whole Boystan family!”


Gazes of glee focused on Yang Feng.

Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses are part of the blasteel races upper echelon. The Boystan Family has nine Warlock Monarchs. If it was in a remote starfield, they could become the overlord of a starfield. Even within the blasteel race, they are powerful and have a high status, and no one dares to provoke them.

As soon as Dantan pressed the pendant on his chest, silver light shone, and a silver, 10-meter-tall mecha with a pair of dragon wings and a scorpion tail on its back and one jewel-like eye on its head suddenly appeared.

“Silver Specter Scorpion Dragon, its a top-shelf battle mecha. No illusion spells can escape its specter eye!”

“That vermin adventurer is dead!”


The aristocrats in the arena looked at Yang Feng with malice.


With a flash of blue light, Yang Feng turned into a blue stream of light and flew towards Dantan.

“True body, die!”

A dignified gleam streaked across Dantans eyes and a cold smile rose on his face, and then the scorpion tail suddenly shot towards Yang Feng like a spear.

Yang Feng took out a blue sword and brandished it, and a blue sword ray suddenly burst out and cut Dantan together with the Silver Specter Scorpion Dragon in two.

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