Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1061 – Blasteel Scripture

Chapter 1060 – Suppressing the Enemies

Translator: Xaiomoge

On the ground full of red mud, a 1,000-kilometer-long hand full of eyes suddenly extended and shot towards Yang Feng.

“An aggregation of curses and malice that doesnt even have a soul, be purified!”

Yang Feng willed, and the Black Tyrant Dragon mecha turned into a black tyrant dragon that seemed capable of burning and purifying everything. Then, he belched a black dragon breath barreling towards the huge hand.

Black fire instantly engulfed the huge hand, and the curses and malice were directly purified and disappeared.

The earth rumbled, and countless huge hands full of curses and malice extended and shot towards the elites of the Gumana Universe behind Yang Feng.

Fearsome breaths erupted. Forced to reveal themselves, the elites of the Gumana Universe cast all kinds of offensive spells and hurled them towards the huge hands.

The huge hands full of curses and malice to extended from the earth in an endless succession. Once they were destroyed, they rapidly regenerated.

Unless a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse using an Empyrean grade purification secret treasure completely purifies this area, its impossible to eliminate the curses and malice here.

Warlock Emperors naturally are not so free as to run to this place full of curses and malice and use up a great deal of power of purify it.

In fact, even if the Bloodmoon Battlefield is left alone, it will eventually fall apart and finally merge into the Gumana Universe.

“Help! Help me!”

A 100-meter-long stone snake was caught by a dozen plus huge hands that extended from the earth. Countless curses and malice eroded the huge stone snake. At the same time, it was pulled toward the ground.

A redstone powerhouses expression changed, and he yelled: “Dont help it! Get rid of it, or else well have another terrible enemy!”

The countless strange hands that poured out of the earth forced the elites to have no other choice but to destroy them.

When the huge stone snake was pulled to the ground by the huge hands, it strangely integrated into the earth.

Upon seeing this scene, the countenance of the elites pursuing Yang Feng changed greatly, and they escaped in different directions.


Along with a blare, a 10,000-meter-long stone snake full of strange eyes flew out of the ground.

The stone snake blurred, crossed 100 kilometers, and swallowed an Infinity Warlock elite and eroded him.

When Yang Feng saw this scene, he inhaled a breath of a cold air: “Remarkable! After being eroded by the curses here, the strength increases one hundred-fold.”

In the outside world, an Infinity Warlock whose strength increased one hundred-fold can be easily crushed by a Holy Spirit Warlock. But in the Bloodmoon Battlefield, such monsters are extremely terrifying. No one wants to meet such a terrifying enemy.

Yang Fengs figure fluttered, and he escaped into the distance.

“Gadi, you will die here!”

A mechanical star suddenly flew out of a Silver Andromeda mecha, changed into a large silver net, and shot towards Yang Fengs Black Tyrant Dragon.

Yang Fengs eyes constricted slightly: “Dragon Catching Net!”

The Dragon Catching Net is a secret treasure developed by blasteel race to catch powerful direbeasts. Once locked by the Dragon Catching Net, even Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses wont be able to break free.

If Yang Feng cant rapidly break away from the Dragon Catching Net, then hell be locked by the stone snake and be toast.

“Go and deal with him at the fastest speed!”

More than 30 blasteel mechas suddenly appeared and frenziedly attacked Yang Feng.


Yang Feng smiled coldly, and the Black Tyrant Dragon suddenly burst out and crashed into the Dragon Catching Net.

A Scarlet Tyrant Dragon emerged from the Black Tyrant Dragon.

The Scarlet Tyrant Dragon suddenly moved and shone with scarlet light, and the wings on its back cut the cockpit of two blasteel mechas in two, crushing the pilots inside.

Under the command of Yang Fengs Holy Spirit Warlock Rank combat sense, the Scarlet Tyrant Dragon displayed heaven-defying fighting strength. While it unpredictably appeared and disappeared on the battlefield, it attacked and killed one blasteel genius after another.

