Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 106 – Landing In Satsuma Marquisdom

Chapter 105 – Satsuma Marquisdom

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The gardens of Reigns manor.

Yang Feng held Judy with one hand and embraced Eunice with the other, leisurely and comfortably viewing the blossoms.

“Fucking Johan! Rex, Your title and territory are ready.” Reigns had a gloomy expression as he sat beside Yang Feng, his voice somber: “However, that fucking Johan tempered with things. Your Viscountdom and Satsuma Marquisdom that Johan lost to you are connected.

Yang Feng was somewhat baffled as he asked: “It isnt good?”

Connecting a viscountdom and a marquisdom would make it very easy to manage, while dividing the territory would made it troublesome by contrast.

Reigns said with a gloomy expression: “The Demonic Snake Fortress guarding the entrance to the under world in the territory of the Satsuma Marquisdom was occupied two days ago. Those fucking under worlds races captured the Demonic Snake Fortress; only 100,000 odd of the 500,000 residents had escaped back to the surface world.”

Yang Fengs eyebrows creased at once and his eyes flashed with a touch of graveness.

“According with the Black Dragon Empires laws, you need to recuperate the occupied Demonic Snake Fortress as the lord of Satsuma Marquisdom or youll be stripped of your aristocratic title and all your territory in the Black Dragon Empire.”

“Normally it wouldnt be a great deal. But according to the intelligence gathered by our spies in the under world, the dark elves had mobilized a large amount of races in the under world in order to start a Holy War against humans. The Satsuma Marquisdom will surely suffer a violent attack from the under worlds different races for being one of the entrances between Black Dragon Empire and the under world.”

“No wonder Johan would so straightforwardly come up with a marquisdom for the wager. It turns out that he wouldnt suffer any damage regardless of winning or loosing.” Reigns said while gnashing his teeth.

The other races that dwelt in the under world were capable of contending against the humans in the Turandot Subcontinent for many years without being conquered, their strength could be well imagined. The Holy War launched by those under worlds races was definitely a disaster to be feared for the humans of the Turandot Subcontinent. Nobody knew how many trump cards those under worlds races that had occupied the under world for many years had.

The ancient Warlocks of the 8th Warlock Dynasty used the under world as a means of gaining experience for low level Warlocks. Modern Warlocks werent as formidable as the ancient Warlocks of the 8th Warlock Dynasty.

Yang Feng creased his eyebrows slightly and said: “Then how long can I still stay in Black Dragon City?”

Reigns said with a somber expression: “Ten days. The aristocratic senate has already issued an inviolable order for You to leave for the Satsuma Marquisdom and take charge of the counter attack on the Demonic Snake Fortress in ten days.”

Yang Feng was like a fish in water in the Black Dragon City, with large amounts of munitions being sold everyday. Reigns also received huge benefits from Yang Feng.

Once Yang Feng was forced to leave the Black Dragon Empire, then Reigns would be as powerless as a severed arm, no longer able to contending against Johan.

Eunices beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of anxiety as she suggested: “Master, the experts in the under world are as numerous as clouds. In the recent millennia, at least 16 Great Warlocks of our Turandot Subcontinent had gone missing while exploring the under world. It is presumed that they had all died in the under world. It is too dangerous now that the under worlds races had launched a Holy War. It would be better for us to immediately leave the Black Dragon Empire and avoid this storm.”

“At least 16 Great Warlocks fell in the under world!” A touch of shock flashed through Yang Fengs expression.

Every Great Warlock was extremely powerful. They were even known as Legend rank experts in the other planes and could leave their names in history as great individuals.

Sixteen of such powerful beings had actually fallen in the under world, it could be well imagined how dangerous it was in there.

Reigns sad with a somber expression: “At least 27 to be more precise. This is the exact figure obtained from the records of the Black Dragon Empire. Black Dragon Empire also had 5 of its Great Warlocks fall in the under world.”

Yang Feng contemplated for a moment and then asked in curiosity: “Why do those Great Warlocks keep leaving for the under world?”

“The under world has many extremely precious magical metals, extraordinary plants and ancient life forms. A lot of the magical metals that have almost been extinct in the surface world are very common in the under world. There are also a lot of precious resources very beneficial for Great Warlocks. Thats the only reason a lot of Great Warlock would leave to explore the under world. Reportedly, there are adult black dragons in the under world. Several Great Warlocks of the Black Dragon Empire could only enter the under world in order to slaughter black dragons and extract their bloodline essence.”

“In this millennia, Black Dragon Empire had succeeded in slaughtering dragons three times as well as had lost five Great Warlocks. It is also only because of the three times that we have succeeded in slaughtering dragons that our Black Dragon Empire could become the greatest power in the Turandot Subcontinent.” Reigns said unhurriedly.

“Black dragons!” Yang Fengs eyes shined slightly.

Yang Feng had the power of the ancient black dragons bloodline. In case the power of the ancient black dragons bloodline could devour enough bloodline essence, then there would be a trace of hope for it to evolve into a genuine ancient black dragons bloodline. Once Yang Fengs bloodline evolved into that of a genuine ancient black dragons bloodline, his potential would evolve and become that of a Starry Sky Warlock.

Just that, it was not so simple to slaughter dragons. Every black dragon was comparable to a Great Warlock. They were very sly and wouldnt allow Yang Feng to use a swarm of primary battle robots to swarm and kill them like the sealed Veidarnia did.

Eunice promptly urged: “Master, the Holy War represents an endless religious war. Since the dark elves started the Holy War, then this implies a terrifying war where they wont stop until they reach their goal. The entire foundation of the dark elves will be put to use. Even Great Warlock rank experts might fall in this Holy War. These types of religious lunatics are entirely impervious to reason. Even if their Lord God decreed for them to commit suicide, then they would commit suicide.”

Yang Fengs eyebrows creased, only now did he realized why Johan would so decisively give him a precious marquisdom.

Johan definitely didnt wanted to loose Satsuma Marquisdom in vain. It didnt matter if Johan had previous ties with the dark elves as they were as thin as paper in front of the Holy War. If Johans power was completely consumed in the war with the dark elves, then he basically would loose his chance at the title of Emperor of the Black Dragon Empire.

“This Johan is so decisive, to the point that its frightful! Such an enemy is the most difficult to deal with. Furthermore, he had just ordered a large amount of munitions; he could resell them at a profit and simultaneously weaken my military might. This guy is really formidable.” Yang Feng suddenly understood why Johan immediately after the wager went to order large amounts of munitions and he shuddered somewhat within.

Yang Feng pondered for a good while before finally making his decision: “Ive made up my mind. Ill leave for Satsuma Marquisdom ten days later.”

Yang Feng turned and said: “Eunice, I require your power.”

Eunice said with a lovely smile: “Yes Master. Im willing to devote myself for Your cause.”

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