Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1065 – Battling the Frost Divine Son

Chapter 1064 – Frozen Star

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However, despite how powerful the monster will be, once it is born, the only thing waiting it is annihilation. When the monster is born, it will be at most a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse. As long as the three Eternals Sovereigns take action, the monster will perish.

Of course, the universe malice and curses on the Bloodmoon Battlefield wont stop, since they are the remnants of universe origins of other universes and can only act by instinct.

Yang Fengs flicked his wrist, and the Shidna civilizations bead appeared and pointed in a direction.

Yang Fengs figure shook slightly, and he turned into a stream of light and flew in that direction.

Yang Feng flew for three days straight. During this time, he encountered all kinds of aggregations of curses and malice.

In addition, he also encountered many Infinity Warlock rank elites of the Gumana Universe eroded by the curses and malice. Eroded by the curses and malice, the Infinity Warlocks underwent earth-shaking changes, with many of them emitting Warlock Monarch rank fluctuations of power.

When Yang Feng encountered the eroded Infinity Warlocks, he would avoid them, not willing to tangle with them.

The Bloodmoon Battlefield, which is full of malice and curses, is extremely dangerous and virtually devoid of resources.

At the same time, there are eternal rifts, which are space rifts that were left by Eternal Sovereigns, all over the Bloodmoon Battlefield. Once they touch an eternal rift, an Infinity Warlock will turn into ash in an instant.

Furthermore, the Bloodmoon Battlefield is littered with many broken weapons from the previous universe wars, and these weapons have been eroded into all kinds of cruel and strange phenomena.

After Yang Feng suppressed some weapons, he found that they only hold curses and malice and have no value. The materials that make up those weapons have already changed, making them unusable.

The most precious treasures on the Bloodmoon Battlefield are civilization relic sites and treasures that have absorbed the power of the civilization relic sites like the Eon Origin Flower.

If Yang Feng absorbs the power of the Eon Origin Flower, which is condensed from the remnant origin force of a universe, his soul will transform again and take a step towards the superior level-9 soul aptitude.

If he had 10 Eon Origin Flowers, Yang Fengs soul aptitude would be able to fully rise to superior level-9 and reach the minimum requisite to advance to the Eternal Sovereign realm.

No matter the universe, the Eon Origin Flower would be regarded as an invaluable treasure. It can even tempt Eternal Sovereigns.

Because of this, despite how barren and dangerous the Bloodmoon Battlefield is, it still attracts countless talents of the Gumana Universe.

“Youngster, stop and hand over your treasures!”

A voice suddenly rang, and a 100-meter-tall rock giant with a wolf tooth club in his hand appeared in front of Yang Feng.

Ripples surged behind Yang Feng, and a dagger stabbed at his back like a viper.

Yang Feng sneered: “There is another kind of treasure on the Bloodmoon Battlefield, which is the elites who enter here. Its a good idea. Unfortunately, I was the one you met.”

A black hole suddenly emerged from behind Yang Feng and swallowed the powerhouse proficient in assassination arts behind him.

The black hole flashed with dark light, and then ashes spilled out from it.

The countenance of the rock giant built like a hill changed drastically, and it opened his mouth and exhaled.

A swarm of 10-meter-tall stone giants ejected from the rock giants mouth and shot towards Yang Feng.

The figure of the hill-like rock giant fluttered, and it suddenly retreated and escaped into the distance.

“Since you came here, dont leave!”

Yang Feng pointed with his hand, and a space portal opened in front of the rock giant and swallowed it.

Next, a space portal emerged in front of Yang Feng, and the rock giant appeared in front of him.

A black hole engulfed the rock giant, shook slightly, turning it into ashes. Only its storage treasure remained.

The black hole flashed with dark light, and formidable devour force enveloped the stone giants and pulled them into the black hole. Then, the black hole shook slightly, and the stone giants turned into dust.

“These two have some interesting things. It seems that they have robbed people quite a few times. Wait, whats this?”

Yang Fengs soul force swept the storage treasures of the two bandits. Then, his eyes suddenly lit up, and a broken bead appeared in his hand.

As soon as the broken bead appeared, the Shidna civilizations bead in Yang Fengs hand radiated brilliant light and devoured the broken bead.

