Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1064 – Frozen Star

Chapter 1063 – Subduing an Imperishable Step Powerhouse

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When Yang Feng looked at Light Danir, the latter broke out in a cold sweat at once and trembled.

If it was outside the Bloodmoon Battlefield, as a Holy Spirit Warlock, Light Danir would be able to escape even from a Great Holy.

But on the Bloodmoon Battlefield, once he uses power that surpasses the Infinity Warlock realm, he will be eroded by all kinds of curses and killed. When Light Danir saw the scene of Yang Feng dealing with Bohm the Great, his heart shuddered and filled with dread.


Light Danir suddenly turned into a stream of light, instantly appeared before the space boundary, and chopped at the boundary with his sword.

The space boundary collapsed under Light Danirs attack. But in the next moment, dozens of space boundaries superimposed on this place again, completely sealing the space.

Yang Feng, who is still in the same place, said: “Light Danir, join me and be my servant. I will spare your life. Otherwise, this is where youre going to die.”

10 Blade Rulers turned into streams of light and attacked Light Danir.

Light Danir operated the essence of light transformation, turned himself into a stream of light, and shuttled freely among the 10 Blade Rulers, saying calmly: “Yang Feng, I will never become your servant!”

In a flash, endless light shone and, with the power to purify a world, shot towards Yang Feng.

“Pointless resistance!”

Three Vajra Rulers suddenly erupted and blocked with their shields in front of Yang Feng.

When the endless purification light clashed with the shields, it set off ripples, but it couldnt break past their defense.

In the endless light, Light Danir transmitted a frenzied roar: “Tai Nijie, break the space boundary!”

Mysterious runes emerged from the right hand of the woman who previously retreated from the peak, and she slashed the void with her right hand bearing the essence of space.

The space boundary formed by the Space Rulers was split in an instant, revealing a huge space rift.

“Reportedly, the jada people are born with the power to control space and are the darlings of space. Since you are proficient in the essence of space, you seem to be a jada Imperishable step powerhouse. If it was in the outside world, it would be easy to beat but hardly possible to kill you. Unfortunately, you are destined to fall here.”

Yang Feng pointed to the rift, and the essence of space surged and mended the space rift.

Dozens of Blade Rulers flickered and shot towards Tai Nijie.

Tai Nijie operated the essence of space and unleashed space blades with her right hand, and the space blades sliced the Blade Rulers together with their cores into pieces and banished them into an alternative space.

“Light Danir, since you dont want to submit, then go to hell!”

Yang Feng took a step forward, stepped on the river of time, and spread the fingers of a hand, and a black hole sprang up and erupted with a fearsome devour force.

The purification light Light Danir has turned into was sucked into the black hole, and then converged back into his true form.

“Yang Feng, lets die together!”

With a fierce flash in his eyes, Light Danir howled, erupted with Holy Spirit Warlock rank fluctuations of power, instantly broke out from the black hole, and turned into a giant palm shooting towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng smiled indifferently: “Your final death throes!”

10 Vajra Rulers suddenly flew out, raised their shields, and blocked in front of Yang Feng.

The 10 shields superimposed and erupted with bright light, forming a huge shield in front of the giant palm formed by Light Danir.

When Light Danir smashed into huge shield, he smashed huge shield and shattered the Vajra Rulers shields.

At the moment when the fifth Vajra Ruler shattered, the void cracked, and scarlet curse chains formed from countless curses suddenly burst out and stabbed into Light Danir.

Light Danir is far weaker than Bohm the Great. In virtually an instant, the scarlet curse chains eroded him until he shriveled and dragged him into the void rift.

Yang Feng frowned slightly: “Its really hard to make Holy Spirit Warlocks surrender!”

Apart from some heaven and earth variants and some lucky guys, most Holy Spirit Warlocks have promoted step by step. They are genius among geniuses of their generation. In particular, the Holy Spirit Warlock rank rogue cultivators, who more so have gone through countless difficulties to get here, are proud and arrogant, and naturally wont be subdued that easily.

Yang Feng looked to his left and uttered indifferently: “Tai Nijie! Are you going to go all out, as well? If you untie your seal and use Imperishable step power, you may be able to kill me.”