“Stop! Gadi! My father is the Finance Minister of Blasteel Empire, you cant kill me…”

“Stop, Gadi. My grandfather is Holy Del…”


The countenance of the blasteel geniuses changed dramatically, and they roared wildly. They are all children of bigwigs of the blasteel race, and many of them even have royal blood or are the descendants of Holy Spirit Warlocks. No one in the blasteel race dares to disrespect them. Now that Yang Feng is mercilessly slaughtered them, fear rose inside them.

“Sh*t, how come hes so strong? Could he really be a darling of the universe of legend?!”

As she watched Yang Feng kill the genius of the blasteel race, Elise felt her blood run cold. All of a sudden, she operated the Silver Andromeda and fled into the distance, abandoning her allies.

“Its no use! You are all destined to fall here. No one can escape!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly, and the Scarlet Tyrant Dragon mecha opened its wings, countless runes shone, and the mechas power source was pushed to the limit.

Looking like the Scarlet Tyrant Dragon is burning, a scarlet rain of light flew out from its dragon wings and slammed into the remaining dozen plus blasteel mechas, crushing the cockpits of the mechas and instakilling the Infinity Warlocks inside in an instant.

After unleashing this strike, the Scarlet Tyrant Dragon suddenly cracked, trembled, and turned into a pile of scrap metal.

Even though Yang Feng possesses Holy Spirit Warlock rank combat sense, he still must pay a great price to deal with the dozen plus blasteel Infinity Warlocks in a short time. That price is the Scarlet Tyrant Dragon mecha.

With a flash of silver light, a Silver Specter Scorpion Dragon mecha flew out from the Scarlet Tyrant Dragon.

Following flashes of silver light, the blasteel mechas that had their cockpits destroyed flew into Yang Fengs hand one after another, becoming his spoils of war.

“All of you, go to hell, too!”

The Silver Specter Scorpion Dragon glanced at the dozen plus elites of the Gumana Universe that have been entangled with the huge hands.

Silver light shot out from the Silver Specter Scorpion Dragon and landed on the elites of the Gumana Universe.

The minds of the dozen plus elites turned chaotic, and they stopped for a moment. Taking advantage of this, the huge hands formed from curses and malice pulled them into the earth.

The Silver Specter Scorpion Dragon blurred and turned into a silver ray chasing after the Silver Andromeda.

“Shes really fast! Its hard to catch up with her! There is a big gap in the performance of the two mechas!”

The Silver Specter Scorpion Dragon chased for a long time, but the distance between it and the Silver Andromeda became larger and larger. Although Yang Feng is far superior to Elise in terms of the mecha operation, but the performance of the Silver Andromeda is a generation above that of the Silver Specter Scorpion Dragon.

“But, shes still within range!”

The Silver Specter Scorpion Dragon trembled slightly, and 20 eyes suddenly appeared and turned into silver hallucinogenic light that tore through the firmament and swept towards the Silver Andromeda.

The Silver Andromeda was swept by the hallucinogenic light in the blink of an eyes, and then trembled, its speed slowed down by more than half, and it fell from the sky.


There was a loud noise and the earth cracked. Huge hands extended from the ground and shot towards the Silver Andromeda.


Elises face fell. The Silver Andromeda shone and fired countless ribbons of light that sliced the huge hands and completely purified the curses and malice.

When the Silver Andromeda entered combat state, her speed slowed down again, and the distance between her and the Silver Specter Scorpion Dragon narrowed again.

“Wretched Gadi, lets die together!”

There was a flash of fierce light in Elises eyes, and she pushed the Silver Andromeda mecha to the limit. In an instant, countless ribbons of light, which blotted out the sky and sealed off the void, shot out from the Silver Andromeda and flew towards the Silver Specter Scorpion Dragon.

The Silver Andromeda burned all its power to unleash this attack. Faced with this attack, even Warlock Monarchs would suffer serious injuries.

The Silver Specter Scorpion Dragon suddenly shone, and countless eyes emerge and opened of defensive barriers that blocked in front.

When the ribbons of light hit the defensive barrier, they shredded the barriers together with the Silver Specter Scorpion Dragon.

Green light came down from the sky, and a figure appeared in front of the Silver Andromeda mecha, stabbed a hand into its cockpit, grabbed Elise, and pulled her out of the cockpit, and then flew towards the sky and disappeared within a few moments.

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