Countless mysterious runes appeared on the Shidna civilizations bead, and it became more enigmatic, making it so people cannot see through its origins.


Suddenly, the earth trembled, the void distorted, blue light rose into the air in the distance, and tremendous freezing air soared from the earth and formed an azure ice pillar that pierced into the sky.

As soon as the azure ice pillar appeared, a bloody frost covered the area hundreds of kilometers around it and a mysterious frost force completely froze the malice and curses in the area.

“This is a Frozen Star. Reportedly, it was formed from the remnant origin of the universe the Frost Eternal Sovereign terminated. It was by stealing that universes origin force that the Frost Eternal Sovereign was able to break through and advance to an Eternal Sovereign. If I give this Frozen Star to Xueer, she will be able to promote to a Holy Spirit Warlock!”

As soon as Yang Feng saw the towering azure ice pillar, his eyes shimmered with a scorching shade.

The Frozen Star contains universe origin force. In fact, it contains more than 100 times as much universe origin force as the Eon Origin Flower Yang Feng previously obtained. Of course, only those who have mastered the essence of frost and reached the quasi-Holy step can absorb and refine it.

Although Yang Feng hasnt met Shi Xue in a long time, but he believes that with her incredible cultivation talent and her fallback, her cultivation base should have already reached the quasi-Holy step.

Yang Feng blurred into motion and flew towards the Frozen Star.

“Stop, this is the domain of my frost divine race! Trespasser will be executed!”

A blond frost divine race powerhouse with a snow-white gem on the forehead, dressed in a snow-white battle armor, suddenly appeared, pointed at Yang Feng with a sword, and barked.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed coldly: “Anyone standing in my way shall die!”

Spatial fluctuations surged, and 10 Blade Rulers flew out from inside Yang Feng and pounced on the frost divine race powerhouse.

“Enemy attack!”

The face of the frost divine race supreme Infinity Warlock fell, an he issued a loud howl.

Lights shone, and frost divine race Infinity Warlocks rushed over from all directions.

The divine race supreme Infinity Warlock brandished the sword in his hand, and countless snowflakes fluttered and flew towards the Blade Rulers.

When the snowflakes hit the Blade Rulers, they turned into ice, freezing the Blade Rulers.

Along with flashes of blade rays, countless sharp blades burst out from the Blade Rulers, twisted, and shattered the ice.

Three Blade Rulers appeared in front of the frost divine race supreme Infinity Warlock and slashed with their swords at him.

The expression of the frost divine race supreme Infinity Warlock flickered, and countless snowflakes fluttered and formed a frost boundary around him.

Following flashes of blade rays, the three Blade Rulers hacked the frost boundary to pieces. Taking advantage of this opportunity, two Blade Rulers flew over and beheaded the frost divine race supreme Infinity Warlock.

Released by Yang Feng, countless ruler series battle robots formed a torrent of metal that swept towards the frost divine race powerhouses.

“Mechanical golems! Its the Battle Demon Sects Yang Feng!”

“The Battle Demon Sects Yang Feng is here!”

“Damn it, the Battle Demon Sects Yang Feng sneaked into our universe!”


When the frost divine race powerhouses saw the mechanical torrent and saw that its crowded around Yang Feng, their countenance changed dramatically, and they yelled.

“Everyone, join hands to kill the Battle Demon Sects Yang Feng. The frost divine race will give its all to help the person who kills him advance to the Imperishable step.”

The ruthless and arrogant voice of the frost divine sons voice came from the Frozen Star.

“Kill him!”

“If we kill him, well be able to advance to the Imperishable step!”

“Yang Feng is the universe son of another universe. If you kill him, who knows how much universe favor youll be able to get from the universe!”


The eyes of the powerhouses who stayed far away because they feel awe of the frost divine races power flashed with excitement, and they turned into streams of light and rushed this way.

A rain of attacks shot towards Yang Feng.

100 Vajra Rulers raised their shields and blocked in front of Yang Feng, blocking all attacks.

Yang Fengs true body didnt act, but let the mechanical torrent pulverize the frost divine race powerhouses blocking in front of him and open a path for him to pass.

Protected by his most loyal subordinates, Yang Feng easily arrived in front of the Frozen Star.

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