“Yang Feng, let me go. I can sweep what happened today under the rug. I dont want to get involved in the affairs of the Gumana Universe and your universe.”

The space distorted, and Tai Nijie emerged.

For the powerhouses of the lower-level universe, universe devouring between two universes is akin to a despairing scene from the apocalypse. The two camps are destined to fight each other. In the final outcome, most of the race of one of the camps is going to be exterminated.

However, unlike most life forms, Holy Spirit Warlocks have options they can take during universe devouring. They can choose to hide in the universe and not participate in this war. If Tai Nijie, who is a rogue cultivator, hides in some remote place in the depths of the universe, she can still survive.

In the Gumana Universe, in many remote corners, there are remnants of other universes who have survived in this way.

Yang Feng said coldly: “I cant do that, Tai Nijie! I dont want to reveal my identity. Therefore, if you dont surrender, you will have to die.”

Under the siege of the ruler battle robots, the elites of the Gumana Universe were eliminated one by one.

The elites of the Gumana Universe may not be the opponents of the ruler series battle robots one-on-one, let alone when they are besieged. They basically dont have the strength to resist.

Tai Nijie waved her right hand, and spatial blades cut the void and formed rifts in front of the remaining dozen plus Infinity Warlock rank elites.

Yang Feng spread the fingers of a hand and erased the space rifts.

Their engines booming, a dozen plus Blade Robots suddenly emerged and lunged at Tai Nijie.

Tai Nijie sighed, and many space portals appeared around her. She tried to hide in alternate spaces.

Yang Feng nonchalantly clapped his hands, and the space portals collapsed, revealing Tai Nijie.

The dozen plus Blade Rulers appeared beside Tai Nijie, brandished their blades, and attacked her from all directions.

Tai Nijie uttered resolutely: “I surrender! I can serve you for 3,000 years! After 3,000 years, please give me my freedom. If you promise me this, then I agree to be your servant!”

The dozen plus Blade Rulers stopped abruptly and their blades halted in front of Tai Nijies critical points.

Yang Feng replied: “Okay! But please let me seal you until I have developed a secret treasure to control Imperishable step powerhouses.”

Secret treasures that can control Holy Spirit Warlocks are beyond rare and precious. The Transcendent Empyrean Imprint recorded in the Transcendent Scripture can control Holy step transcendents. Yang Feng, however, doesnt want to cultivate that secret method. In the end, he would only be playing into the hands of the master of the true Transcendent Empyrean Imprint.

Tai Nijie said coldly: “Fine!”

Yang Feng pointed with a hand, and countless chains formed from runes stabbed into Tai Nijie and completely eroded and sealed her.

Yang Feng threw her into an alternate space.

Except for a lack of life magic energy and elemental particles, the alternate space is practically identical to a real world. It has a sun, a moon, stars, azure seas, beautiful beaches, and more. Its enough for people to live here freely for a lifetime.

When Tai Nijie was suppressed, the remaining Infinity Warlocks were killed almost in an instant.

After eliminating the competition, Yang Feng plucked the Eon Origin Flower.

As soon as the Eon Origin Flower was plucked, endless malice and curses poured in from all directions, broke through the spirit mountains boundary, and engulfed the entire area.

Eroded by the curses, scarlet runes appeared on the spirit tree that birthed the Eon Origin Flower, and it sent rattans shooting towards Yang Feng like vipers.

Yang Feng pointed with his hand, and a layered space suddenly emerged in front of him.

When the spirit trees rattans stabbed into the layered space, they lost themselves in the space.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Yang Feng turned into a stream of light and flew outside the star.

As soon as he flew out of the star, Yang Feng saw countless red chains full of malice and curses well up on the star. The star, which seems to be nurturing an evil and terrifying existence, sank into the Bloodmoon Battlefield.

Yang Feng glanced at the star and said slowly, “I wonder what sort of evil existence this aggregate of a devoured universes malice will produce. Unfortunately, no matter how hard it struggles, it is doomed to perish.”

On the Bloodmoon Battlefield, after the universe malice devours the souls, flesh, and power of countless powerhouses of the Gumana Universe, a quasi-Empyrean rank monster with the mission of destroying the Gumana Universe will be born.

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